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Opa-Locka 1992

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Date: 7 November 1992

Made by: Hans van der Vlist


Type:          Serial:     Code:          Unit:     Force:    Remarks: (hg = hangared) 
C-117D         N212DD 
C-47D          N8099 
DC-3           N2685W 
DC-3C          N166LG 
DC-3C          N255GB 
DC-3C          N3749Q 
DC-3C          N4797H 
DC-6           CC-CCH 
CT-114         114109                               CF 
Cessna 421     FA-EPS-003                           NicaqAF 
AT-33A         53-5433                              PeruAF    hg b/m 
T-33A          52-9164                              PeruAF    hg b/m 
F-16C          88-0464     LF             311FS     USAF ACC 
F-16C          88-0493     LF             311FS     USAF ACC 
KC-135E        58-0041                    72ARS     USAF AFRes 
C-21A          84-0113                              USAF AMC 
C-5B           86-0017                    60AW      USAF AMC 
KC-10A         87-0120                    22ARW     USAF AMC 
F-16A          79-0340     NY             138FS     USAF ANG 
F-16A          79-0399     NY             138FS     USAF ANG 
T-37B          68-7992                    14FTW     USAF ATC 
T-38A          70-1569                    14FTW     USAF ATC 
C-31A          85-1607     GK-001         Golden Kn.USArmy 
CASA 212       0393                       Miami     USCG      hg 
HH-65A         6540                       Miami     USCG      hg 
HH-65A         6547                       Miami     USCG 
HH-65A         6582                       Miami     USCG 
HU-25A         2126                       Miami     USCG 
HU-25A         2132                       Miami     USCG 
HU-25C         2131                       Miami     USCG 
HU-25C         2135                       Miami     USCG      hg 
HU-25C         2140                       Miami     USCG 
RG-8A          8101                       Miami     USCG 
RG-8A          8102                       Miami     USCG 
TC-130G        151891*                    Blue Ang. USMC 
F-14B          162916      AG-105         VF143     USN 
F-14B          162918      AD-102         VF101     USN 
F-14B          163222      AD-111         VF101     USN 
F/A-18A        161931      6              Blue Ang. USN 
F/A-18A        161955      4              Blue Ang. USN 
F/A-18A        161957      5              Blue Ang. USN 
F/A-18A        161961      6              Blue Ang. USN       hg 
F/A-18A        161973      1              Blue Ang. USN 
F/A-18A        161978      2              Blue Ang. USN 
F/A-18A        161984      3              Blue Ang. USN 
F/A-18B        161932      7              Blue Ang. USN 
F/A-18B        161943      7              Blue Ang. USN 
F/A-18C        164209      AG-300         VFA136    USN 
P-3C           157315      LP-5           VP49      USN 
S-3B           158863      NJ-746         VS41      USN 
SH-3H          149706      GF-210         VC8       USN 
SH-60B         162986      HR-511         HSL48     USN 
T-2C           157064      A-988          VT19      USN 
T-2C           158585      A-984          VT19      USN 
T-34B          140905                     Fly Navy  USN 
T-34C          161036      E-1036         TAW5      USN 
T-34C          162261      E-2261         TAW5      USN 
T-39N          N317NT      F-17           CTW6      USN 
UC-12B         161318      7Q             Key West  USN 
Pitts S2B      2651                                 VenAF     hg 
Pitts S2B      5168                                 VenAF     hg 
Pitts S2B      6502                                 VenAF     hg 
Pitts S2S      3401                                 VenAF     hg 

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