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Norfolk 1994

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Date: 24 April 1994

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Updated: 4 September 2001

159575/AD-516         A-6E         VA-42
158649/AF-621         EA-6B        VAQ-209
163035/CB-03          EA-6B        VMAQ-1
162174/23             C-2A         VRC-40
155728/AD-574         TC-4C        VA-42
163836/7C             UC-12M       Norfolk
160991/AB-602         E-2C         VAW-123
161155/AB-113         F-14A        VF-102
160897/AC-106         F-14A        VF-14
162874/AF-04          F/A-18A      VFC-12
159190/TV-16          UH-1N        HMLA-167
151957/BR-52          CH-46D       HC-8
164765?/NW-601        MH-53E       HM-18
163791/NW-201         HH-60H       HCS-4
158932/LF-4           P-3C         VP-16
162300/E-300          T-34C        TW-5
162638/E-533          T-34C        TW-5
163676/WH-16          AV-8B        VMA-542
78-0630/MA            A-10A        131st FS MA ANG
78-0642/MA            A-10A        131st FS MA ANG
60-0061/MT            B-52H        5th BW
77-0353/OK            E-3B         552nd ACW
87-0173/LF            F-15E        58th FTW yellow
87-0201/LF            F-15E        58th FTW yellow
72-1452/CC            F-111F       27th FW yellow
70-16450              UH-1H        Co A 2-224AVN VA ARNG
70-15367              OH-58A       Co A 2-224AVN VA ARNG
90-26267              UH-60L       Co B 2-224AVN VA ARNG
92-0338/RA            T-1A         12th FTW
60-0100/CB            T-37B        14th FTW
68-8166/CB            T-38A        14th FTW
6583                  HH-65A       USCG Cape May
140107                CP-140       CF
114055                CT-114       2 CFFTS
12430                 CH-124       CF
142801                CT-142       CF
188751                CF-188       425sq
133266                CT-133       434sq
ZA453/FD              Tornado GR1  12sq
ZA461/AJ-M            Tornado GR1  617sq
The serial of the MH-53E needs confirmation! The 164765 was
logged several time as a CH-53E coded YN-64 of HMH-361 (last 
time before the show in March 1994) and its serial fits 
perfectly within the serial-block HMH-361 was operating with. 
Also, this was the first time that this (previously?) CH-53E
was noted as a MH-53E. Maybe it was a fake-serial....

163422/WH-22          AV-8B        VMA-542
161435/AD-112         F-14B        VF-101
163229/AD-100         F-14B        VF-101
65-0238               C-141B       60th AW
+ Thunderbirds F-16s

162166/AG-40          C-2A         VRC-40/Det.
159495/AD-602         E-2C         VAW-120
164496/AD-620         E-2C         VAW-120
155682                A-6E         nn (red-tail)
160903/AJ-107         F-14A        VF-41
160908/AJ-104         F-14A        VF-41
163065/BJ-543         MH-53E       HM-14
149722/HU-722         SH-3H        HC-2    +1
152135/HU-723         SH-3H        HC-2
150610/HU-30          VH-3A        HC-2    +1
150966/BR-40          UH-46D       HC-8
153352/BR-41          CH-46D       HC-8
153406/HW-00          CH-46E       HC-6
152559/HW-12          CH-46E       HC-6

SP-1 hangar:
E-2C VAW-121 'AG' : 161552/600, 161341/601, 159111/602
E-2C VAW-123 'AB' : 161099/600, 161299/601
E-2C VAW-124 'AJ' : 162802/600, 160007/601, 160702/602
E-2C nn         :   162797

SP-2 hangar:
C-2A VAW-120 'AD' : 162172/021, 162157/023, 152792/027
E-2C VAW-120 'AD' : 159105/600, 162801/604, 161785/605
                    160418/607, 163536/611, 163696/616
E-2C VAW-126 'AC' : 163024/600
E-2C VAW-110 'AD' : 162615/010
Greyhound 152792 is an Instructional Airframe.
According to a sign on the wall the following aircraft
were also operating with VAW-120:
E-2C : 161226/AD-601, 164497/AD-621 and code AD-606
C-2A : 162176/AD-022

SP-31 hangar:
CH/MH-53Es of HM-12 'DH':
modex 439, 442, 444, 445 and 447

LP-3 hangar:
MH-53E HM-14 'BJ' : 163056/541, 163066/544, 162506/546

LP-4 hangar:
MH-53E HM-14 'BJ' : 163053/540, 163068/545
UH-3H  HC-2  'HU' : 149702/724 'USS Mount Whitney'
VH-3A  HC-2  'HU' : 150613/32

LP-12 hangar:
163786/NW-202         HH-60H       HCS-4

LP-13 hangar:
161203/7C, 161321/7C  UC-12B       Norfolk
160992/AB-603         E-2C         VAW-123
163790/NW-..          HH-60H       HCS-4
163799/NW-..          HH-60H       HCS-4
162155/47             C-2A         VRC-40

LP-59 hangar:
152555/HW-17	      CH-46D	   HC-6
152501/HW-06	      HH-46A	   HC-6
151952/-	      UH-46D	   HC-6
152563/BR-45	      CH-46D	   HC-8
151941/BR-54	      CH-46D	   HC-8
153405/BR-43	      UH-46D	   HC-8
153413/BR-44	      UH-46D	   HC-8

LP-60 hangar:
154004/MQ-401	      CH-46E	   HMM-774
152578/MQ-402	      CH-46E	   HMM-774
154847/MQ-405	      CH-46E	   HMM-774
156462/MQ-408	      CH-46E	   HMM-774
157720/MQ-410	      CH-46E	   HMM-774
155310/MQ-412	      CH-46E	   HMM-774

V-147 hangar:
151792/AE-516         KA-6D        ex VA-176
161686                A-6E         nn
162190/AC-500         A-6E         ex VA-75
160901/AC-207         F-14A        ex VF-32
161156/AC-211         F-14A        ex VF-32
....../AG-112         F-14B        ex VF-143 ?

NAD Storage:
A-6E/KA-6D: 151589, 151813, 152935, 152945, 155664,
	    155676, 155678, 155718/AD-570 , 155719,
	    159574, 159904, 161093/AJ-500 , 161232
            161667/AD-511,  162192, 162211
The intruders in italic were cocooned in a plastic foil
F-14A  : 160908/AJ-204, 159874/NJ-105, 159850/NJ-126
         159852/NJ-112, 160930/NJ-155, 160918
         159593, ....../104, ....../AJ-107

149684/HU-720	      UH-3H	   HC-2
150611/HU-31	      VH-3A	   HC-2
150616/HU-33	      VH-3A	   HC-2
163057/BJ-542	      MH-53E	   HM-14
68-8933		      C-9A	   375th AW
67-0024	              C-141B	   155th ALS TN ANG

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