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McConnell 1994

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Date: 18 June 1994

Made by:


86-0095, 86-0124      B-1B         127th BS KS ANG
61-0006/MT            B-52H        23rd BS
70-0459               C-5A         60th AW
84-0088/OF            C-21A        11th ALF
63-8054/OF            EC-135C      2nd ACCS
58-0095               KC-135Q      71st ARS
60-0362               KC-135R      22nd ARW
83-1121, 83-1142      F-16C        184th FG KS ANG
71-0894/CC,73-0707/CC F-111F       522nd FS
84-0810/HO            F-117A       9th FS "9FS"
90-0411/LB            T-1A         52nd FTS
60-0193/VN            T-37B        8th FTS
70-1589/VN            T-38B        25th FTS
156935/A-757          TA-4J        VT-7
161116/NJ-632         EA-6B        VAQ-129
158332/A-952          T-2C         VT-19
160277/E-277          T-34C        TW-5
162634/E-503          T-34C        TW-5

Flightline in front of static:
85-1607/GK001         C-31A        Golden Knights
91-0358/SW,91-0359/SW F-16C        77th FS
161983/1, 161957/2    F/A-18A      Blue Angels
161975/3, 161984/4    F/A-18A      Blue Angels
161941/5, 161945/6    F/A-18A      Blue Angels

Flightline right of static:
85-0081, 85-0088      B-1B         127th BS KS ANG
85-0069/OZ,86-0101/OZ B-1B         28th BS
86-0126/OZ,86-0127/OZ B-1B         28th BS
86-0140/OZ            B-1B         28th BS
63-8053/OF            EC-135C      2nd ACCS
60-0357, 61-0292      KC-135R      22nd ARW
63-8000, 63-8031      KC-135R      22nd ARW
58-0077               KC-135T      22nd ARW

Flightline other side of runway:
Local F-16Cs of 184th FG Kansas ANG:
83-1144, 84-1276, 84-1318, 84-1376, 84-1383, 84-1391
Local F-16Ds of 184th FG Kansas ANG:
83-1177, 83-1181, 83-1182, 83-1183, 83-1184, 83-1185

Outside Boeing facility:
61-0004/LA,61-0013/LA B-52H        2nd BW

55-0094               B-52D        at Boeing site
66-0271               F-4D         at KS ANG HQ
52-4256               F-86L        at KS ANG HQ
62-4253               F-105D       at KS ANG HQ
63-8366/MD            F-105F       at maingate
67-21469              O-2B         or private ?
62-3838               U-8F

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