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Oceana 2000

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Date: 22-24 September 2000

Made by:


151186/00		A-4E		pres, ex VFC-12	
(151579)		KA-6D		pres, ex VA-75
158662/AC-301		A-7E		pres, ex VA-37
09102/AJ-501		XBT2D-1		pres, ex VA-15
127693/AD-300		F2H-4		pres, ex USN
136008/S-112		FJ-3M		pres, ex VF-84
(134950)/AJ-214		F4D-1		pres, ex VF-14
(148261?)		F-4N		pres, ex USN
(149150)/AD-101		F-8E		pres, ex VF-143
123612/AD-200		F9F-2		pres, ex USN
141864/1		F-11A		pres, ex USN (Blue Angels c/s)
157988			YF-14A		pres, ex USN
162454/AJ-301		F/A-18A		pres, ex VFA-15, as ‘F/A-18C’
149929			SH-3H		std, ex USN	61.203
"154893"/43?		A-4E		dump
(162475)		F/A-18A		dump, ex VFC-12
The KA-6D is displayed as 'A-6E 162179/AA-501 and 161622/AA-502'. 
The F-4N is marked as ‘NE-100 VF-2 and AJ-200 VF-14’ and the YF-14A
is marked as ‘NE-100 VF-2 and AJ-200 VF-14’.

12421			CH-124		12 Wing
133599			CT-133		439sq
140101			CP-140		14 Wing
188936			CF-188B		433sq
78-0626/MA		A-10A		131st FS MA ANG
78-0683/MD		A-10A		104th FS MD ANG
87-0031			C-5B		436th AW
96-0006			C-17A		437th AW
84-0070/KS		C-21A		45th AS
84-0089			C-21A		311th AF
90-0167			AC-130U		4th SOS
96-5301			WC-130J		53rd WRS
63-7980			KC-135R		97th AMW
81-0051/FF		F-15C		27th FS
87-0175/SJ, 90-0228/SJ	F-15E		333rd FS
84-1377/FW		F-16C		163rd FS IN ANG "122FW"
85-1518/FW		F-16C		163rd FS IN ANG
..-25371		H-6		1-160th SOAR
92-0475			MH-47E		2-160th SOAR, c/n M.3723
69-5791			MH-53J		20th SOS
70-15503		OH-58A+r	VA ArNG
89-26189		MH-60L		3-160th SOAR, c/n 70.1458
85-25404		AH-64A		B/1-130th AVN
92-0335/RA		T-1A		12th FTW, c/n TT-49
58-1969/XL		T-37B		47th FTW
58-1920/VN		T-37B		71st FTW
64-13259/RA		T-38A		12th FTW
61-0876/RA		AT-38B		12th FTW "12OG"
68-8185/HO		T-38A		7th CTS
70-1565/VN		T-38A		71st FTW
161884/NL-531		EA-6B		VAQ-133
162144/41		C-2A		VRC-40 Det.III
163437/001		F/A-18C		SFWSL
165544/NJ-105		F/A-18F		VFA-122
161658/NW-25		SH-2G		HSL-94
154808/MQ-404		CH-46E		HMM-774
165110/HP-445		SH-60B		HSL-44, c/n 70.2271
159768/AB-700		S-3B		VS-32
165078/B-278		T-45A		TW-2
165079/B-279		T-45A		TW-2, c/n 0083
6001			HH-60J		USCG Elizabeth City
N44V			C-47		ex USAF 41-38596
N30N 			C-60A		ex USAF 42-55884, c/n 2274 "Lady Lonestar"
N1156V			L-5		ex USAF 42-98758 "Gayle Ann"
N9315H			L-5		ex USAF 42-15060
(N87964)		T-34B		ex USN 140916
N92NL			L-39C		"2", c/n 131847
N96FN			Lj35A		Flight International
The serial of the AT-38B with "12OG" markings could be found on a
lable on the lower side of the fuselage. The Coast Guard HH-60 was 
gone on Sunday.

78-0649/MA, 78-0659/MA	A-10A		131st FS MA ANG
83-0017/FF		F-15C		71st FS
83-0019/FF		F-15C		27th FS
82-0024/FF		F-15C		94th FS
163894/NE-100		F-14D		VF-2
158632/AJ-210		F-14A		VF-14
161275/AJ-114		F-14A		VF-41
161858/AD-104		F-14B		VF-101
163414/AD-114		F-14D		VF-101
164347/NH-110		F-14D		VF-213
F-14Bs of VF-11 'AG':
161433/200	161421/203	163218/204	162927/205
F-14Bs of VF-32 'AC':
(162916)/100	(163408)/103	(163410)/104
F-14As of VF-101 'AD':
161866/153	162688/165	159591/225	162589/261
F-14As of VF-211 'NG':
162696/101	158628/110	158637/112
F/A-18Cs of VFA-37 'AC':
165181/300	165185/310
F/A-18Ds of VFA-106 'AD':
163123/421	163997/430	164234/336
F/A-18Cs of VFA-136 'AG':
164221/300	164230/301	164202/303	164239/307
N36AE 			T-34A		ex USAF 53-3317/007, c/n G-77
N39RN 			L-39C		ex Czech 0742, c/n 630742
N70GA 			Beech D18S	ex Canada KJ508, c/n A-177
NL82GA			SBD-5		ex USN 54532/5
(N105BH)		F-86F		ex USAF 52-4959
N117BR 			Lim-5		ex Poland 1529, c/n 1C-1529
N149DD			FwP-149D	ex GAF 9087 "BB391"
N149RR?			T-28		ex USN RR-194
NX223E 			T-28B		ex USN 138272, c/n 200-343
N266C 			UC-78B		ex USAAF 43-32644 "415", c/n 6582
N713JT			F4U-4		ex USN 97143/JT-416
NL860AH?		P-51D		ex USAAF 44-84850
N1209P			OV-1D		ex US Army 62-5890
N3173G			AT-6G		ex USAF 49-3087/TA-087
N4028G 			NT-34B		ex USN 140675/WN-028, c/n BG-9
N7513E 			L-16B		ex USAAF 48-0310, c/n 7FC-233
N9079Z			TB-25N		ex USAAF 44-30734
N41102 			Yak-52		"74", c/n 866508
N41836 			CJ-6A		ex China 71784, c/n 2032018
N65491			T-28B		ex USN 138245/NJ-090
And the Blue Angels with F/A-18A 161969/6 
plus the codes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7

Flightline behind fuelfarm:
(164351)/NE-104	F-14D	VF-2
F/A-18Cs of VFA-106 'AD':
(164252)/335	(164246)/337
F/A-18Ds of VFA-106 'AD':
(164038)/431	(164043)/433	(164690)/436	(164228)/441

(162394)/AF-07		F/A-18C		VFC-12

Hangar 404:
F-14Bs of VF-11 'AG':
(162912)/201	162925/206	163224/207	162919/211
F-14As of VF-101 'AD':
158620/122	158634/123
F-14Bs of VF-101 'AD':
161417/101	161599/201	161429/202	161287/200
F-14D(R)s of VF-101 'AD':
159591/111	159603/216
Plus one more Tomcat.

Hangar 500:
161859/AD-100		F-14B		VF-101
161860/AC-101		F-14B		VF-32
163418/NE-105		F-14D		VF-2
(164348)/NH-100		F-14D		VF-213
F-14Bs of VF-102 'AB':
162700/100	163225/102	162692/105	162920/106
163407/110	163217/111	162694/112
F-14Bs of VF-143 'AG':
162921/100	161923/101	161438/102	162926/105
161441/110	161870/112

F-14 hangar:
(161297)/NG-111		F-14A		VF-211
161608/AB-115		F-14B		VF-102
162874/AF-112		F/A-18A		VFA-201
F-14D(R)s of VF-2 'NE':
159595/107	159600/110	159613/111
F-14Bs of VF-32 'AC':
162703/110	162922/112	161424/114
F/A-18As of VFC-12 'AF':
162472/01	162459/05	162464/10

F-14 hangar:
161437/AD-105 +1	F-14B		VF-101
161619/AD-150		F-14A		VF-101
161862/AC-102		F-14B		VF-32
F-14As of VF-14 'AJ':
158617/202	158633/205
F-14As of VF-211 'NG':
158618/104	161622/114

F-18 hangar:
164215/AD-331		F/A-18C		VFA-106
164250/AG-407		F/A-18C		VFA-131
162859/AF-02		F/A-18A		VFC-12
164238			F/A-18C		nmk
F/A-18Cs of VFA-15 'AJ':
164646/303	164631/312	(164678)/314
F/A-18Cs of VFA-87 'AJ':
164647/402	164657/414
F/A-18Ds of VFA-106 'AD':
163479/402	163452/410	164198/432
F/A-18Cs of VFA-136 'AG':
164206/302	164227/305

F-18 hangar:
F/A-18Cs of VFA-37 'AC':
165183/302	164948/304	165171/307	165175/311
F/A-18Cs of VFA-105 'AC':
164200/400	164261/401	164244/404
F/A-18Cs of VFA-106 'AD':
163461/324	163430/325	164231/332
F/A-18Ds of VFA-106 'AD':
163464/400	163482/401	163474/404	163460/405

....../00		F/A-18		i/a ‘SFWSL’ white c/s	
164209/AG-313		F/A-18C		VFA-136
160509/AD-01		T-34C		VFA-106, c/n GL-66
160640/1, 160648/2	T-34C		SFWSA
160943/0		T-34C		SFWSA, c/n GL-113

Outside the above hangar:
160690/000		F-14A		i/a, SWATSLANT
161366	F/A-18A	i/a, on trailer, fwd fuse only

Hangar Oceana NAMTRAU:
161151/1007		F-14A		i/a, NAMTRAU
161416/AB-112		F-14B		NASC FC (VF-102 mks)
161945/1039		F/A-18A		i/a, NAMTRAU

Hangar behind flightline:
162435/AF-00		F/A-18A		VFC-12

Flightline F/A-18 ramp:
188927			CF-188B		425sq
148965/7R-965		UH-3H		NAS Oceana
86-0110/DY		B-1B		28th BS
85-1607			C-31A		USA Parachute Team
85-25411		AH-64A		1-130th AVN
151891			TC-130G		Blue Angels
153405/HW-00		CH-46E		HC-6
(161008)/LL-2		P-3C		VP-30
The Canadian Hornet was seen on Friday and Saturday. 
The TC-130G was not logged on Sunday.
F/A-18Cs of VFA-105 'AC':
164251/403	164247/405	164253/407	164256/411
F/A-18Cs of VFA-106 'AD':
163469/320	163451/326	164243/330
F/A-18Ds of VFA-106 'AD':
163472/403	163468/406	163457/407	164024/437
F/A-18Cs of VFA-131 'AG':
164212/400	164226/402	164222/403	164204/404
164210/410	164218/412	164240/414
F/A-18Cs of VFA-136 'AG':
164208/304	164223/306	164214/310	164255/312
N801RB			PT-17		Red Barons, c/n 75-4688
N802RB			PT-17		Red Barons, c/n 75-6451
N805RB			PT-17		Red Barons, c/n 75-2729
N806RB			PT-17		Red Barons, c/n 75-4000

Flightline F-14 ramp:
N6373Y			Yak-9U-M	"04 yl", c/n 0470404

Flying only:
86-0243			F-16C		149th FS VA ANG "149FS"

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