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McConnell 1997

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Date: 21/22 June 1997

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Updated: 23 March 2007

133572                CT-133       413 Sqn
4565                  Tornado      TTC
79-0143/BD            A-10A        47th FS AFRC
85-0064      	      B-1B         127th BS KS ANG	"184th Bomb Wing"
86-0095      	      B-1B         127th BS KS ANG
55-0094               B-52D        Kansas Air Museum
87-0038               C-5B         60th AMW
71-0878               C-9A         55th AAS
87-0117               KC-10A       60th AMW
93-0604               C-17A        58th AS
84-0075               C-21A        457th AS
63-8766/LK            C-130E       53rd AS
58-0011, 62-3499      KC-135R      22nd ARW
62-3559               KC-135R      22nd ARW
82-0024/FF "94 FS"    F-15C        94th FS
87-0193/SJ            F-15E        334th FS
87-0197/SJ            F-15E        336th FS
89-2085/OH,89-2128/OH F-16C        112th FS OH ANG
84-0809/HO "9 FS"     F-117A       9th FS
96-0638/VN "32 FTS"   T-1A         32nd FTS
58-1977               T-37B        Kansas Air Museum
67-14845/WM           T-38A        394th CTS
73-1150/RA            CT-43A       562nd FTS
80-1093/BB            U-2S         99th RS
164497/AD-621         E-2C         VAW-120
163216/AA-107         F-14B        VF-103
160500/F-63           T-34C        VT-4
164140/CF-03          AV-8B        VMA-211
164150/CF-09          AV-8B        VMA-211
69-15331              UH-1H        82nd MedCo
62-3838               U-8F         Kansas Air Museum

114058, 114142        CT-114       CAF
80-0173/DM,80-0204/DM A-10A        355th Wing 	"355 Wing"
81-0033/FF            F-15C        27th FS
83-0033/FF            F-15C        94th FS
85-1608               C-31A        Golden Knights

Saturday flying only:
92-0700/WM            B-2A         393rd BS	"Spirit of Florida"
..-....		      B-52H	   nn The B-2A

89-2040/OK,90-0719/OK F-16C        125th FS OK ANG
..-..../BB	      T-38A	   9th RW

Main Gate:
55-3118		      EC-135K	   preserved

B-1B Lancers of 127th BS KS ANG:
85-0060, 85-0069, 85-0070, 85-0081, 85-0088, 86-0115
86-0129 and 86-0136
KC-135R Stratotankers of 22th ARW:
58-0016, 58-0088, 58-0095, 58-0124, 59-1462, 59-1510
59-1517, 60-0344, 61-0275, 61-0292, 61-0311, 61-0315
61-0323, 62-3534, 62-3548, 63-8008, 63-8884,64-14833
64-14838 and 63-8022 as "22 ARW"
On the South-side of the base the tailless 63-8019 
could be found (probably wfu).
And at the Boeing facility KC-135R 80110 of the Turkish
Air Force was noted.

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