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Oceana 2009

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Date: 18 October 2009

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162165/40 		C-2A 		VRC-40
166650/AC-400 		F/A-18E 	VFA-105
166663/AJ-200           F/A-18F         VFA-213
166805/AB-200           F/A-18F         VFA-211
163069/BJ-555           MH-53E 		HM-14   
167821/HU-737           MH-60S 		HSC-2   
158926/RC-926           P-3C 		VP-46     
160943/AD-6 		T-34C 		SFWSL
72-1806 		C-130E 		314th AW
08-3914/XL 		T-6A 		47th FTW ‘47 OG’
68-8143/RA 		T-38A 		560thTFS
69-7087/RA 		T-38A 		‘560thTFS’
N210TV 			Bell 206
N502 			SNJ-5 		‘43689 CB’
N610DL 			B757-232 	Delta
N69541 			T-28B 		‘138245 NJ/090’

89-0475/SJ 		F-15E 		4th FW  
89-0495/SJ              F-15E           4th FW
91-0387/SW              F-16CJ 		55th FS
93-0546/SW              F-16CJ          55th FS
164630/30 		F/A-18C 	VFA-106
114172/7 		CT-114 		Snowbirds
N55107 			L-39 		‘433136’
N7381C 			Beech C18S 	‘447696’
N995X 			L-39 		‘77’

F/A-18F of VFA-11, coded AB-xxx
166625/103, 166630/105, 166631/106 166627/112,

F/A-18F of VFA-103, coded AG-xxx:
166662/202, 166612/212, 166611/211

F/A-18 of VFA-106 coded AD-xxx:
166467/206, 166453/230, 163485/332

F/A-18E of VFA-143, coded AG-xxx:
166608/100, 166606/106, 166609/101

F/A-18 of VFA-211, coded AB-xxx:
166797/201, 166808/205, 166809/207

F/A-18F of VFA-213 coded AJ-xxx:
166780/104, 166782/106, 166783/107, 166784/110

F/A-18C of VFC-12:
164258/04, 164680/05, 164691/14

F/A-18C/D* of the Blue Angels:
163106/2, 163130/3, 161959/4, 162411/5
163093/6, 161711/7*, 161723/7* +1

Flightline SWFSL hangar:
114050/5, 114141/3 	CT-114 		Snowbirds
114090/8, -/6 +1 	CT114 		Snowbirds
N49739 			PT-17

F/A-18F of VFA-11 coded AB-xxx:
166628/100, 166629/104, 166630/105, 166626/111

Behind SWFSL hangar:
166598/AG-112 		F/A-18F 	VFA-143
166623/AB-110 		F/A-18F 	VFA-11

Remote parking area (definitely incomplete):
166838/AA-210 		F/A-18E 	VFA-81
165404/AG-405 		F/A-18C 	VFA-131

F/A-18 of VFA-106, coded AD-xxx
165544/202, 166462/237, 164669/315, 162857/423
From another 20+ F/A-18s only the modex numbers were read
of, not the letter which makes a big lottery work with the reports
we received of aircraft on base days before the show. So we left
these out, if you have updates, please let us know.

Hangar VFC-12:
159117` 		C-9B 		VR-56
164663/00, 154655/01 	F/A-18C 	VFC-12
164647/07, 164644/11 	F/A-18C 	VFC-12

Hangar B:
166619 			F/A-18F 	VFA-106

F/A-18C of VFA-15 coded AJ-xxx:
164675/301, 164629/311, 164643/314

Maint Hangar:
166814/AB-212 		F/A-18F 	VFA-211

F/A-18F of VFA-32 coded AC-xxx:
166661/100, 166669/106, 166671/110, 166678/111

F/A-18F of VFA-103 coded AG-xxx:
166620/200, 166613/203, 166616/206, 166614/214

Hangar (VF/A-87):
164225/AG-306 		F/A-18C 	VFA-83

F/A-18C of VF/A-87 coded AJ-xxx:
163107/400, 162841/403, 163105/410, 163149/411

F/A-18 of VFA-106 coded AD-xxx:
164209/305, 163775/324, 164895/352, 163482/401
163479/402, 163110/420

Hangar (VF/A-106):
163436/AD-411 		F/A-18D 	VFA-106
164024/AD-437           F/A-18D         VFA-106
165678/AD-207           F/A-18F         VFA-106

Main Gate:
151186/AF-00		A-4E 		pres
151579/AA-501 		KA-6D 		pres
158662/AE-401 		A-7E 		pres
127369/AB-301 		F2H-4 		pres
136008/O-210 		FJ-3M 		pres
134950/AD106 		F4D-1 		pres as 141414
148261/AB-00 ? 		F-4A 		pres as 152295
149150/AB-100 ? 	F-8E 		pres as ..5802
123612/401 		F9F 		pres
162454/AC-301 		F/A-18A 	pres
164604/AC-100 		F-14D 		pres
141864/1 		F-11A 		pres as Blue Angels

North East Gate:
....../-100 		F-14A 		pres as VF-11
As every year the airshow at Oceana provides a great list of
F/A-18s of all kinds. As was this year, although a big list, this is
nothing compared to the log received of several days before the
show, when over 200 were logged. So this log is made up of all
available information. So if you have some accurate updates,
please let us know.

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