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Oklahoma City 1999

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Date: 6 June 1999

Made by: Pete Simmonds, anonymous

Updated: 26 August 1999

93-1328              C-23B           Oklahoma ANG 
78-0806              C-130H          Oklahoma ANG 
81-0887              TG-7A           USAF Academy 
88-0064              CH-47D          US Army 
0-21064              OH-58A          US Army 
 -24403              UH-60A          US Army 
162669/E-107         TH-57A 
6548                 HH-65A          USCG Houston 
156715/A-983/XO      T-2C 
160271/E-271         T-34C 
160466/E-466         T-34C 

Flightline at/Flying from Will Rogers Airport: 
82-0928/FS           F-16A 
82-0957/FS           F-16A 
83-1079/FS           F-16A 
83-1166/FS           F-16A 
       /FS           F-16A           "188FW" 
88-0476/HL           F-16C 
88-0509/HL           F-16C 
88-0548/OK           F-16C 
89-2028/OK           F-16C 
89-2138/OK           F-16C           "138FW" 
152850/A-704         TA-4J 
161714/00            F/A-18          NSAWO 
164739/307           F/A-18          VFA-151 
161959/1             F/A-18          Blue Angels 
161963/2             F/A-18          Blue Angels 
161983/3             F/A-18          Blue Angels 
161969/4             F/A-18          Blue Angels 
161962/5             F/A-18          Blue Angels 
161955/6             F/A-18          Blue Angels 
161943/7             F/A-18          Blue Angels 

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