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McGuire 2014

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JB McGuire Open House & Air Show
Date: 10/11 May 2014
61-0004 B-52H 20th BS  
85-1285 C-5M 436th AW  
79-1712, 85-0027 KC-10A 305th AMW  
04-4136 C-17A 305th AMW  
84-0095 C-21A 457th AS  
74-2070 C-130H 19th AW  
63-8003 KC-135R 141st ARS/NJ ANG  
82-0006/OK E-3C 960th ACCS  
78-0683/MD A-10C 104th FS/MD ANG  
85-0108/MA, 86-0157/MA F-15C 131st FS/MA ANG  
86-0352/AC, 88-0407/AC F-16C 119th FS/NJ ANG  
91-0100/CB T-1A 48th FTS “41st FTS”
00-3592/CB T-6A 41st FTS “9th RW”
65-10429/BB T-38A 1st RS  
165379/BD-379 C-130T VR-64  
165289/WG-42 AH-1W HMLA-773 Det.B  
168785/WG-50 UH-1Y HMLA-775 Det.A  
165347/MT-02 CH-53E HMH-772  
95-00101 C-12V A(-)/2-228th AVN USARC  
99-00103 UC-35B A(-)/2-228th AVN USARC  
85-24477 UH-60L A/2-104th AVN/NJ ARNG  
(13-)72283 UH-72A C(-)/1-224th AVN/NJ ARNG  
NL2825B RB-25 Ex USAAF 40-2168  
N22968 C-123K Ex USAF 54-0664  
N63312 Ce172P AAF New Jersey Wing  
N941CP Ce182T AAForce/New Jersey Wing  
Also present on the static was the fuselage (minus rear/tail section) on a truck of an unknown C-45. It was marked “Delaware Valley Historic Aircraft Association”
Flightline (East side):
88-0497/HLM 89-2134/HL F-16CM 421st FS  
85-01607 C-31A USAPT/Golden Knights  
N4647F CJ-6A Ex PLAAF  
N192YK Yak-52 Ex DOSAAF? c/n 9011008  
N1106P Yak-52 Ex DOSAAF? c/n 844411  
N102YK Yak-52 Ex DOSAAF? c/n 911309  
NL151AM P-51D Ex USAAF 44-73420  
N65263 N-2S-4 Ex US Navy 34098  
N65370 “1” SNJ-2 Ex US Navy 2562  
N60734 “2” SNJ-2 Ex US Navy 2034  
N52900 “3” SNJ-2 Ex US Navy 2010  
N7648E “4” SNJ-3 Ex USN 20882/SAAF 7648  
N58224 “5” SNJ-2 Ex US Navy 2553  
N62382 “6” SNJ-2 Ex US Navy 2039  
NX969SM Spitfire F.XVIII Ex RAF SM969,India HS877  
Flightline (Show Center):
Unknown: 6x F-16C (Thunderbirds), with codes 1 until 6 (what a surprise...)
USMC Platform (South Side):
Unknown: 2x CH-53E (probably HMH-772)  
South Side:
1x KC-10A 305th AMW  
Flying/Platform East Side (behind hangars):
84-0190 KC-10A 305th AMW  
04-4128, 04-4131 C-17A 305th AMW  
62-3578 KC-135R 141st ARS/NJ ANG  
C-17A 04-4128 was visible between the buildings, the other three flew a short demo.
NJ ANG area (West Side):
58-0100, 62-3514 KC-135R 141st ARS/NJ ANG  
62-3578, 63-8040 KC-135R 141st ARS/NJ ANG  
59-1497 KC-135E pres ex150th ARS/NJ ARNG  
66-7947 C-141B pres ex 305th AMW  
67-0270/NJ F-4E pres 141st TFS mks  
The preserved Phantom was just barely visible between the trees and buildings, It was impossible to read off, so hence the serial is between brackets.
Main gate:
44-53015/131 P-38L pres  


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