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Oceana 1999

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Date: 19 September 1999

Made by:

Updated: 28 July 2000

78-0583  MA  red        A10A             MA ANG 
78-0659  MA  red        A10A             MA ANG 
86-0137  DY  bl/wh      B1B              28BS 
158033   NJ566          EA6B             VAQ129 
162143   52             C2A 
84-0103                 C21A 
161435   ..103          F14B Upgrade     VF103 
164348   NH100          F14D             VF213 
86-0242  VA             F16C             149FW 
165405   AD300          FA18C            VFA106 
88-0843  HO             F117A            49FW    "49thFW" 
71-20119                UH1H             DE ANG 
163214   NW20           SH2G             HSL94  spec marks 
149725   7R             UH3H             NAS Oceana 
.-23649                 MH6              160SOAR 
155302   MQ400          CH46E            HMM774 
92-0400                 MH47E            160SOAR   c/n M.3708 
69-16194                OH58A 
70-15526                OH58A Riad       VA ANG 
91-26369                MH60K            160SOAR   c/n 70.1774  manf.  dec 91 
94-0126  VN  red        T1A              71FTW 
156709   A947           T2C              VT19/TW1 
156730   F802           T2C              TW6 
160638   E638           T34C             TW5    c/n GL-103 
67-14743 XL yl          T37B             47FTW 
163606   B206           T45A             TW1 
140106                  CP140 
114085                  CT114            2sq 

VF101 F14 Hangar:
VF11   F14B : 162919/AG211 
VF101  F14A : 158616/AD120, 158629/AD121, 161619/NH150, 162688/AD165, 163903/AD212 
VF101  F14B : 161859/AD100, 161287/AD200, 161599/AD201 
VF213  F14D : ....../NH000, 162925 

Other F14 Hangar:
VF11   F14B : 163224/AG207 
VF101  F14D : 159592/AD111 
VF102  F14B : 162700/AB100, 163225/AB106, 163219/AB113 
VF103  F14B : 161432/100, 163221/110 
VF143  F14B : 162921/AG100, 161426/AG103, 161873/AG104, 162701/AG111, 
              161870/AG112, 162924/AG114 
VF213  F14D : 159619/NH106, 164347/NH110 

Hangar A:
VF32   F14  : 161428/AC111, 162922/AC112 
VF101  F14A : 158627/AD222 
VF211  F14A : 161624/NG121 
VFC12  FA18A: 162459/AF05 + AF02/AF03/AF10/AF11 and the grey one 
       T34C : 160509/E509, 160646/E646 
+ one stripped F14 

Hangar B:
VF11   F14B : 161418/AG202, 163228/AG212, 162699/AG214, 
VF31   F14D : 164345/NK101, 163896/NK102, ....46/NK103, 163.98/NK104 
VF211  F14A : 159520???/NG100, 159428/NG103, 162603/NG105, 162600/NG106, 161622/NG114 

Operational flightline in front of F14 hangars:
VF32   F14  : 161428/AC101, 161424/AC114, 16340(8)/AC132 
VF101  F14A : 158634/AD123, 160391/AD130, 160681/AD136, 158631/AD223, 159591/AD225 
              161162/AD250, 161164/AD251, 162589/AD261, 162689/AD265 
VF101  F14B : 161417/AD102, 161851/AD105, 161865/AD202, 162693/AD207 
VF101  F14D : 163897/AD112, 163414/AD114, 164341/AD115, 161166/AD211, 164343/AD214 
VF102  F14B : 162920/AB102, 163227/AB103, 161858/AB104, 162692/AB105, 162694/AB112, 
              161422/AB114, 161608/AB115 
VF103  F14B : 162910/101, 162691/102, 161442/104, 163217/112 
VF211  F14A : 161297/NG111 

         AC101          F14              VF32 
         AC132          F14              VF32 
         AD136          F14              VF101 
         102            F14              VF103 
         104            F14              VF103 
         112            F14              VF103 
83-0010  FF  r          F15C             1FW 
83-0017  FF  bl         F15C             1FW 
70-1955  VN             T38A 
188719                  CF188A 
188791                  CF188A 

86-0021      gold       C5B              60AMW 
85-1607                 C31A             Golden Knights 
148965/7R               UH3H             NAS Oceana 
114078/1                CT114            Snowbirds 
114172/2                CT114            Snowbirds 
114035/3                CT114            Snowbirds 
114142/4                CT114            Snowbirds 
114188/5                CT114            Snowbirds 
114076/6                CT114            Snowbirds 
114174/7                CT114            Snowbirds 
114099/8                CT114            Snowbirds 
114159/9                CT114            Snowbirds 
114108/10               CT114            Snowbirds 
114012/11               CT114            Snowbirds 
114041/11               CT114            Snowbirds 
....../1                FA18A            Blue Angels 
....../2                FA18A            Blue Angels 
....../3                FA18A            Blue Angels 
....../4                FA18A            Blue Angels 
....../5                FA18A            Blue Angels 
....../6                FA18A            Blue Angels 
....../7                FA18B            Blue Angels
N111XD			RF-35 Draken
N119XD			RF-35 Draken

Operational flightline next to the main F18 hangar:
VFA34  FA18C : 165214/AA200, 165210/AA201, 165218/AA204, 165405/AA205, 165229/AA211, 
VFA83  FA18C : 165220/AA300, 165212/AA301, 165222/AA306, 165226/AA310, 165403/AA314 
VFA106 FA18D : 163482/AD401, 163474/AD404, 163479/AD412 

Main F18 hangar:
VFA106 FA18C : 164258/AD311 
VFA131 FA18C : 164222/AG403, 164225/AG406 

VFA106 Hangar:
VFA15  FA18C : 164669/--- 
VFA37  FA18C : 164946/AC304 
VFA81  FA18C : 163471/AA400 
VFA83  FA18C : 165217/AA304 
VFA105 FA18C : ....../AC401, ....../AC412 
VFA106 FA18B : 161746/AD420 
VFA106 FA18C : 165526/AD301 
VFA106 FA18D : ....../AD403, 163468/AD406, 163123/AD421, 163115/AD423, 
               163997/AD430, 164690/AD436 

Other F18 Hangar:
VFA106 FA18B : 161924/AD422 
VFA106 FA18C : 164246/AD337 
VFA106 FA18D : 163452/AD410, 164061/AD435 
       FA18D : 164263 
and 158622/AC301  A7E  former Cecil Field preserved ?? 

Parked on cross runway right accross from the VFA106 hangars:
VFA34  FA18C : 165211/AA202, 165216/AA203, 165221/AA206, 16522(5)/AA207, 165227/AA210 
VFA81  FA18C : 163444/AA401, 163491/AA403, 163478/AA405, 163477/AA406, 163442/AA412 
VFA83  FA18C : 165215/AA302, 165213/AA303, 165228/AA307, 165224/AA311, 165230/AA312 
VFA101 FA18C : 164234/AD336 
VFA131 FA18C : 164212/AG400, 164226/AG402, 164204/AG404, 164205/AG405, 164250/AG407 
               164210/AG410, 164231/AG411, 16..../AG414, 16421(5)/AG431 
VFA136 FA18C : 164230/AG301, 164206/AG302, 164202/AG303, 164208/AG304, 16..../AG305 
               164214/AG310, 16425./AG312, 164209/AG313 

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