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Norfolk 1999

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Date: 17/18 April 1999

Made by: Jon Houghtaling, Eric Dewhurst

Updated: 1 September 1999

AH-64A          85-25418 
Atlantic        61+12                     GERMANY 
Atlantic        MM40109/30-71             ITALY 
C-2A            162151                    VRC-40 
C-2A            162157                    VRC-40 
C-2A            162169                    VRC-40 
C-2A            162172                    VRC-40 
C-2A            162174/54                 VRC-40 
C-2A            162177/55                 VRC-40 
C-2A            162178/45                 VRC-40 
C-9B            159119                    VR-56  "CITY OF CHARLESTON" 
C-21A           84-0099 
C-141B          ..-....                   Seen flying high overhead on Sat. 
CH-46           155310/407                HMM-744 
H-46            ....../HW-13              HC-6 
H-46            ....../HW-03              HC-6 
H-46            151914/BR-57 
H-46            152501/BR-51 
CT-114          114143                    CANADA 
CT-142 Dash 8   142803                    CANADA 
E-2C            163694/AD-...             VAW-120 
E-2C            165296/AD-...             VAW-120 
E-2C            165299/AD-640             VAW-120 
E-2C            161229/AF-600             VAW-78 
E-2C            161346/AF-603             VAW-78 
E-2C            162802/AF-602             VAW-78 
E-2C            160009 
EA-6B           161349/MD-05              VMAQ-3 
F-14D           164346/NK-103             VF-31 
F-14B           160391/AD-130             VF-101 
F-15C           83-0019/FF                1FW 
F-15C           83-0024/FF                1FW 
F-16C           84-1275                   VT ANG 
F-16C           84-1294                   VT ANG 
F-16C           86-.229                   192FW   VA ANG 
F/A-18A         162428/MB-203             VMFA-142 
F/A-18A         162430/MB-204             VMFA-142 
F/A-18C         165210/AA-201             VFA-34 
HH-60H          163791/..-201             HCS-4 
MH-53E          146793/BJ-552             HM-14 
P-3C            ....../LK-286 
KC-135D         63-8060                   190ARW   KS ANG  "AD ASTRA" 
T-2C            158333/A-41               VT-9 
T-2C            158577/A-CO 
T-34            160509 
T-34C           161817                    TAW-6 
T-37            58-1926/CB 
T-38            67-14841/EN               80FTW 
T-38            ..-..../VN                "71OSS" 
TORNADO         46+22                     GERMANY   MFG-2 
TORNADO         44+20                     GERMANY   HOLLOMAN AFB 
UC-12B          161191/7E 
UC-12B          161196                    need confirmation!!! 
UC-12B          161506 
UC-12M          163845                    NAS NORFOLK 
VH-3A           150611/HU-31              HC-2 
F-86            31186 
And the Thunderbirds with  7x F-16C, 1x F-16D 

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