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Maxwell 2010

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Date: 27 March 2010

Made by:


78-0598/FT	A-10C		23rd FG
85-0042		C-130H		908th AW
62-3561		KC-135R		97th AMW
80-0050/TY	F-15C		325th FW
87-0218/AL	F-16C		100th FS AL ANG
87-0221/AL	F-16C		100th FS AL ANG
02-4040/TY	F-22A		325th FW
72-21484	TH-1H		23rd FTS
94-0146/CB	T-1A		48th FTS
97-3867/CB	T-6A		14 FTW
68-8134/RA	T-38C		12th FTW
70-1554/RA	T-38C		12th FTW
160851/G-451	T-44A		VT-31
89-26137	UH-60A		A/1-131 AVN
6553		MH-65C		CGAS Mobile
2305		HC-144A		CGAS Mobile
N18P		FM-2		ex USN 86956
N36TB		T-2B		ex USN 152473
N37DG		L-29		ex Czech 1326
N43WB		SNJ-5		ex USN 44020
N103LT		SNJ-4		ex USN 27154
N179PT		F4U-5		ex USN 122179
N197LE		AH-1F		ex army 83-24197
N217SH		Lim-5		ex Poland 1611
NX230CF		CT-133		ex CAF 21024
N500EJ		C-54		ex USAAF 44-9144
N552SH		Yak-52		ex Russia 855402/27
N4447K		L-17		ex USAF 48-1447
N46453		L-2M		ex USAAF 43-26752
N60657		PT-17		ex USAAF 41-9002
N91916		L-17A		ex USAAF 46-8386

99-058		C-17A		97th AMW
72-1478/TD	QF-4E		82nd ATRS
85-01608	C-31A		USA Para Team
165931/AD-225	F/A-18F		VFA-106
166454/AD-223	F/A-18F		VFA-106
N33VW		C-47A		ex USAAF 43-15935
N51KB		P-51D		ex USAAF 44-74009
N149HF		C-7B		ex USAF 62-4149
N7754		Harvard IV	ex CAF 20424
N900RW		B-17G		ex USAAF 44-85718
N3725G		SNJ-5		ex USN 84875
NX4747P		P-47D		ex USAAF 44-90368
N6840D		A-26C		ex USAAF 44-35911
N9079Z		TB-25N		ex USAAF 44-30734
N9820C		SNJ-6		ex USN 112178
NX61429		P-51C		ex USAAF 42-103645
N56478		BT-16		private 7356
N65164		EA-1E		ex USN 135152
Of course a lot of aircraft of the Confederate Air Force, and a lot of Harvards were
disguised as Japanese fighters. The Thunderbirds were present as well, but not logged.

Aeroshell Team:
N3267G/1	SNJ-5		ex USN 51971
N791MH/2	T-6G		ex USAF 51-14791
N7462C/3	AT-6F		ex USAAF 44-82489
N991GM/4	AT-6C		ex USAAF 42-85794

C-130H of 908th AW/AFRC:
85-0035, 85-0036, 85-0039, 85-0040, 85-0413
The 85-0039 was the only Herc not flying and the 65-0413 is 
suspicious as the serial does not exist in our database.

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