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Miramar 2003

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Date: 17/18 October 2003

Made by: Scram

Updated: 5 November 2004

F/A-18A Hornet, US Navy Blue Angels
The famous Blue Angels rarely visit Europe, so if you want to see them you have to go to the United States. The annual airshow at MCAS Miramar is one of the many airshows that are honoured with a display of the Blue Angels. The crew chief of Blue Angel Number 1 is making sure that the pilot will have an unobstructed view through his canopy during the display later that day.

Photo Jason Beheshti

LX-N90442		E-3A		NAEW&CF         
XZ113		        Jaguar GR3A	SAOEU   
ZD745		        Tornado GR4	SAOEU   
85-0074/DY	        B-1B		9th BS          
60-0005/MT	        B-52H	        23rd BS         
67-0167		        C-5A	        337th AS AFRC   
83-0080		        KC-10A	        60th AMW        
61-0298		        KC-135R	        126th ARS WI ANG
72-1118/HO	        F-4F	        20th FS         
87-0200/SJ, 89-0481/SJ	F-15E	        334th FS        
88-0842/HO		F-117A	        8th FS	hangar  
01-26886, 01-26889	UH-60L	        D/158th AVN     
94-0138/CB		T-1A	        48th FTS        
00-3577/RA	        T-6A	        559th FTS       
67-14760/RA	        T-37B	        559th FTS       
65-10376/HO	        T-38A	        7th CTS         
67-14831/HO	        T-38A	        7th CTS         
67-14857/VN	        T-38A	        25th FTS        
161348/RM-04	        EA-6B	        VMAQ-4          
165425/CF-05	        AV-8B(R)	VMA-211         
149800/QB	        KC-130F		VMGR-352                
164112/NG-601	        E-2C+	        VAW-112                 
(741531)/07	        F-5E	        VMFT-401                
160966/AF-32	        F-5F	        VFC-13                  
162604/AD-136	        F-14A	        VF-101                  
164599/XF-254	        NF-14D	        VX-9                    
162401/MF-01	        F/A-18A	        VMFA-134	spec mks
163440/SH-232	        F/A-18C	        VMFAT-101               
164652/DT-01	        F/A-18D	        VMFA(AW)-242            
164698/WT-301	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-232                
164734/WS-212	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-323                
165186/VW-201	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-314                
165410/VK-01	        F/A-18D	        VMFA(AW)-121            
165532/CE-01	        F/A-18D	        VMFA(AW)-225            
165905/XE-127	        F/A-18E	        VX-9                    
158782/WR-746	        UH-1N	        HMLA-775                
165283/WR-720	        AH-1W	        HMLA-775                
148964/NW-620	        UH-3H	        HC-85                   
154016/YR-02	        CH-46E	        HMM-161                 
155309/YW-01	        CH-46E	        HMM-165                 
156443/ML-423	        CH-46E	        HMM-764                 
161996/(YK-)56	        CH-53E	        HMH-466                 
162496/MS-481	        CH-53E	        HMH-769                 
160573/NJ-730		S-3B	        VS-41                   
158601/A-924	        T-2C	        VT-9/TW-1               
159173/A-973	        T-2C	        VT-9/TW-1               
160054/F-22	        T-39G	        VT-86/TW-6              
122189/WF-15	        F4U-5NL	        preserved               
123652/WL-10	        F9F-2	        preserved               
150920/WS-101	        F-8E	        preserved               
150219/YP-20	        UH-34D	        preserved               
1716		        HC-130H	        USCG Sacramento         
6035	                HH-60J	        USCG San Diego          
6585	                HH-65B	        USCG Los Angeles        
53-0200	                KC-97L	        pres	nose only       
N34	                C-47	        nn                      
N34TX	                T-34A	        ex 55-0239              
N37DG/TD	        L-29		ex Czech?, c/n 591326              
N50DG		        L-29R		ex Czech 2817          
N58MX	                Hunter F58A	ex Swiss J-4061
N129MM	                L-29		ex Bulgaria 52, c/n 892790         
N139CK	                L-39C		"62 wh", c/n 430315         
N233LA	                AS350B2	        LAPD Air Support Div
N315RF	                MiG-21U	        ex Hungary 4418     
N602BP	                MD600N	        US Border Patrol    
N636CJ "62069/09"	CJ-6A	        c/n 3732002                 
N653DB	                T-28C	        ex Bu140653         
N706F	                AT-6F	        ex 44-81893         
N931XZ	                Gazelle HT3	ex RAF XZ931   
N2207/01	        Yak-52		nn, c/n 822207         
N2833G			C-45H		ex 51-11602            
N4103Y	                Hunter F58A	ex Swiss J-4103
N5263G	                TL-19A		ex 51-12032            
N30801	                TB-25N	        ex 44-30801     
N41125 "01"		SBLim-2	        ex Poland 2266  
N99192			CT-133	        ex Canada 21118 
NX99395	"91540/TL-540"	T-28D	        ex Nicaragua 217

Eastern ramp:
162451/MF-07		F/A-18A		VMFA-134
162870/MF-00	        F/A-18B	        VMFA-134
162889/MF-14	        F/A-18A	        VMFA-134
162902/MF-15	        F/A-18A	        VMFA-134
164707/WT-304	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-232
164712/WT-306	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-232
164975/NG-206	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-314
And the following codes were read-off:
VMFA-232:	WT-300,   WT-(3)02, WT-307,   WT-312
VMFAT-101:	SH-(2)00, SH-240,   SH-266,   SH-267
VMFA-134:	MF-03,    MF-05,    MF-10
VMFA-314:	NG-20.,   NG-200,   NG-204,   NG-210,
		NG-214,   VW-211

VMGR-352 hangar:
149791/QB, 149792/QB	KC-130F		VMGR-352

Western ramps:
86-0112/DY		B-1B		9th BS               
85-1607			C-31A	        USA Para Team        
88-0419/HL, 88-0459/HL	F-16CG	        4th FS               
85-0829/HO		F-117A	        8th FS               
164119/CF-13		AV-8B	        VMA-211              
164128/CF-14		AV-8B	        VMA-211              
158554/5Y		HH-1N	        Yuma                 
149795/QB, 150689/QB	KC-130F	        VMGR-352             
164999/QH		KC-130T	        VMGR-234             
....../7		F/A-18B	        Blue Angels          
164704/WT-303	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-232             
164709/WT-305	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-232             
164718/WT-310	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-232	spare
164895/WT-313	        F/A-18C	        VMFA-232	spare
164650/DT-00	        F/A-18D	        VMFA(AW)-242         
164651/DT-04	        F/A-18D	        VMFA(AW)-242         
N18BH		        JetStar	        (as last year)       
NX117BR		        Lim-5R	        ex Poland 1529? , c/n 1C1529     
N151AF		        P-51D	        ex 45-11525          
NX773RD		        FG-1D	        ex Bu92433           
N1038A		        SNJ-5	        ex Bu90917           

Other flightlines/ramps:
165570/WE-09		AV-8B		VMA-214 
162968?/WE-14 +1	AV-8B	        VMA-214 
162538/VT-24		AH-1W	        HMLA-367
163946/VT-29		AH-1W	        HMLA-367
16015./VT-06		UH-1N	        HMLA-367
....../VT-05		UH-1N	        HMLA-367
....../VT-09		UH-1N	        HMLA-367
154799/YW-00		CH-46E	        HMM-165 
154829/YW-07	        CH-46E	        HMM-165 
156451/YW-12	        CH-46E	        HMM-165 
157670/YW-02	        CH-46E	        HMM-165 
156434/YW-14	        CH-46E	        HMM-165 
....../YW-10		CH-46		HMM-165
....../YR-07		CH-46		HMM-161
Plus a number of CH-53s with the following codes:
YJ-00,   YJ-01,   (YJ)-04,  (YJ)-08, (YJ)-09, (YJ)-12, (YJ)-15?,
(YF)-20, (YF)-28, (YF)-30?, (YF)-32, (YF)-39 and modex 61 and 65.
Finally two more CH-53s took place in the MAGTAF demonstration. These
were coded YJ-17 and YK-67.

165683/CE-05		F/A-18D		VMFA-225
5x			F/A-18		nn

Far western end:
164763			C-130T		Blue Angels
....../7		F/A-18B		Blue Angels
1x			F/A-18A		Blue Angels

Opposite main viewing gallery:
....../1, 161975/2	F/A-18A		Blue Angels
....../3, 161942/4	F/A-18A		Blue Angels
161983/5		F/A-18A		Blue Angels

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