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Niagara Falls 2007

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Date: 11-12 August 2007

Made by:


12417 			CH-124A 	12 Wing
146424 			CH-146 		403sq
188748 			CF-188 		425sq
79-0145/BD 		A-10A 		47th FS AFRC
70-0463 		C-5A 		167th AS WV ANG
92-3281, 92-3284 	C-130H 		328th AS AFRC
98-1932 		EC-130J 	193rd SOS PA ANG
58-0023, 63-8036 	KC-135R 	136th ARS NY ANG
85-1566/NY 		F-16C 		138th FS NY ANG
85-24446 		UH-60A 		3-10 AVN 	70-935
69-7077/EN 		T-38C 		90th FTS "90FTS"
163918 			E-6B 		VQ-3
162018/E-54 		TH-57C 		TW-5 		3697
162019/E-55 		TH-57C 		TW-5
164863/BJ-554 		MH-53E 		HM-14
158222/LL-222 		P-3C		VP-30
160974/G-404 		T-44A 		VT-31
N17SP 			Bell 407 	NY State Police
N464FE 			B727-225F 	FedEx
N793VS 			NC-131H 	ex 53-7793 	245
N907DM 			CM170R 		ex Belgium MT12
N935FE 			Ce208B 		Fedex

Flightlines west of static:
01-0194 		C-17A 		437th AW
C-GFLR 			Sk16A 		ex Sweden 16074
N45GC 			C-45H 		ex 52-10539
NC582 			Beech GB-2 	ex Bu32876
N3703G 			VB-17G 		ex 44-83546
N24927 			Liberator Mk1 	ex Canada AM927

Flightlines east of static:
92-3282, 92-3288 	C-130H 		328th AS AFRC
96-1005 		C-130H 		109th AS MN ANG
58-0104, 59-1466 	KC-135R 	136th ARS NY ANG
87-0181/SJ 		F-15E 		336th FS
89-0485/SJ 		F-15E 		333rd FS
166623/AA-270 		F/A-18F 	VFA-11
166662/AC-275 		F/A-18F 	VFA-32
N186FS 			Sabre Mk6 	ex South Africa 352
N52033/6 		SNJ-2 		ex Bu2040
N58224/5 		SNJ-2 		ex Bu2553
N52900/3 		SNJ-2 		ex Bu2010
N60734/2 		SNJ-2 		ex Bu2032
N62382/4 		SNJ-2 		ex Bu2039
N65370/1 		SNJ-2 		ex Bu2562

92-3286, 92-3287 +1 	C-130H 		328th AS AFRC
60-0358, 63-7981 	KC-135R 	136th ARS NY ANG
N139PJ 			L-39C 		ex Russia
N922BB 			HA200A 		ex Spain E.14A-22

The Thunderbirds with F-16C/D(#)s:
86-0039#   86-0041#    86-0281    87-0313
87-0319    87-0323     87-0325    87-0331

Preserved (at gates):
43-48957 		C-47J 		as 43-15851
22105 			C-119G 		as 51-2680
64-0660 		F-4C 		preserved
56-2993 		F-100D 		preserved east gate
56-0185 		RF-101C 	preserved west gate
To celebrate the base was removed from the initial BRAC list,
as well as "USAF at sixty", Niagara Falls opened its gates to
the public, which came in vast numbers. The main apron north
of the main east-west runway was used for both static display
and flight lines. Static was typical with no fencing at all,
allowing checking some construction numbers. The air show
had to be viewed from the north side of the runway as well. As
light conditions were far from ideal after 10.00am, our local
reporter left the base to a private spot along Walmore Rd,
which runs east of the base. Although a bit close to the
centreline of the main runway, this proved to be a good choice.
Weather conditions deteriorated considerably Sunday
afternoon, forcing the Thunderbirds to cut off their afternoon
performance in a downpour.

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