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Norfolk 2000

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Date: 29 April 2000

Made by:

Updated: 26 February 2001

CH12		C-130H		20sm  
142806		CT-142	        402sq 
6101		Br1150	        MFG3  
MM40114/41-76	Br1150	        88ยบ Gr
J-202		F-16A	        312sq 
J-870		F-16A	        312sq 
ZD480/E		Sea King HC4	845sq
ZD477/H		Sea King HC4	845sq
79-0087/MD	A-10A		104th FS MD ANG    
87-0037		C-5B	        436th AW           
95-0103		C-17A	        97th AMW '97 AMW'  
84-0133		C-21A		84th AF
93-1322		C-23B	        192nd AVN PA ARNG  
65-0984		WC-130H	        403th Wg AFRC      
73-1587/DM	EC-130H	        355 Wg             
59-1477		KC-135E	        63rd ARS AFRC      
80-0048/FF	F-15C	        27th FS            
82-0804/HO	F-117A	        8th FS             
92-0400		MH-47E		160th SOAR
85-25420	AH-64A		nn
68-8147/XL	T-38A	        47th FTW '87 FTS'  
162168/AD-634	C-2A	        VAW-120            
159120/JU	C-9B	        VR-56          
163845/7C	UC-12M	        Norfolk Base Flight
165302/AD-640	E-2C	        VAW-120            
164410		E-6A		SCW-1
162692/AB-105	F-14B	        VF-102             
163214/NW-20	SH-2G	        HSL-94             
149899/HU-729	UH-3H	        HC-2               
154032/HW-11	CH-46D	        HC-6               
156462/MQ-408	CH-46E	        HMM-774 "Froggin' Grovin"
164767/BJ-545	MH-53E	        HM-14              
164846/NW-207	HH-60H	        HCS-4              
160284/LL-284	P-3C	        VP-30              
158580/A-951	T-2C	        TW-1               
162626/F-66	T-34C	        TW-6               
6026		HH-60J	        Elizabeth City     

1x		B-2A		509th BW       
86-0223/VA	F-16C	        149th FS VA ANG
162143/52	C-2A	        VRC-40         
162145/53	C-2A	        VRC-40         
162172/57	C-2A	        VRC-40         
163836/7C	UC-12M	        Base Flight    
163844/8E	UC-12M	        Roosevelt Roads
164108/AD-622	E-2C+	        VAW-120        
165297/AD-642	E-2C-II	        VAW-120        
159591/AD-225	F-14A+	        VF-101         
161612/AD-255	F-14A		VF-101 (flying Sunday)
164680/AJ-311	F/A-18C	        VFA-15         
164769/BJ-546	MH-53E	        HM-14          
164771/BJ-550	MH-53E	        HM-14          

Flying only:
82-0820/HO	F-117A		8th FS

N34B		T-34B		'530017/LL-10'
N76PK	        EA300	                      
N134TD	        T-34B	        '140745/LL-20'
N179PT	        F-4U	        '122179/WR'   
N400LL	        T-34B	        '144093/LL-40'
N500DR	        T-34B	        'LL-50'       
NX681S	        FA4F-3	        '4031/15'     
N727NC	        O-2A	        '11127'       
N5367G	        T-34B	        '140909/LL-67'
N9793Z	        Harvard	        RCAF c/s      
N12252	        T-34B	        '550704/LL-52'
N41402	        Yak-52                        
N41836	        Yak-52	        '71784'       
N62163/RL	B-25                          
N87964		T-34C		'140916'                      
		Chipmunk T10	"WB665"       

Hangar LP34:
C-2As of VAW-120 'AD':
162158/631, 162155/633
E-2Cs of VAW-120 'AD':
161785/600, 163026/601

Hangar LP14:
E-2C-IIs of VAW-125 'AA':
165299/600, 165301/601, 165507/602, 165508/603

Hangar LF59:
CH-46D of HC-6 'HW':
HH-46D of HC-6 'HW':
UH-46Ds of HC-6 'HW':
153405/00, 151904/10, 153411/13, 151952/16
HH-46Ds of HC-8 'BR':
152501/15, 151950/16, 152513/62
CH-46Ds of HC-8 'BR':
152563/25, 153339/41

Hangar LF60:
HH-46D of HC-8 'BR':
CH-46Es of HMM-774 'MQ':
155302/400, 154004/401, 152578/402, 154810/403
154808/404, 154847/405, 155312/406, 155310/407
153962/409, 157720/410, 154803/411, 156454/412

Hangar SP-1:
....../630	C-2A		VAW-120
162799/AJ-602	E-2C		wfu VAW-124 mks
163028/AC-602	E-2C		VAW-126
C-2As of VRC-40:
162152/46, 162174/54
E-2Cs of VAW-124 'AJ':
163025/601, 163027/602, 162797/603
E-2Cs of VAW-120 'AD':
162800/606, 163694/621

On the ramps outside hangar SP-1:
E-2Cs of VAW-126 'AC':
162616/600, 163024/601, 162618/603

Hangar SP-2:
150616/33	VH-3A		HC-2
UH-3Hs of HC-2 'HC':
154122/721, 152135/723, 154100/726, 152129/727

On the ramps outside hangar SP-2:
152138/HC-722	UH-3H		HC-2
UH-3Hs of HC-2 'HC':
149684/720, 149702/724, 148052/725
VH-3As of HC-2:
150611/31, 150613/32

Hangar SP-31:
MH-53Es of HM-14 'BJ':
164773/551, 164793/552, 164862/553, 164863/554
HH-60Hs of HCS-4 'NW':
163790/200, 163797/207, 163789/210

On the ramp outside hangar SP-31:
152792/AD-027	C-2A		wfu
162176/AD-632	C-2A		VAW-120
162177/55	C-2A		VRC-40
(159112)/AD-603	E-2C		wfu, no rear end, ex VAW-120
160009/AE-600	TE-2C		wfu
160989/AF-600	E-2C		wfu, ex VAW-78
161099/AB-600	E-2C		wfu
161342/AF-605	E-2C		wfu,  no tail
161548/AJ-603	E-2C		wfu, ex VAW-124
161552/-	E-2C		wfu
163791/NW-201	HH-60H		HCS-4
C-2As of VRC-40:
162140/42, 162170/43, 162153/51, 162159/56
E-2Cs of VAW-120 'AD':
162801/602, 164488/620
E-2Cs of VAW-78 'AF':
161229/600, 162619/601, 162802/602, 161346/603
E-2Cs of VAW-123 'AB':
163693/600, 165293/601

Old NADEP compound:
152939/23	KA-6D
162211		A-6E
....../500	A-6E		fuselage only
159107/600	TE-2C
159500		E-2C		no tail
(160700)/AD-601	E-2C		no rear end
153729/35	CH-53A
161399/03	AV-8B

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