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Nellis 2012

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Nellis AFB Aviation Nation 2012
Date: 10-11-2012
N147AT A-4L Draken Int. 147768
N207AT A-4L Draken Intl. 148581
71-0295 A-7D pres [nose only]
80-0176/WA A-10C 66th WS  
86-0124/DY B-1B 28th BS  
61-0035/MT B-52H 23rd BS  
68-0224 C-5A 167thAW WV ANG  
86-0033 KC-10A 60thAMW  
88-0265 C-17A 62ndAW  
84-0127 C-21A 458thAS  
1-7-4636 C-130J-30 41th AS  
62-3556 KC-135R 459thARW AFRC  
62-4132/OF RC-135W 45th RS  
75-0559 OK rd E-3B 964th ACCS  
162783 E-6B VQ-3  
74-1627 HD F-4E 82ndATRS ‘det1/82 ATRS’
78-0494/WA-94 F-15C 65th AGRS ’57 ATG’
83-0019/WA yw/bk F-15C 433rd WPS  
90-0257/WA yw/bk F-15E 17th WPS  
86-0269/WA-69 yw/bk F-16C 64th AGRS  
86-0314/AK F-16C 354thFW ‘354FW’
91-0404/WA yw/bk F-16C 64th AGRS  
09-4188/WA F-22A 433rd WPS  
91-26353 HH-60G 66th RQS  
6041 MH-60T San Diego  
91-0083/RA rd/yw T-1A 99th FTS  
07-3874/XL T-6A 47thFTW  
10-0102/AF T-53A 557th FTS ‘557 FTS’
N5152D O-2A ex USAF 68-6880  
NX84TB CT-133 ex RCAF 21129  
91-1652 C-130H 180thAS MO ANG  
91-1653 C-130H 187thAS WY ANG  
81-0033/WA, 82-0018/WA F-15C 433rd WPS  
83-0027 WA nc F-15C 433rd WPS ‘433 WPS’
90-0251/WA, 90-0256/WA F-15E 17th WPS  
91-0328/WA yw/bk F-15E 17th WPS  
04-4068/OT F-22A 422nd TES  
04-4071 WA F-22A 433rd WPS  
N186AM F-86F 25012 FU-012  
NX860AG F-86F 52-4666 FU-666  
NX1F F-86E (23671) FU-756  
N44727 P-51D ex USAAF 44-72739  
N7825C F8F-2 ex USN 122674  
N89014 SNJ-5 ex USN 84865/SB-290  
N933GC CT-133 ex RCAF 21306  
plus the Thunderbirds which weren’t read off
Far side/Flightlines:
86-0105/DY, 86-0123/DY B-1B 28th BS  
08-8192, 08-8196 C-17A 62ndAW  
78-0721/OT A-10A gia  
76-0057/OT F-15A gia  
83-0037/WA F-15C 433rd WPS ‘433 WPS’
78-0515/15 F-15C 65th AGRS ‘65 AGRS’
79-0012/WA-12 F-15D 65th AGRS  
80-0054/WA-54 F-15D 65th AGRS  
83-0014/WA F-15C 433rd WPS ‘USAFWS’
83-0050/WA F-15D 433rd WPS  
86-0290/90 F-16C 64th AGRS ‘64 AGRS’
87-0362/OT F-16C 422nd TES ‘422 TES’
04-4066/OT, 06-4128 F-22A 422nd TES  
06-4109/WA F-22A 433rd WPS  
F-16C of the 64th AGRS, coded WA:
83-1159/59, 84-1220/20, 84-1301/01, 85-1418/18, 86-0220/20
86-0251/51, 86-0272/72, 86-0273/73, 86-0283/83, 86-0291/91
86-0299/99, 87-0307/07, 87-0321/21
F-15C/D of the 65th AGRS, coded WA:
78-0484 , 78-0489/09, 78-0502/02, 78-0503/03, 78-0504/04
78-0509/09, 78-0511/11, 78-0518/18, 78-0520 , 78-0538/38
F-15E of the 17th WPS, coded WA:
90-0260, 90-0261, 91-0305
F-15C/D* of the 422nd TES, coded OT:
78-0517, 81-0063*, 83-0026, 83-0040
F-15E of the 422nd TES, coded OT:
91-0325, 91-0601, 92-0366, 96-0200
F-16C/D of the 422nd TES, coded OT:
88-0420, 90-0740, 90-0809, 91-0374, 92-3926*
F-16C of the 18th AGRS, coded AK:
86-0268, 86-0282, 86-0286, 86-0320, 86-0322
Helicopter ramp:
87-26007, 87-2601 HH-60G 66th RQS  
87-26013/FT HH-60G 66th RQS  
90-26311/OT, 91-26311 HH-60G 422th RQS  
92-26463 HH-60G 66th RQS  
Most of the HH-60 units were retrieved from our database.
Credits: Martyn Swan, Joris Heeren, Ronald Stark, Alan Kilham, Moti Masayoshi, Scramble Message Board, MAR


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