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Niagara Falls 2000

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Date: 18 June 2000

Made by:

Updated: 30 November 2003

114050			CT-114		2CFFTS
146492			CH-146		nmks/Tactical Helicopter Sqn
70-0465			C-5A		nmks, 436/512th AMW
87-0118			KC-10A		60th AMW
63-7769			C-130E		327th AS AFRC
69-6568			AC-130H		16th SOS
88-2101/LI		HC-130H(N)	102nd RQS NY ANG
92-3283			C-130H		328th AS AFRC
93-1096			LC-130H		139th AS NY ANG
58-0023			KC-135R		136th ARS NY ANG
61-2667/OF		WC-135W		45th RS
63-7981			KC-135R		136th ARS NY ANG
64-0630			C-141B SOLL II	16th AS
72-1115/HO		F-4F		20th FS/FTC
78-0568/TY		F-15D		95th FS
81-0045/TY		F-15C		95th FS
83-1155/NY		F-16C		138th FS NY ANG
84-1258/AC		F-16C		119th FS NJ ANG
84-1377/FW		F-16C		163rd FS "122FW"
81-23530		AH-1F		1-142nd AVN NY NG
80-23485, 80-23509	UH-60A		C/2-142nd AVN NY NG
95-0048/CB		T-1A		14th FTW "48FTS"
61-0938/EN		AT-38B		80th FTW
67-14841/EN		T-38A		80th FTW
158036/CY-01		EA-6B		VMAQ-2
162784			E-6B		VQ-3
161292/AJ-207		F-14A		VF-14
162401/MF-01		F/A-18A		VMFA-134
162438/MF-06		F/A-18A		VMFA-134
159747/AJ-705		S-3B		VS-24
156715/A-983		T-2C		TW-1 "XO"
160054/F-22		T-39G		VT-86
N901NL			L-39C		Northern Lights
N26AN			An-2R		W.Q. Walker

78-0650/DM		A-10A		354th FS
79-0174/DM		A-10A		358th FS
92-3281, 92-3282	C-130H		328th AS AFRC
92-3285, 92-3286	C-130H		328th AS AFRC
92-3287, 92-3288	C-130H		328th AS AFRC
58-0104, 59-1466	KC-135R		136th ARS NY ANG
64-14839		KC-135R		136th ARS NY ANG
92-26468/LI		HH-60G		102nd RQS NY ANG
64-0660			F-4C		preserved
56-2993/SG		F-100D		preserved
56-0185			RF-101C		preserved
53-6064			T-33A		preserved

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