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Miramar 1996

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Date: 15 August 1996

Made by: Marco Dirkx


Aircraft logged on Thursday (arrivals): 

Type:          Serial:       Code:          Operator:      Unit: 
A-6E(TRAM)     162202        NG-500         USN            VA165/USS Nimitz 
AH-1W          160105        SM-305         USMC           HMLA369 
AH-1W          162541        SM-312         USMC           HMLA369 
AH-1W          162552        SM-323         USMC           HMLA369 
AH-1W          165278        SM-326         USMC           HMLA369 
AH-1W          165330        WR-735         USMC           HMLA775 
AT-38B        (62-3746)      "03746"/ED     USAF           445TS 
AV-8B          163672        WL-20          USMC           VMA311 
AV-8B          163678        WL-25          USMC           VMA311 
AV-8B          164117        WL-05          USMC           VMA311 
AV-8B          164141        WF-01          USMC           VMA513 
B-52H          60-0010       LA             USAF           96BS 
C-121C        (54-0156)      N73544         private 
C-17A          94-0070                      USAF           437AW/315AW 
C-45H         (52-10674)     N9172Z         private 
C-5B           87-0044                      USAF           60AMW/349AMW 
Ce.A185F       N61298                       CHP 
CH-46E         153389        YR-11          USMC           HMM161 
CH-46E         153980        ML-433         USMC           HMM764 
CH-46E         154822        YR-03          USMC           HMM161 
CH-46E         155315        YR-02          USMC           HMM161 
CH-46E         156459        YR-06          USMC           HMM161 
CH-46E         157702        YR-13          USMC           HMM161 
CJ.6A          71831         2432051/31/N31107 PLA-AF      private 
CJ.6A          71843         2432060/43/N556TR PLA-AF      private 
CP-140         140115                       CF             407sqn 
CT-114         114087                       CF             2FTS 
CT-133         133174                       CF             414sqn 
E-2C           164112        NE-600         USN            VAW116 
E-2C           164484        NE-601         USN            VAW116 
E-2C           164487        NE-602         USN            VAW116 
E-2C           164488        NE-603         USN            VAW116 
F/A-18A        161952        5              USN            NFDT/Blue Angels 
F/A-18A        161955        1              USN            NFDT/Blue Angels 
F/A-18A        161962        6              USN            NFDT/Blue Angels 
F/A-18A        161963        3              USN            NFDT/Blue Angels 
F/A-18A        161975        4              USN            NFDT/Blue Angels 
F/A-18A        161984        2              USN            NFDT/Blue Angels 
F/A-18A        162400        MF-00          USMC           VMFA134 
F/A-18A        162401        MF-14          USMC           VMFA134 
F/A-18A        162403        MF-07          USMC           VMFA134 
F/A-18A        162407        MF-10          USMC           VMFA134 
F/A-18A        162411        MF-12          USMC           VMFA134 
F/A-18A        162418        MF-11          USMC           VMFA134 
F/A-18A        162438        MF-03          USMC           VMFA134 
F/A-18A        162442        MF-01          USMC           VMFA134 
F/A-18A        162455        MF-08          USMC           VMFA134 
F/A-18A        162457        MF-09          USMC           VMFA134 
F/A-18A        162463        MF-15          USMC           VMFA134 
F/A-18B        161932        7              USN            NFDT/Blue Angels 
F/A-18C        163750        WT-11          USMC           VMFA232  code/sqn sep96 
F/A-18C        163770        WT-12          USMC           VMFA232 
F/A-18C        163773        WT-14          USMC           VMFA232 
F/A-18C        163776        WT-15          USMC           VMFA232  serial sep96 
F/A-18C        163780        WT-16          USMC           VMFA232  serial sep96 
F/A-18C        164727        NE-204         USMC           VMFA323 
F/A-18C        164730        NE-206         USMC           VMFA323 
F/A-18C        164732        NE-210         USMC           VMFA323 
F/A-18C        164733        NE-211         USMC           VMFA323 
F/A-18C        164734        NE-212         USMC           VMFA323 
F/A-18C        164980        NJ-304         USN            VFA125 
F/A-18C        165180        VW-03          USMC           VMFA314 
F/A-18C        165187        VW-05          USMC           VMFA314 
F/A-18C        165188        VW-06          USMC           VMFA314 
F/A-18C        165190        VW-01          USMC           VMFA314 
F/A-18C        165191        VW-02          USMC           VMFA314 
F/A-18C        165192        VW-07          USMC           VMFA314 
F/A-18C        165193        VW-11          USMC           VMFA314 
F/A-18C        165194        VW-10          USMC           VMFA314 
F/A-18C        165195        VW-12          USMC           VMFA314 
F/A-18C        165196        VW-14          USMC           VMFA314 
F/A-18D        164245        VK-01          USMC           VMFA(AW)121 
F/A-18D        164249        VK-02          USMC           VMFA(AW)121 
F/A-18D        164685        VK-11          USMC           VMFA(AW)121 
F/A-18D        164692        VK-13          USMC           VMFA(AW)121 
F-117A         84-0809                      USAF           9FS              "9FS" markings 
F-14A          160386        AD-126/AD-216  USN            VF101 det.D      also VF33 markings 
F-14A          160669        NG-201         USN            VF24/USS Nimitz 
F-14A          160928        XF-133         USN            VX9 det.PM       code oct96 
F-14A          161291                       USN            VF101 det.D      no codes 
F-14A          161856                       USN            VF101 det.D      no codes 
F-14A          162588        NG-100         USN            VF211/USS Nimitz 
F-14D          164351        AD-103         USN            VF101 det.D 
F-16C          86-0332       CC             USAF           522FS 
F-16C          88-0474       HL             USAF           4FS 
F-16C          88-0507       HL             USAF           4FS 
F-16C          90-0727       WA             USAF           422TES 
F-16C          92-3882       WA             USAF           WSF 
F-16D          87-0377       CC             USAF           522FS 
Hunter F.58A   J-4103        N4103Y         SFW            FlSt20           private 
KC-130F        149792        QB-792         USMC           VMGR352 
KC-130F        149796        QB-796         USMC           VMGR352 
KC-135R        59-1502                      USAF           22ARW 
L-19A          50-1524       11051/JG-1051/N5022K  private,JGSDF mrks,cn21198 
L-19A          51-7384       N5199G         private,,cn22118 
L-39C          533520        10[wh]/NX6784B  private 
L-5           (?)            76-137/LR/N59AF private,OY-1mrks,cn76-137 
LiM.5         (1529)         NX117BR         private 
Lj.35A         N568PA        CA-68          Phoenix Air 
MC-130H        90-0161                      USAF           15SOS 
N2S-1         (3271)         034/N51034     private 
N2S-5         (61042)        41-61042/317/N1391V private 
NRA-3B        (144825)       78/N578HA      USN            Hughes 
OH-58A         N82786                       CHP                             ex 71-20522 
PT-22          41-15693      164/N56017     private 
RH-53D         158760        MS-488         USMC           HMH769 
SH-2G          163544        NW-00          USN            HSL84/USNRes 
SH-60B         164461        TS-01          USN            HSL41 
SH-60F         164074        RA-618         USN            HS10 
CT-33          21456         0/NX333MJ      private 
SNJ-5          90917         WD-17/N1038A   private 
T-1A           93-0656       VN             USAF           32FTS 
T-28B          138340        2W-340/NX5524L private 
T-34A          53-3306       TD-306/N6450D  private 
T-34B         (140795)       N795FC         USN            North Island FC 
T-34C          160271        450            USN            SFWS 
T-34C          160514        451            USN            SFWS 
T-38A          68-8185       HO             USAF           433FS 
T-38A          68-8204       HO             USAF           433FS 
T-45A          163205        B-205          USN            TW2 
T-45A          163647        B-247          USN            TW2 
TBM-3E         91453         15/N4170A      private 
TC-135S        62-4133       OF             USAF           45RS 
UC-45F        (44-86946)     N9729H         private 
UH-1N          158562        WR-742         USMC           HMLA775 
UH-1N          159204        SM-340         USMC           HMLA369 
UH-1N          159688        SM-335         USMC           HMLA369 
UH-1N          159775        SM-336         USMC           HMLA369 
UH-46D         153341        VR-77          USN            HC11 
Yak.55M       (950902)       76[bl]/N155YK  private 

E-2B          (150536)       NE-600         USN            VAW116  Miramar NAS Collection 
F-4B          (148408)       "153019"/200   USN            VF213   Miramar NAS Collection 
F-8A          (143755)       400            USN            VF124   Miramar NAS Collection, or 143753? 
F-14A          158978        NH-114         USN            VF114   Miramar NAS Collection 
F-16N          163277        40             USN            NFWS    Miramar NAS Collection 
F/A-18(?)      ?                                                   wreck, brown c/s 

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