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McGuire 2012

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McGuire AFB Airshow
Date: 13 May 2012
79-0118/KC A-10C 303rd FS AFRC  
78-0679/IN, 80-0152/IN A-10C 163rd FS IN ANG  
86-0098/DY B-1B 9th BS  
87-0033 C-5B 337th AS AFRC  
85-0032 KC-10A 305th AMW  
1-4-4128 C-17A 305AMW  
84-0075 C-21A 375th AW  
60-0366 KC-135R 108th ARW  
88-1668/SJ, 89-0488/SJ F-15E 336th FS  
92-3907/SW F-16CM 55th FS  
93-0550/SW F-16CM 55th FS “55FS”
94-014. /CB T-1A 14th FTW  
08-3930/CB T-6A 43rd FTS “43FTS”
66-8402/WM T-38A 394th CTS  
84-23975 UH-60L 1-150th AVN  
165283/WG-41 AH-1W HMLA-773  
158778/WG-53 UH-1N HMLA-773  
157673/MQ-422 CH-46E HMM-774  
165504/MT-04 CH-53E HMH-772  
N46336 L-6 ex USAAF 42-32716  
NX1232N P-40N ex USAAF 43-27483  
N51EA P-51D ex 44-63507 as ‘463684’  
NX1345B P-47D ex USAAF 44-90447  
N9079Z TB-25N ex USAAF 44-30734  
N25KP T-6G ex USAF 49-3336  
N534RB T-34A ex USAF 53-4200  
N9521C PBY-5A ex USN 48294  
N65491 T-28B ex USN 138245/NJ-090  
152687 C-118A pres as 53-3255  
63-8029 KC-135R 126th ARS WI ANG  
165934/AD-226 F/A-18F VFA-106  
165880/AD-240 F/A-18F VFA-106  
N661NA T-28C ex USN 140661/V-661  
N700HS CJ-6A c/n 4032006/02 yw  
N4674F CJ-6A c/n 2851427  
N102YK Yak-52 c/n 9111309/29 slv  
N1106P Yak-52 c/n 844411  
N52XS Yak-52W c/n 9912203  
N192YK Yak-52 c/n 9011008/110 yw  
KC-135R, 141st ARS NJ ANG
62-3508, 62-3514, 62-3544, 63-8003, 63-8040
Far side:
163592/NY-592 KC-130R VMGR-452  
164106/NY-106 KC-130R VMGR-452  
162430/MA-03 F/A-18A+ VMFA-122  
162452/MA-04 F/A-18A+ VMFA-122  
154014 CH-46E HMM-774  
156444/MQ-4.. CH-46E HMM-774  
Plus several unread helos, which includes three CH-53Es of HMH-772, two AH-1s and one UH-1N of HMLA-773
Preserved on base:
59-1497 KC-135E pres ANG Area  
66-7947 C-141B pres ANG Area  
67-0270/NJ F-4E pres ANG Area  
71-20326 UH-1H pres Neely Rd r’bout  
[67-15502] AH-1F pres  
158754/404 RH-53D pres Neely Rd r’bout  
[44-53015]/131 P-38L pres Main gate  


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