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Nashua 1991

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Date: 27 July 1991

Made by:


78-0614     	MA      A-10A      	131 FS 104 FW MA ANG
6-96663                 UH-1N           1 HS 89 AW
6-60792                 UH-1H           Ft Devens  (Res)
16836       	        UH-1V           1159 Med Co NH ArNG
163081                  CH-53E          Sikorski
162680-118    	E	TH-57C     	HT-18 TAW-5
6007                    HH-60J          Elizabeth City
6526                    HH-65A          Brooklyn
The 53 was about to be delivered to a MCAS Tustin unit, had 18 hours on it.
64-13689      	        UH-1H          	(79 ARCOM ?)    
67-17451      	        UH-1H           (CO A 2-228 AV?)
68-17(3)47              UH-1_                           
  -  136       	        UH-1H           Ft Devens  (Res)
?                       OH-6A           VT ArNG         

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