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Miramar 2019

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MCAS Miramar, CA (USA)

Air Show

28 September 2019

ZM418/418 Atlas C1 24/70 sq  
ZA940/V Puma HC2 Benson  
78-0627/ID A-10C 190th FS ID ANG  
81-0955/ID A-10C 190th FS ID ANG  
05-5141 C-17A 729th AS AFRC  
13-5075/LF F-35A 308th FS  
92-0350/RA T-1A 99th FS  
07-3884/RA T-6A 559th FS PT-439
65-10401/XL T-38C 87th FS  
79-23299 UH-60A US CBP 70110
169319 UC-12W Miramar  
166500 UC-35D Miramar  
166765/QB-765 KC-130J VMGR-352 special mks
167108/QB-108 KC-130J VMGR-352  
167984/QB-984 KC-130J VMGR-352  
164051/SH-04 F/A-18D VMFAT-101 bl/bl/gy c/s
164257/SH-100 F/A-18C VMFAT-101  
165195/WT-01 F/A-18C VMFA-232 special mks
165220/401 F/A-18C VMFA-323 special mks
165404/NA-400 F/A-18C VMFA-323  
165684/CE-01 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-225 special mks
166673/XE-250 F/A-18F VX-9 special mks
168771/XE-555 EA-18G VX-9  
169589/CF-04 F-35B VMFA-211  
168949/SE-00 UH-1Y HMLA-469  
166773/SE-53 AH-1Z HMLA-469  
162500/Y-500 CH-53E HMH-462  
168531/310 MH-60S n.m. 703850 HSC-85 crew
166497/YL-33 MV-22B VMM-362 D0076 special mks
167920/ML-407 MV-22B VMM-764 D0131
168013/ML-404 MV-22B VMM-764 D0143 special mks
168612/YW-08 MV-22B VMM165 D0267
168680/YL-08 MV-22B VMM-362 D0340
98-26801 UH-60L US Ares 702463
6023 MH-60T San Diego CG 701705
148492/WE-1 A-4C museum  
161882/CY-00 EA-6B museum  
122189/WF-15 F4U-5N museum  
151981/RF-06 RF-4B museum  
161749/VW-01 F/A-18A museum  
163152/SH-101 F/A-18A museum  
16278/53 FM-2 museum  
150219/YK-00 UH-34D museum  
(53726)/54 TBM-3E museum  
N62TX Ce305C as O-1E 10051  
N68RW F8F-2 as Blue Angels 94996/1 ex USN 121776
N125FR TB-30   ex France 125/315-YP
N150JD H369FF San Diego Sheriff Dep.  
N326PD AS350B2 Anaheim Police Dep.  
N391ZA L-39ZA   132015 ex Romania 115
N392W T-28B as TA-182 ex USN 138314
N710SD AS350B3+ San Diego Police Dep.  
N718CP Ce182T Civil Air Patrol  
N787AS T-28B as DH-415 ex USN 137787
N833WP Chipmunk T10   ex RAF WP833/H
N913WB AS350B2 LAPD  
N994SD AS350B3+ Riverside Sherriff Dep.  
N6508Q A-2A Aircoupe as VF-T NOT ex mil
N36687 Aeronca 65 as L-3B 42-1441  
N45366 C-53D as CU-R ex USAAF 42-68830
N69972 B-29   ex USAAF 44-69972
NX97854 OV-10D+ as UU-03 ex USN 155493

The F/A-18D 164051 had Navy titles instead of Marines. The CH-53E 162500 had only the letter ‘Y’ on the tail. Only the museum aircraft which were on the static are mentioned.

Flightline east:
15-01609 C-147A USAPT Avn Sec  
165162/NY-162 KC-130T VMGR-452  
165735/QB-735 KC-130J VMGR-352  
167924/QB-724 KC-130J VMGR-352  
168068/QB-068 KC-130J VMGR-352  
163464/7 F/A-18D Blue Angels  
163468/7 F/A-18D Blue Angels  
(164026)/SH-03 F/A-18D VMFAT-101 bl c/s
(164730)/NH-05 F/A-18C VMFA-323  
169415/CF-00 F-35B VMFA-211  
169416/CF-01 F-35B VMFA-211  
169587/CF-02 F-35B VMFA-211  
N7835C/46 TBM-3   ex USN 91264
N34FU/408 T-34B   ex USN 140846
N133EH Bo105CBS-4 Red Bull  
N151MW P-51D as J-C5 ex USAAF 45-11633
N238V/28 T-28A   ex USAF 52-1238
N509CF A109E Mercyair  
N1038A SNJ-5 as WD-17 ex USN 90917
N5833 FM-2   ex USN 86819
N7300C SNJ-5 as 6-49 ex USN 43763
N12281 T-34A as CA-293 ex USAF 53-4193
N49939 T-6G as FG-1 ex EdA E.16-92
NX186AM F-86F as 12834/FU ex USAF 52-5012
NX670AM/39 SBD-5 as 28536 ex RNZAF NZ5062
NX83782 F4U-1A   ex USN 17799
VMFAT-101 F/A-18C/D* code “SH”:
164045/101, (164020)/146, (164060)/153, .../155 (bn c/s), 164067/157, (164247)/162, (164727)/171 ……/220,      
(163447)/221*, (163510)/222*, (163734)/223*, (163771)/224*, .../225, (163994)/240*, 164022/243*, .../254*,      
164203/255, (164032)/300*, 164651/343*, …/437      
VMFA(AW)-225 F/A-18D, code “CE”:
(165415)/04, (165530)/10, …/22, .../23      
VMFA-232 F/A-18C, code “WT”:
(164693)/03, 165184/04, (164954)/05, (164696)/06, (165403)/07, 164710/08, (164907)/09, (164707)/10, 165196/11      
VMFA-314 F/A-18, code “VW”:
…/03, …/04, …/07, …/08      
VMFA-323 F/A-18C:
…/NA-403, (165407)/404, (164739)/WS-406, 164676/WS-407, 165211/410, 165406/NA-414      
Flightline(s) in front of crowd line:
93-0540/SW F-16CM 55th FS  
01-7050/SW F-16CM 77th FS  
(162002)/002 CH-53E unit nn  
(165245)/245 CH-53E unit nn  
Blue Angels F/A-18A*/C
163439/1, 163462/2, 163429/3, 163768/4, 162411/5*, 163705/6      
Red Arrows Hawk T1/T1A*/T1W^
XX177, XX219*, XX242, XX278*, XX310^, XX322*, XX323*      
Flightline west:
168415/UV-02 UH-1Y HMLA-267  
169110/UV-08 UH-1Y HMLA-267  
169380/UV-51 AH-1Z HMLA-267  
169504/UV-42 AH-1Z HMLA-267  
161254/YJ-254 CH-53E HMH-465  
162004/YF-004 CH-53E HMH-462  
168004/YR-12 MV-22B VMM-161  
168619/YX-01 MV-22B VMM-166  
168661/YX-03 MV-22B VMM-166  
168662/YX-09 MV-22B VMM-166  
168679/YL-07 MV-22B VMM-362  
168682/YL-10 MV-22B VMM-362  
13-5079/LF F-35A 308th FS  
Flying only:
N217AC/729 S-64E Erickson ex 68-18459
N449RC/10 Bell 205A-1 San Diego Sheriff Dep.  
N549RL/11 Bell 205A-1 San Diego Sheriff Dep.  
N63529 PT-17   ex USAAF 40-1781
Dump far side:
(149791)/QB-(7)91 KC-130F dumped  
(163126)/34 F/A-18A dumped  
(164358/YN-59) CH-53E dumped  
(164781/YJ)-55 CH-53E dumped  

The BuNos of the Blue Angels Hornets came from photos found on the internet, mainly Facebook. Also the serials of the Hawks from the Red Arrows came from Facebook and of course there were more airframes than the seven mentioned above.

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