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Meridian 2011

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Golden Wings Over Meridian Air Show
Date: 26 March 2011
158526/”A-700” TA-4J pres  
147522/”A-900” T-2A pres  
159727/”A-900” T-2C pres  
“A-100” T-45C pres  
The T-45C had served only as a static test frame and thus never really saw the air.
03-3115 C-17A 183rd AS MS ANG
92-00298 CH-47D B/1-111th AVN MS ARNG
160609/129-AQ-11 EA-6B VAQ-129 #
164496/AC-601 E-2C+ VAW-126  
166899/55 EA-18G VAQ-129 #
162064/E-100 TH-57C TAW-5 #
164848/HR-515 SH-60B HSL-48  
166064/E-064 T-6B TAW-5 #
164172/E-5-TW T-34C TAW-5 #
164169/E T-34C TAW-5 #
165523/6-TW-100 T-39G VT-86 #
165598/1-TW-101 T-45C TW-1 #
N778SR C-1A ex USN 136778  
N13WB T-34B ex USN 140811  
Flightline North:
161197/G-197/327 TC-12B TW-4 #
164763 C-130T Blue Angels  
161723/7 F/A-18B Blue Angels  
162053/E-89 TH-57C TAW-5  
166077/E-077 T-6B TAW-5  
161836/G-815 T-34C TAW-4  
N51YS P-51D ex RCAF 9563  
N777P AT-6D Ex USAAF 42-84425  
N333RW TB-25N Ex USAAF 44-86734  
N179PT F-4U-5 ex US Navy 123168  
NX60DJ Harvard IV Ex RCAF; 20473  
N92879 SB-2C-5 Ex US Navy; 83589  
NX194RR T-28B ex USN 138194  
N73MG T-28B ex USN 138360  
N28941 T-28C ex USN 140553  
140576 T-28C Zaïre FG-576  
140581 T-28C ex USN 140581  
N240GC T-28C ex USN 146240  
Warbirds on Helicopter Field:
6557 MH-65C nmk(Mobile)  
N624HF UH-1H ex USARNG  
T-45C of TW-1:
165083/A-104 165465/A-122 165473/A-130 165485/A-142
165488/A-145 165628/A-186
The two Blue Angels aircraft were not noted on the Sunday show.
Flightline East:
88-0521/HL, 89-2083/HL F-16CG 4th FS  
79-23254 UV-20A USASOC Flt Det  
166959/AD-232 F/A-18F VFA-106  
165887/AD-241 F/A-18F VFA-106  
818034/AF-100 F-5F VFC-111 $
N524CF TA-4J ex USN 153524  
N212TB T-2B ex USN 155226  
F-5N of VFC-111:
761575/AF-114 761585/AF-115 761532/AF-116
F/A-18C of the Blue Angels:
163451/1, 163498/2, 163442/3, 163705/4, 161723/5, 163435/5, 163455/6
Do not be fooled by there being two number 5 aircraft. In fact all Blue Angels single seaters were parked in a hangar (plus the EA-6B and EA-18G probably due to the terrible thunderstorms
Hangar (closed) all T-45C of TW-1:
165620/A-178 VT-9, 165468/A-125 VT-9
T-45Cs of TW-1:
165081/A-102, 165629/A-107, 165461/A-118, 165470/A-127,
165474/A-131, 165475/A-132, 165490/A-147, 165605/A-163,
165613/A-171, 165616/A-174, 165729/A-176, 165619/A-177,
165623/A-181, 165627/A-185, 165630/A-188, 165632/A-190
The hangars were closed on Saturday, but open on Sunday, so all T-45Cs could be identified
Flightline behind hangar all T-45C of TW-1:
165084/A-105, 165459/A-116, 165460/A-117, 165492/A-149
165496/A-153, 165604/A-162, 165610/A-168
The public entrance at the air show was via inner routes directly to the actual airfield (the Naval Air Station itself is much larger with various non-flying elements west of the airfield). Being the “stupid” tourist, I of course drove to the main gate first in order to see the preserved T-2 there. A friendly guard pointed me to the correct direction for the public parking area. The atmosphere at the show was very relaxed, there were no problems in walking by the Goshawk line behind the main hangar, which obviously was not really part of the public area. The hangar behind this row was not completely closed, through the gaps in the various moving parts of the doors most aircraft inside could be identified, Three Goshawks however escaped identification, if anyone else could identify them I would gladly hear so! I was already long gone before the Blue Angels performed. While parked their flaps prevented me from reading the BuNo, they were taken from a report from Carey Mavor on the NAME list. Also the BuNo for Hornet AD-232 and the identity of the AT-6D amongst the warbirds were confirmed by Carey Mavor.
# centennial c/s


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