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Niagara Falls 1998

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Date: 28 June 1998

Made by:

Updated: 14 June 2005

79-0155/BD	A-10A Thunderbolt II	47FS/917 Wing
86-0122/DY	B-1B Lancer		28BS/7W
68-0225		C-5A Galaxy		337AS/439AW
72-22584	C-9A Nightingale	11AS/375AW
85-0028		KC-10A Extender		2ARS/305AMW/514AMW
86-0377		C-21A Learjet		201AS/113FW
64-0551		MC-130E Combat Talon	717SOS/919SOW
69-6568		AC-130H Spectre		16SOS/16SOW
92-3281/NF	C-130H Hercules		328AS/914AW
58-0104		KC-135R Stratotanker	136ARS/107 ARG
66-0163		C-141B Starlifter	305AMW
83-1142/AC	F-16C Fighting Falcon	119FS/77FW
87-0376		F-16D Fighting Falcon	176th FS WI ANG
86-0048		NF-16D Fighting Falcon	
86-0249/VA	F-16C Fighting Falcon	149FS/192FW
87-0264/NY	F-16C Fighting Falcon	138FS/174FW
84-0827/HO	F-117A Nighthawk	8FS/49FW
		AH-1F Cobra	
69-6669		UH-1N Iroquois		1HS/89AW
40055/V		OH-58C Kiowa Warrior	
90-26237 	HH-60G Pave Hawk	301RQS/920RQS
93-0628/XL	T-1A Jayhawk		86FTS/47FTW
58-1922/XL	T-37B Tweet		85FTS/47FTW
159583/AJ-621	EA-6B Prowler		VAQ-141/CVW-8
161616/AD-252	F-14A Tomcat		VF-101
....../MF-08	F/A-18A Hornet		VMFA-134/MAG-46/4 MAW
162451/MF-09	F/A-18A Hornet		VMFA-134/MAG-46/4 MAW
162052/E-88	TH-57C Searanger	TW-5
162680/E-118	TH-57C Searanger	TW-5
....../LL-1	P-3C Orion		VP-30/PW-11
160126/NG-701	S-3B Viking		VS-33/CVW-9
158899/F-809	T-2C Buckeye		VT-10/CTW-6
161079/G-890	T-44A King Air		VT-31/TW-4
161001/LU-001	P-3C Orion		VP-64
And the Blue Angels with their F/A-18 Hornets.

N5488V		SNJ-5			Navy VC-10 '51789/TP-121'
C-CDAK/KN456	Dakota			436 Sqn
165520/F-12	T-39N Sabreliner	VT-86/TW-6 'N312NT'
NC8600		N2Y-1			USS Macon
N66263		N2S-3			USN
N42869		NE-1			Airship Squadron 32
N9568H 		PT-26A			RAF/RCAF '14475'
N4026K/NAV4-1026 L-17 Navion		US Army "JP-26"

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