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Midland 2000

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Date: 7/8 October 2000

Made by: MAR, Kevin Hall


86-0137/DY 	B-1B 		7thBW
68-10958 	C-9A 		375thAW
85-0034 	KC-10A 		305thAMW
96-8154 	C-130J 		815thAS/AFRC
79-0069/EG 	F-15C 		33rdFW
80-0009/EG 	F-15C 		33rdFW
88-0480/NM 	F-16C 		188thFS/NM ANG
88-0489/NM 	F-16C 		188thFS/NM ANG
90-0403/VN 	T-1A 		71stFTW
66-8003/EN 	T-37B 		80thFTW
64-13195/XL 	T-38A 		47thFTW
64-13211/MY 	AT-38B 		479thTG
65-10403/CB 	AT-38B 		14thFTW
65-10452/CB 	AT-38B 		14THFTW
86-24558 	UH-60A  	USCS
164110/AD-623  	E-2C  		VAW-120
165404/NJ-301 	F/A18C 		VFA-125
160266 		NT-34C 		(NFATS)
160939 		T-34C  		(NFATS)
6571   		HH-65A 		USCG Houston
160403/NG-101 	F-14A 		(Museum)

86-0126/DY 	B-1B		7thBW

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