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Oceana 1976

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Date: 26 September 1976

Made by:


160148/AA-701    	S-3A     	VS-30               
149949/AA-506           A-6E            VA-85               
156613/GJ-305           RA-5C           RVAH-3              
155568/AD-100           F-4J            VF-101              
158620/AD-144           F-14A           VF-101              
157569/AD-411           A-7E            VA-174              
610822/4                T-38A           VF-43                    
159105/AC-723           E-2C            VAW-123             
153516/AD-301           TA-4J           VF-43                 
151118/320              A-4E            VF-43                 
150146/HT-91            SH-2F           HSL-30               
158597/F-320            T-2C            VT-4                   
150546/F-201            T-39D           VT-86                 
158691/DH-05            RH-53D          HM-12                 
149806                  KC-130F         B.Angels
158722/7                TA-4J           B.Angels         
154986/6                A-4F            B.Angels         
154975/5                A-4F            B.Angels         
154179/4                A-4F            B.Angels         
155025/3                A-4F            B.Angels         
154177/2                A-4F            B.Angels         
154983/1                A-4F            B.Angels         
153400/MQ-405           CH-46F          HMM-774             

Base Flt Hangar:
152498/498      	HH-46A   	     
151951/951              HH-46A   	     
133330/JE-20            US-2C    	VC-2	

155830/AC-204    	F-4J     	VF-103
153884/AC-211           F-4J            VF-103      
155562/AC-101           F-4J            VF-31 
155567/AC-113           F-4J            VF-31      
155839/AC-100           F-4J            VF-31      
157308/AA-100           F-4J            VF-11 
155549/AA-105           F-4J            VF-11      
157276/AA-106           F-4J            VF-11      
157275/AA-107           F-4J            VF-11      
153900/AG-100           F-4J            VF-102
153891/AG-101           F-4J            VF-102      
153820/AG-103           F-4J            VF-102      
157309/AG-106           F-4J            VF-102      
155558/AG-107           F-4J            VF-102      
157298/AG-111           F-4J            VF-102      
157280/AG-114           F-4J            VF-102      
153835/AG-203           F-4J            VF-33 
153850/AG-204           F-4J            VF-33
155556/AG-206           F-4J            VF-33
153777/AG-210           F-4J            VF-33
157296/AG-212           F-4J            VF-33
157292/AG-213           F-4J            VF-33
155757/AG-214           F-4J            VF-33
155748    		F-4J     	n/mks      
133338/JE-21            US-2C    	VC-2  
133362/JE-22            US-2C           VC-2     
155110/JE-01            TA-4J           VC-2     
158136/JE-02            TA-4J           VC-2     
149516/JY-3             A-4L     	VC-12
150586/6                A-4L            VC-12     
158098/JY-13            TA-4J           VC-12     
155102/JY-17            TA-4J           VC-12     

Outside A-6 Hangars:
151186    		A-4E     	n/mks
155241/309    		T-2C     	VT-23

158050/AA-500    	A-6E     	VA-85
158042/AA-501           A-6E            VA-85
158794/AA-502           A-6E            VA-85
152635/AA-510           A-6E            VA-85
151814/AA-504           A-6E            VA-85
151582/AA-520           KA-6D           VA-85
152592/AA-521           KA-6D           VA-85
151575/AA-522           KA-6D           VA-85
152927/AA-523           KA-6D           VA-85
155584/AC-500           A-6E     	VA-75
154144/AC-503           A-6E          	VA-75
152928/AC-505           A-6E            VA-75
152584/AC-506           A-6E            VA-75
152621/AC-507           A-6E            VA-75
152606/AC-520           KA-6D           VA-75
151789/AC-521           KA-6D           VA-75
151791/AC-522           KA-6D           VA-75
152618/AC-523           KA-6D           VA-75
158536/AG-505           A-6E     	VA-65
151593/AG-513           A-6E          	VA-65
149945/AG-522           KA-6D           VA-65
157004                  A-6E     	n/mks       
158787/AD-500           A-6E     	VA-42
158528/AD-501           A-6E         	VA-42 
158052/AD-507           A-6E            VA-42
158790/AD-510           A-6E            VA-42
152585/AD-511           A-6E            VA-42
152916/AD-515           A-6E            VA-42
151573/AD-517           A-6E            VA-42
149950/AD-520           A-6E            VA-42
149954/AD-525           KA-6D           VA-42
155688/AD-550           A-6E            VA-42
155724/AD-575           TC-4C           VA-42
136395    		US-2B    	NAS Oceana   
136751                  C-1A            NAS Oceana  
157299/AA-101           F-4J            VF-11       
157295/AA-102           F-4J            VF-11            
157283/AA-104           F-4J            VF-11            
157274/AA-110           F-4J            VF-11            
155862/AA-111           F-4J            VF-11            
155867/AA-112           F-4J            VF-11            
155858/AC-102           F-4J            VF-31       
155861/AC-104           F-4J            VF-31            
153769/AC-106           F-4J            VF-31            
155854/AC-200           F-4J            VF-103      
155847/AC-207           F-4J            VF-103            
155510/AC-2..           F-4J            VF-103            
157282/AG-104           F-4J            VF-102      
157281/AG-112           F-4J            VF-102            
155745/AG-105           F-4J            VF-102            
155532                  F-4J            VF-102            
155552/AG-201           F-4J            VF-33
155555                  F-4J            VF-33            
155747                  F-4J            VF-101      
155863                  F-4J            VF-101            
155869                  F-4J            VF-101            
157305                  F-4J            VF-101            
157307                  F-4J            n/mks       

VF-101 Hangar:
158112/JY-15     	TA-4J    	VC-12  
158092/JY-12            TA-4J                  
153680/JY-11            TA-4J                  
157304/AG-110           F-4J            VF-102
153809/AC-107           F-4J            VF-31  
153773/AC-110           F-4J                   
155848/AC-111           F-4J                   

148261/AC    		F-4A     
123456                  F9F      
145322/00               F-8A     
134950                  F-6A        

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