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Minot 1994

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Date: 23 July 1994

Made by:


79-0118/KC              A10A            303FS
79-0092/KC              A10A            303FS
80-0142/TC              A10A            354FS
80-0246/TC              A10A            354FS
86-0030/SJ              KC10A           4WG
63-8885                 KC135R          319ARW
76-1605/OK              E3B             552ACW
81-0699                 F16A            ND ANG
81-0782                 F16A            ND ANG
82-0929                 F16A            ND ANG
82-0967                 F16A            ND ANG
70-2466/MT              HH1H            37ARS
56-3535/XL              T37B            47FTW
64-13247/MT             T38A            5BW
161107/AB504            A6E             VA85
151891                  TC130G          Blue Angles
164996/WV               C130T           VR48
162711/AF101            F14A            VF201
161983/1                FA18C           Blue Angles
161957/2                FA18C           Blue Angles
161975/3                FA18C           Blue Angles
161984/4                FA18C           Blue Angles
161941/5                FA18C           Blue Angles
161945/6                FA18C           Blue Angles
161932/7                FA18D           Blue Angles
114019                  CT114           2CFFTS
188798                  CF18A           416SQN
?     /F04              CT39N           N304NT
51-4563                 O1A             N5245G

Flying only
?                       B52

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