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McGuire 2012

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JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Air Show
Date: 11-13 May 2012
78-0679/IN, 80-0152/IN A-10C 163rd FS IN ANG
79-0118/KC A-10C 303rd FS AFRC
86-0098/DY B-1B 9th BS  
87-0033 C-5B 337th AS  
85-0032 KC-10A 32nd ARS  
04-4128 C-17A 6th AS  
84-0075 C-21A 457th AS  
85-01607 C-31A USAPT AvnSec  
53-3255 C-118A pres  
60-0366 KC-135R 108th Wing/NJ ANG  
88-1668/SJ, 89-0488/SJ F-15E 333rd FS  
92-3907/SW F-16CJ 55th FS  
93-0550/SW F-16CJ 55th FS/“55 FS”  
94-0141/CB T-1A 48th FTS  
08-3930/CB T-6A 43rd FTS/“43 FTS”  
66-8402/WM T-38A 394th CTS  
84-23975 UH-60A A/2-104th AVN/NJ ARNG  
160048 C-9B VR-52  
165379/BD-379 C-130T VR-64  
165880/AD-240 F/A-18F VFA-106  
165934/AD-226 F/A-18F VFA-106  
165283/WG-41 AH-1W HMLA-773 det.B  
158778/WG-53 UH-1N HMLA-775 det.A  
157673/MQ-422 CH-46E HMM-774  
165504/MT-04 CH-53E HMH-772  
N102YK Yak-52 ex USSR 29 y  
N1106P Yak-52 ex USSR  
NX1232N P-40M ex CAF845, ex 43-5795 “00”  
NX1345B P-47D ex 44-90447 “LH-I”  
N192YK Yak-52 ex USSR 110 y  
N25KP T-6G ex Spain E.16-20  
N46336 L-6 ex 43-2716/“36”  
N4674F CJ-6A ex China  
N4715X Ce150 Two Aft South “PA-300”
N51EA P-51D ex CAF9554/“463684”  
N52XS Yak-52W ex Romania 203  
N534RB T-34A ex 53-4200 “NJ-090”
N613CP GA-8 Civil Air Patrol  
N650DL B757-232 Delta Airlines “02 y”
N65491 T-28B ex Bu138245  
N661NA T-28C ex Bu140661  
N700HS CJ-6A ex China  
N715DT L-19A ex JGSDF 11045 “136889/VS” “16200/J-54”
N746FD A300B4-622R Federal Express  
N801RB PT-17 ex 42-16525  
N88575 L-4B ex USArmy  
N9079Z TB-25N ex 44-30734  
N941CP Ce182T Civil Air Patrol  
N9521C PBY-5A ex Ecuador 48294  
Geico Skytypers:
SNJ-2: N58224/5, N52900/3, N60734/2, N62382/6, N65370/1, N7648E/4
Ex US Navy, resp BuNo: 2553, 2010, 2034, 2039, 2562, 20882. The last a/c actually is a SNJ-3, which after its US Navy service also was operated by the SAAF as 7648.
86-0124/DY B-1B 28th BS 11
85-0027 KC-10A 32nd ARS 13
86-0028 + 2 KC-10A 32nd ARS 11
04-4134 C-17A 6th AS  
04-4136 C-17A 6th AS  
10-0214 C-17A 437th AW  
63-8029 KC-135R 126th ARS WI ANG 13
1x C-9B VR-52  
163592/NY-592 KC-130T VMGR-452 11
164106/NY-106 KC-130T VMGR-452  
165161/BD-161 C-130T VR-64  
162430/MA-03 F/A-18A+ VMFA-112  
162452/MA-04 F/A-18A+ VMFA-112  
165052/WG-40 AH-1W HMLA-773 det.B  
……/WG-43 AH-1W HMLA-773 det B  
165329/WG-44 +1 AH-1W HMLA-773 det.B  
158549/WG-51 +2 UH-1N HMLA-775 det.A  
154014, 156432/MQ-437 CH-46E HMM-774  
156444/MQ-424 CH-46E HMM-774  
165346/MT-01 CH-53E HMH-772  
165347/MT-02 +2 CH-53E HMH-772  
KC-135R of 108th WG, NJ ANG:
61-0318, 62-3508, 62-3544, 63-8003
+ Thunderbirds F-16C coded 1 to 6, one uncoded F-16C and F-16D each.
59-1497 KC-135E ANG area  
66-7947 C-141B ANG area  
67-0270/NJ F-4E ANG area  
44-53015 P-38L “131”  
67-15502 AH-1F gate  
71-20326 UH-1H Wrightstown gate  
158754 RH-53D Wrightstown gate  
The P-38L is part of Maj Thomas B. McGuire Jr Memorial (on base). Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst infrequently organises air shows on its vast grounds, which are home to air force (McGuire), army and navy units (both at Lakehurst), most of the latter moved in from NAS Willow Grove (PA) a few years ago. The huge air force apron on the north side of the triangle main runways of McGuire was used as static and flight lines, making photography a backlit venture for most of the day, whilst most KC-10s were dispersed from the base. That said, the variety of aircraft attending was as expected on a joint base this size. The report was made on the press and family day organized on Friday 11 May, before the actual show weekend.
Note: The BuNo’s of both VMFA-112 Hornets were confirmed at their home base on 18 and 20 May 2012.


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