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New Orleans 2000

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Date: 10-12 October 2000

Made by:


Construction number with a star (*) were directly read-off the aircraft.

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center:
-		Beech C90B	Raytheon Aircraft	LJ-1605*
-		Bell 427	Bell Helicopter Textron	56010*
N27BD		A109E		Raven Helicopter	11046*
N66CP		S-76C		Sikorsky		760500*
N335PB		PC-12/45	Pilatus			335*
N430E		Bell 430	Bell Helicopter Textron	49012*
N700TB		TBM-700		SOCATA			148*
N823TT		Beech 400A	Cheyenne American	RK-278*
N4171N		PA-46-350P	New Piper Aircraft	4636310*

New Orleans-Lakefront:
3C-DLH		L-410UVP				831115
C-GRHC		Ce550		Carson Air Ltd		550-0046
D-BDXI		Do328-300	Fairchild-Dornier	3121
D-EKAF		EA-400		Extra Flugzeugbau	09*
N1TK		CL-601-3A	Avpro			5025*
N4SP		G.1159C(SP)	Gulfstream Aerospace	1286
N10BK		MU-2B-25	Intercontinental Jet	272*
N10RQ		G.1159		Really Quiet		232
N10RZ		Falcon 20C	Honeywell		161*
N14T		Lj60		Avpro			60-026*
N20HF		Falcon 20D-5	Maxfly Aviation		191*
N22NB		Sabre 75A	Sabreliner		380-56
N28LL		PA-28-181	New Piper Aircraft	2843385*
N31LR		Lj31A		Cloud Nine Aviation	31A-185*
N32PR		RC690A		Special Investments	11332*
N33DY		Falcon 20C	Avpro			166
N34CD		CL-601-3R	Executive Aircraft	5139*
N35JN		Lj35A		Jetcraft		35A-469
N35NA		Ce208 Amphib.	Wipaire			208-00139
N36MW		G.1159(SP)	Jet Place		89
N38TJ		Falcon 20F-5	Tyler Jet		339
N41WJ		Ce550		The Flying		550-0237
N42HN		Lj35A		Avpro			35A-507*
N43LJ		Lj31A		Cloud Nine Aviation	31A-043*
N45LJ		Lj45		Learjet			45-100*
N45NP		Sabre 65	Executive Aircraft	465-42*
N50FJ		Falcon 50EX	Dassault Falcon Jet	296*
NX50XX		L-39		Air USA "48r"		931331
N59RT		Ce441		Hartford Holding	441-0111
N64PM		Ce525 CJ1	Cessna Aircraft		525-0394*
N66KA		Beech KA290	National Flight Svs	LJ-582*
N67CX		Ce750		Cessna Aircraft		750-0128*
N69GX		IAI1125SPX	Galaxy Aerospace	122*
N72SR		CL-600S		Executive Aircraft	1013*
N78SR		CL-600S		Executive Aircraft	1057*
N81TT		IAI1126		CJE			006
N85XL		Ce560XL		Cessna Aircraft		560-5085*
N92AJ		Bell 206L-4	Oklahoma Austin Jet	52003*
N93HP		Bell 206L-3	Tyler Jet		51271*
N100NW		Lj35A		Northw. Aircr. Capital	35A-228*
N101VJ		Falcon 10	Executive Aircraft	177
N111NL		G.1159C		Avpro			1184
N114M		BAe146-100	BAe Systems		E1068
N125NW		BAe125-731	Northw. Aircr. Capital	25222
N132CJ		Ce525A		Cessna Aircraft		525A-0003*
N145AM		Lj35A		Amjet Aviation		35A-078
N148C		Lj31A		Bell Aviation		31A-098*
(N155GD)	Raytheon 390	Raytheon Aircraft	RB-5
N156EA		Eagle 150B	HGL Aero		026
N163GT		TB-20GT		SOCATA Aircraft		2000*
N170PC		BAe3101		Finova Capital		717
N174TS		Lj31A		Aero Toy Store		31A-074*
N189LJ		Lj60		Learjet			60-189*
N192NC		BAe125-800XP	Raytheon Aircraft	258476*
N200BC		Beech 200	Oklahoma Austin Jet	BB-55*
N200JC		Jetcruzer 500	AASI			002
N202LC		Lj31A		Bombardier Capital	31A-147*
(N207TS)	Beech B200	Raytheon Aircraft	BB-1729*
N208GC		Ce208B		Cessna Aircraft		208B-0855*
N217AJ		Falcon 20D-5				171
N220LC		CL-600S					1071*
N234MT		Beech B36TC	Raytheon Aircraft	EA-656*
N238AT		PA-44-180	New Piper Aircraft	4496037*
N241JC		Falcon 20E	Jetcraft		241*
N244SF		Bellanca 8KCAB	American Champion	855-2000*
N249SF		Bellanca 8GCBC	American Champion	418-2000*
N264WS		Ce441		West Star Aviation	441-0264*
N276ME		Ce206H		Cessna Aircraft		206-08124*
N280XF		Enstrom 280FX	Sharkey's Helicopters	2080*
N290KA		Beech KA290	Murray Aviation		LW-59
N304PB		PC-12/45	Pilatus			304*
N312NW		G.1159A		Northw. Aircr. Capital	312
N313DS		Ce441		Bell Aviation		441-0313*
N317JS		IAI1124A				385*
N322AU		Lj24D		Blackhawk Modific.	24D-326*
N337RB		Lj31A		Bombardier Capital	31A-154*
N341AP		BAe125-800A	Cloud Nine Aviation	258204*
N361AS		Beech 400A	Raytheon Aircraft	RK-287*
N362EA		Beech B200	Elliott Avn Aircr. Sales BB-1396*
N376RC		Beech 200	Currey & Associates	BB-376
N392RG		Ce525		Race Glaze		525-0340*
N397BE		CL-600S		BE Aerospace		1053
N402VP		P.68C		Vulcanair		402*
N408C		Beech 300	Cutter Aviation		FA-155*
N420JT		G.1159		Omni Jet Trading Center	94
N425AD		Ce425		Avgroup Financial	425-0220*
N440HC		Ce425		Bell Aviation		425-0145
N444WD		RC695A		Dawson Farms		96006*
N456AS		Lj45		Albertsons		45-039*
N480EN		Enstrom 480B	Enstrom Helicopter	5043*
N500JW		G.1159TT	Northw. Aircr. Capital	234
N504TS		CL-601-3A	Aero Toy Store		5004*
N505GA		IAI1126		Galaxy Aerospace	005
N506TS		CL-601-3A	Aero Toy Store		5006
N512WS		Beech 400	Bell Aviation		RJ-24*
N514GP		BAe4100		BAe Systems		41038
N516GH		G.1159D		MDL Consulting Assoc	553
N541CV		Ce560 Encore	Cessna Aircraft		560-0541*
N552CM		Beech A36	Raytheon Aircraft	E-3337*
N555GV		G.1159D		Gulfstream Aerospace	518
N560AB		Ce550		Gibraltar Aviation	550-0603*
N573AC		Falcon 50	Ashton Aviation		217*
N604CC		CL-604		Bombardier		5376*
N630MS		R44		Robinson Helicopter	0885*
N636SC		Falcon 10	Executive Aircraft	115
N637B		C-12C		Jet Sales & Services	BC-62
N690BK		RC690B		Plainwell Air		11508*
N690CB		RC690B		PTS Syndication Man.	11387*
N700DN		TBM-700		New Avex		163*
N701FC		Beech 350	Raytheon Aircraft	FL-291*
N701WH		BD-700-1A10	Global Flight		9010
N710GS		Lj35		Maritime Sales & Leas.	35-032*
N711DW		RC690D		Indiana Aircraft Sales	15001*
N720WC		Ce550		Jetcraft		550-0708*
N721MR		RC690D		Fulghum Fibres		15002*
N726WR		Lj25		Avn Eq. Resources	25-007*
N737BZ		B737-73Q	Boeing Business Jets	29102
N750H		Falcon 50-40	Honeywell		171
N765WT		CL-601-3A	Bombardier Capital	5039*
N807RS		Beech C90B	Raytheon Aircraft	LJ-1602*
N840MG		RC690C		Teton jet		11638*
N840VB		RC690C		Servicenter		11640*
N849JS		BAe3101		BAe Systems		812
N870PT		Ce550					550-0349*
N900EX		Falcon 900EX	Dassault Falcon Jet	63*
N900PB		Ce550		Big Sky			550-0566*
N902JC		Lj35A		Jetcorp			35A-227*
N903JC		Lj55		Jetcorp			55-081*
N904BB		Ce550 Bravo	Cessna Aircraft		550-0904*
N991R		P-51D		Brent N. Hisey		122-41076
N1241X		Ce208B		Pilot International	208B-0657*
N1848S		Beech C90B	Tyler Jet		LJ-1455*
N2000A		Falcon 2000	Dassault Falcon Jet	112*
N3232U		Beech 400A	Cutter Aviation		RK-102*
N4164M		PA-32R-301T	New Piper Aircraft	3257144*
N4174P		PA-34-220T	New Piper Aircraft	3449161*
N4456T		Beech 58	Raytheon Aircraft	TH-1956*
N7244C		Bell 407	Gantt Aviation		53128*
N8080Q		Beech 350				FL-54*
N44703		Beech 1900D	Commutair/US Aw Ex	UE-406*
N81674		RC690B		Garrett Avn Services	11423*
N99114		Sabre 40A	Jett Aire Florida One	282-128*
VH-ONA		Explorer 500T	AEA Research		350-001
XA-TLM		CL-601-3A	Pan-Air SA de CV	5097

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