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Mountain Home 2000

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Date: 5 August 2000

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133441			CE-133		414sq
4481			Tornado IDS	FTC
80-0250/ID		OA-10A		190th FS ID ANG
86-0104/MO, 86-0118/MO	B-1B		34th BS
60-0062/LA		B-52H		20th BS
70-0459			C-5A		60th AMW
99-0063			C-17A		62nd AW
84-0122			C-21A		54th AF
85-1608/GK-002		C-31A		USA Para Team
62-1837			C-130E		189th AS ID ANG
62-1859			C-130E		192nd AS NV ANG
61-0277/MO, 62-3572/MO	KC-135R		22nd ARS
75-0560/OK		E-3B		963rd AACS
63-7505/MO		F-4C		i/a
72-1128/HO		F-4F		20th FS
81-0024/FF, 83-0019/FF	F-15C		27th FS
86-0145/MO, 86-0152/MO	F-15C		390th FS
86-0157/MO		F-15C		390th FS
87-0198/MO, 88-1705/MO	F-15E		391st FS
87-0210/MO		F-15E		391st FS "366FW"
88-1707/MO, 89-0506/MO	F-15E		391st FS
91-0393/MO, 91-0401/MO	F-16CJ		389th FS
92-3888/MO, 92-3896/MO	F-16CJ		389th FS
82-0800/HO		F-117A		8th FS
90-0328			AH-64A		1-183rd AVN ID ARNG
66-4375/EN		T-38A		80th FTW
164407			E-6A		VQ-4
162608/AJ-101		F-14A		VF-41
158557/7H		HH-1N		NAS Fallon
159328/RC-328		P-3C		VP-46
158843/F-23		CT-39G		VT-4
N51RH			P-51D		"Ole yeller"
NX333MJ			T-33A		Blue Angels c/s
N997RD			T-6		"Lucky Duck"
NX2207Y			T-28B		'137764/JM'
N7487C			T-6G		"44"
N8115M			US-2B		'136719'
N11921			Vampire		"WD185"
NL53503			TBM-3E		'53503' CAF Grand Junction
-			BT-13A		"41-2244"
-			Hunter T7
6x			T-34		Lima Lima.

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