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Offutt 1999

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Date: 28 August 1999

Made by: Dave Richardson, Pete Simmonds, John Gabor


72-0288/RA         T-43A             12FTW 
69-0026            C-5A              60AMW 
86-0033 rd         KC-10A            60AMW          "Travis" 
64-14842/OF gn     RC-135V           55W 
86-0416/WR gn      E-8A              93ACW 
84-0089            C-21A             311AF 
68-8935            C-9A              11AS 
68-8114/CB         AT-38B            14FTW          spec marks "14FTW" 
68-8204/HO         T-38A             7FS 
67-22247/RA        T-37B             12FTW 
87-0194/SJ bl      F-15E             334FS 
89-0500/SJ bl      F-15E             334FS 
78-0081/ED         F-16B             412TW 
85-0830/HO rd      F-117A            9FS 
86-140/DY bk       B-1B              9BS 
61-015/LA gd       B-52H             11BS 
90-0165            AC-130U           4SOS            "Thumper" 
97-26776/MY        HH-60G            41RQS 
67-15860           AH-1F             NE ArNG? 
159585/NJ-522      EA-6B 
162230/00          EA-6B             VMAQ-4 
162906/44          F/A-18A           NSAWC 
163763/NJ-370      F/A-18D           VFA-125 
163918             E-6B              SCW-1/VQ-3 
162493/MT-407      CH-53E            HMH-772 
162294/F-64        T-34C             TW-6/VT-4 
51+05              C-160D            LTG-62, Luftwaffe 
44+77              Tornado           JBG-38, Luftwaffe 
140113             CP-140            CAF 14 Wing 
N440UP             757-24APF         UPS 
N954               Beech 18 

92-1532            C-130H            187AS 
74-0787            E-4B              1ACCS 
93-0534/SW rd      F-16D             78FS 
93-0543/SW rd      F-16D             78FS 
165404/NJ-301      F/A-18C           VFA-125 
66-14432           MH-53J            551SOS? 
68-8150/HO         T-38A             7FS 
XV227              Nimrod            RAF 
N802RB             Stearman 
N803RB             Stearman 
N805RB             Stearman 
N806RB             Stearman 
N301NL             Extra 300 
N302NL             Extra 300 
N303NL             Extra 300 
N304NL             Extra 300 
N305NL             Extra 300 
NX749CF            F-4D              marked up as "OY" 67-463 but is 65-0749 
N189G              C-1A              146044 
N5428V             P-51D             "Gunflighter" 
N6327T             P-51D             "Donna-Mite" 472197 
NL1751D            P-51D             "Gul Kaue" 463675 
NL50FS             P-51D             "Su Su II" 474839 
N3481G             B-25 
N7001C             TBM 
N1266N             P-40              29629 
N93RW              A-24B 
N4998B             F6F-5             94204 
NX4747P            P-47D             433240 
NX43RW             F4U-5N            121881 
N900RW             B-17G             238050 
N324FA             PBY-5A            115 
N50573             Taylorcraft DCO 
N234X              Stearman 
N22422             Stinson L-5B 
N48441             Aeronca O-58B 
Plus 2 civil F-104's and 4 T-6's 

84-0088            C-21A             311AF 
84-0090            C-21A             311AF 
62-3582/OF gn      EC-135C           55W 
62-4134/OF gn      RC-135W           55W 
N6763              P-63 
N8763K             T-34 

(XX767)/GE         Jaguar GR1A       54 Sqn 
(XZ364)/GJ         Jaguar GR1B       54 Sqn 
(XZ400)/GR         Jaguar GR1A       54 Sqn 
(XZ366)/FS         Jaguar GR1A       41 Sqn 
ZA147/F            VC10 K3           101 Sqn 

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