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Meridian 2004

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Date: 18 April 2004

Made by:


58-0004			KC-135R		153rd ARS              
63-7434		        GF-4C	        nose only, BA c/s      
94-0137/CB	        T-1A	        32bd FTS               
69-7076/CB	        T-38C	        59th FTS "14FTW"
721387/AF-00	        F-5E	        VFC-13                 
162861/AJ-213	        F/A-18A	        VFA-201                
159722/A-909	        T-2C	        TW-1                   
165618/A-176	        T-45C	        TW-1                   
164557/WH-05	        AV-8B+	        VMA-542                
165307/WH-08	        AV-8B+	        VMA-542                

78-0596/FT, 80-0194/FT	A-10A		23rd FG	"23FG"
161508/G-313		TC-12B	        VT-35         
165674/NJ-112		F/A-18F	        VFA-122       
165795/NJ-121		F/A-18F	        VFA-122       
6x			F/A-18		Blue Angels
1x			C-130		Blue Angels

Hangar (closed):
159706/A-965		T-2C		TW-1
159727/A-988		T-2C		TW-1
165089/A-110		T-45C		TW-1
Plus some more T-2s and T-45s.

Behind Hangar:
T-2Cs of TW-1:
156726/A-976	158884/A-978	158888/A-958

T-45Cs of TW-1:
165085/A-106	165092/A-113	165461/A-118
165465/A-122	165469/A-126	165474/A-131
165477/A-134	165478/A-135	165479/A-136
165480/A-137	165482/A-139	165488/A-145
165489/A-146	165492/A-149	165494/A-151
165498/A-155	165603/A-161	165605/A-163
165606/A-164	165607/A-165	165608/A-166
165612/A-170	165621/A-179	165623/A-181
165624/A-182	165626/A-184	165627/A-185

158526/A-700		TA-4J		pres	near hangar
147522/A-900		T-2A		pres	gate
"165485/A-100"		T-45		pres	mock up
158252/A-02		HH-1N		Meridian
166294/HW-67		MH-60S		HC-6

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