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Norfolk 1995

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Date: 29 April 1995

Made by:


160998/AG-500         A-6E         VA-34
159587/CB-05          EA-6B        VMAQ-1
162140/AC-42          C-2A         VRC-40/Det.2
159119/JU-119         C-9B         VR-56
163836/7C             UC-12M       Norfolk
160008/GE-600         E-2C         VAW-122
160687/AJ-100         F-14A        VF-41
162394/AF-07          F/A-18A      VFC-12
163132/DC-01          F/A-18A      VMFA-122
163160/DC-10          F/A-18A      VMFA-122
160448/HF-40          UH-1N        HMLA-269
160113/..-18          AH-1W        no mks
161907/NW-21          SH-2G        HSL-94
152553/HW-07          HH-46D       HC-6/Det.4
155310/MQ-412         CH-46E       HMM-774
164864/BJ-555         MH-53E       HM-14
162132/HP-441         SH-60B       HSL-44
163787/NW-206         HH-60H       HS-4
158597/A-917          T-2C         TW-1
162257/E-257          T-34C        TW-5
162263/E-263          T-34C        TW-5
78-0583/MA            A-10A        113th FS MA ANG
80-0275/PA            A-10A        103rd FS PA ANG
87-0027               C-5B         436th AW (yellow)
85-0034               KC-10A       305th AMW (blue)
65-0221               C-141B       305th AMW
LX-N90444             E-3A         NAEWF
86-0254/VA            F-16C        149th FG VA ANG "192FG"
86-0823/HO            F-117A       8th FS
84-23936              UH-60A       3-229th AVN
89-0226               AH-64A       3-229th AVN
93-0625/XL            T-1A         47th FTW
68-8027/EN            T-37B        80th FTW
60-0553/CB            AT-38B       14th FTW
1500                  HC-130H      Elizabeth City
6019                  HH-60J       Elizabeth City
6583                  HH-65A       Cape May
XV244                 Nimrod MR2   42(R)sq

159868/AD-122         F-14A        VF-101
160397/AD-123         F-14A        VF-101
155623/NJ-552         A-6E         VA-128
155643/NJ-535         A-6E         VA-128
163686/CG-03          AV-8B        VMA-231
164571/CG-40          AV-8B+       VMA-231
159500/..-602         E-2C         VAW-...
91-0358/SW            F-16C        77th FS
91-0359/SW            F-16C        77th FS
80-0332               C-130H       158th AS GA ANG

....../BJ-555         MH-53E       HM-14
164863/BJ-554         MH-53E       HM-14
151918/HW-02          CH-46D       HC-6
151904/HW-10          CH-46D       HC-6
153504/BR-43          CH-46D       HC-8
152563/BR-45          CH-46D       HC-8
154808/MQ-404         CH-46E       HMM-774
153692/MQ-409         CH-46E       HMM-774
163693/AD-615         E-2C         VAW-120
164497/AD-621         E-2C+        VAW-120
152135/HU-723         SH-3H        HC-2
2x                    H-60
XV101                 VC10 C1K     10sq

LP-4 hangar:
CH-53E HC-2 'HU'  : 161539/39 , 161540/40, 161543/710
SH-3H  HC-2 'HU'  : 149722/722

LP-13 hangar:
E-2C VAW-78 'AF'  : 161342/601
C-2A VRC-40       : 162166/40, 162178/45, ....../52

LP-34 hangar:
C-2A  VAW-120     : 162170/634
E-2C  VAW-120 'AD': 159495/602, ....../603
E-2C+ VAW-120 'AD': 163849/614, 163851/616, 164496/620

SP-31 hangar:
CH-53E HM-14 'BJ' : 163053/540, 163056/541, 163066/542
                    163070/543, 164054/..., 163055/...
MH-53E HM-14 'BJ' : 164767/545, 164769/546, 164771/550

SP-1 hangar:
E-2C VAW-121 'AG' : 161552/600, 159111/602, 161547/603
E-2C VAW-122 'GE' : 160009/603
E-2C VAW-123 'AB' : 161229/601
E-2C VAW-125 'AA' : 162614/601
E-2C VAW-126 'AC' : 162797/600, 160420/601, 161782/602

Behind SP-1 hangar:
152792/AD-027         C-2A         GIA Norfolk
161321/7C             UC-12B       Norfolk
163845/7C             UC-12M       Norfolk
163786/NW-202         HH-60H       HCS-4
163790/NW-200         HH-60H       HCS-4
163799/NW-205         HH-60H       HCS-4

Naval Air Depot Storage:
A-6E  : 152606/AD-573, 152935, 155669/AD-517, 155679
        161093/AJ-500, 162211, 162212/NF-516
        152941/NF-511, 157024/NF-515
F-14A : 159850, 159852, 159853/1, 159874, 160386,
        160899/AB-110 , 161147  , 161871
E-2C  : 159107/..-600 (+1)

Parked close to this area:
149702/HU-724         SH-3H        HC-2/Det.4
153339/BR-56          CH-46D       HC-8/Det.1
151949/BR-47          HH-46D       HC-8/Det.7

LP-.. hangar:
151952/HW-16          CH-46D       HC-6/Det.?
152567/HW-14          CH-46D       HC-6/Det.1
151914/BR-57          CH-46F       HC-8/det.7
152501/BR-44/51       CH-46D       HC-8/Det.6
153413/BR-51/44       CH-46D       HC-8/Det.3
153972/BR-53          HH-46D       HC-8/det.8

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