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Moody 2007

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Date: 21 October 2007

Made by:


81-0967/FT 		A-10C 		74th FS
87-0030 		C-5B 		60th AMW
63-7814/FT 		C-130E 		71st RQS
64-14866 		WC-130H 	159th FS FL ANG
65-0987/FT 		HC-130P 	71st RQS    
62-3582/OF              WC-135C 	45th RS     
82-0013/EG              F-15C 		60th FS "60FS"
93-0552/SW              F-16CJ 		55th FS      
(92-)26463/FT 		HH-60G 		41st RQS
97-3021/CB 		T-6A 		14th FTW
66-7990/CB 		T-37B 		14th FTW
N5057E 			An-26 		6th SOS
159365/F-20 		T-39G 		TW-6

Flightline near static:
64-14852/FT 		HC-130P 	71st RQS
65-0982/FT 		HC-130P 	71st RQS
(78-0)596/FT 		A-10C 		74th FS
(79-0)138/FT            A-10C           74th FS
(79-0)186/FT            A-10C           74th FS
(80-0)240/FT            A-10C           74th FS
(80-0)252/FT            A-10C           74th FS
(81-0)995/FT            A-10C           74th FS
(91-)26357/FT 		HH-60G 		41st RQS
(91-)26358/FT           HH-60G          41st RQS
(92-)26461/FT           HH-60G          41st RQS

Flightline other side runway:
(63-9)810/FT 		C-130E 		71st RQS
(64-14)863/FT 		HC-130P 	71st RQS

And the Thunderbirds:
F-16C:	(87-0323)/2, (87-0319)/3, (87-0329)/5, (87-0313)/6
	(86-0281),   (87-0325)
F-16D:	(86-0039)/1, (86-0041)/4 
Serials are taken from the ejection seats, only visible on the
right hand side.

N104RD 			CF-104 		ex Canada 104850
N104RB 			CF-104D 	ex Canada 104632
N104RN 			CF-104 		ex Canada 104759
N138RM 			O-2A 		ex 68-11029
NL151W 			P-51D 		ex 45-11540
NL1042B "29710" 	VB-25N 		ex 44-30823
N1171Y 			OV-1D 		ex 62-5874

Relics, decoys, etc.:
(60-03573) ‘8433’ 	UH-1B 		ex ‘HA(L)-3’

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