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Opa-Locka 1990

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Date: 3 November 1990

Made by: Nigel Howarth


N3142                J31                 PA 
N555WJ               DHC6                WORLD JET 
N888WJ               DHC6                WORLD JET 
158568/1             P-3C 
161977/DW-07         F18                 VMFA 251 
163114/DW-13         F18                 VMFA 251 
162130/HR-506        SH-60B              HSL-48 
53-4121              T-34 
(6520)               HH-65A              USCG 
2122                 HU-25               USCG 
159111/AD-014        E-2C                VAW120 
160133/NF-707        S-3A                VS-21 
158316/A-986         T-2C                CTW1 
158877/F-807         T-2C                CTW-6 
N604DM/Z             CM.170              Ex Finnish AF FM-27 
163569/AD-20         F-16N               VF-45 
162169/40            C-2                 VRC-40 
21387/30             F-5                 USN 
155072/41            TA4J                VF-43 
153516/40            TA4J                VF-43 
159744/AD-722        S-3B                VS-27 
156714/809-F         T-2C                CTW-6 
159109/AD-012        E-2                 VAW-120 
154183/NJ-702        A-4F                VFA 127                 (brown c/s) 
50099                B-1B                96BW                    "MISS BEHAVIN'" 
156717/A-957         T-2C                (TW-1) 
154163/402           A-6E                VA-304 
158146/A-722         TA-4J               CTW-1/VT-7 
158465/A-765         TA-4J               CTW-1 
161924/AD-362        F-18B               VFA106                  "MARINES" 
161658/HY-331        SH-2F               HSL-36 DET.5            "PENETRATION GUARANTEED" 
71-863/BC            OA-37B              MI ANG 
68-967/BC            OA-37B              MI ANG 
01583                T-38A               14 FTW 
83-085/HS-gn         F16C                31 TFW 
83-1076/HS-gn/bl     F16C                31 TFW                  "31 TFW" 
72-21547             UH-1V               US ARMY N.PERRY 
N49SM                SIAI 211 
162300/E-300         T-34C               TAW 5 
160923/213           F-14                VF-31 
160919/205           F-14                VF-31 

148897/BH            KC130               VMGR 252 
148893               KC130               BLUE ANGELS 
0-23344              UH-60               US CUSTOMS 
161957/1             F18A                BLUE ANGELS 
161955/3             F18A                BLUE ANGELS 
161952/4             F18A                BLUE ANGELS 
161978/5             F18A                BLUE ANGELS 
161945/6             F18A                BLUE ANGELS 
N1255K               CIT                 USCS 
N601KC               DHC6                WORLD JET 
88-464/LF-r          F-16C               58 TTW 
80258                FB-111 

82-002/HS            F16                 31TFW 
83-167/HS            F16                 31TFW 
83-169/HS            F16                 31TFW 
..-.../HS            F16                 31TFW                    "31 TFW" 
00026                B-52H               410BW 

Far Side: 
2x                   RG-8                USCG 

Additional aircraft on Sunday 4th: 
88-475/LF-r          F16C                58TTW 
(163432)/311         F-18                VFA 106 
....../-             F18                 BLUE ANGELS 
..-..../TR           F117                "416TFS" 
..-....              C-21                USAF 
D-AQUI/D-CDLH        JU52                LH 

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