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Orlando 2002

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Date: 10-12 September 2002

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* = c/n actually read-off on the spot

Orange County Convention Center:
-		Ce500		Aviation Fabricators		500-0118*           
N48TC	        Raytheon 390	Tool Crib Aero			RB-13*              
N155WH	        EC155B		Miami Dolphins			6563*                       
N407RV	        Bell 206B	Helic. Serv. of Orlando		3621        
N457PC	        PC-12/45	Pilatus Business Aircraft	457*
N555GS	        A109E		Atlantic Coast Helic.		11112               
N700ER	        TBM-700		Thayer Lodging Group		198*                
N750TJ	        Twinjet 1500	Maverick Air			001*                
N9030U	        S-76C		Sikorsky Aircraft		760522*             

Orlando-Executive Airport:
C-FUND		CL-601-3R	Execaire			5172                  
C-GHPP	        Ce525		Execaire	                525-0220      
C-GJCV	        CL-300		Bombardier	                20004         
C-GSSC	        PA-31T		T-G Aviation	                31T-8120004   
F-GSVU	        A319-133X	Aero Services Executive		1256          
N4SP	        G.1159C(SP)	Gulfstream Aerospace	        1388  
N5GV	        G.1159D		Gulfstream Aerospace	        545           
N5SP	        G.1159D(SP)	Gulfstream Aerospace	        5001  
N12GP	        G.1159		Priester Aviation	        63            
N13EP	        EA-400		Ashland Air			10                            
N17GV	        G.1159D		Wing & Prayer	                520           
N20H	        G.1159D		HBI Leasing	                522           
N25MA	        Riley/Ce421B	Skywagons/MaxViz		421B-0395     
N30GT	        Beech F90	Bell Aviation			LA-37                 
N35UJ	        Lj35		Universal Jet Aviation		35-007*               
N39PH	        Beech 200C	Piedmont Avn Services		BL-3          
N42HP	        Lj45		EHR Aviation			45-080                        
N43NR	        Lj60		GE Capital	                60-043        
N45H	        Sabre 65	45 Hotel	                465-2 
N50FJ	        Falcon 50EX	Dassault Falcon Jet		319*          
N50WG	        P.180		Crossbow 50			1050*                         
N60LJ	        Lj60		Bombardier Services		60-217*               
N61TS	        Falcon 900	Aero Toy Store			13                    
N66KA	        Beech KA290	National Flight Services	LJ-582
N68BK		Ce551		Albatross Aircr Sales		551-0369           
N72EL	        IAI1125		Aquila				018                                
N86JC	        Falcon 50	Jetcraft			86                 
N95UJ?	        Ce650		Universal Jet Aviation		650-0127           
N97CJ	        Ce525A		Cessna Aircraft			525A-0097                  
N100GA	        IAI1125SPX	Gulfstream Aerospace		139        
N109TS	        A109E		Aero Toy Store			11040                      
N112EF	        RC690A		Valber				11123*                             
N113CS	        G.1159B		113CS				95                                 
N130QS	        B737-7BC	NetJets				30330                      
N137JC	        Ce560		Jetcraft			560-0137                   
N138BF	        SJ30-2		Sino Swearingen Aircraft	002        
N151TC	        BAe125-800A	Acicia Aviation			258211             
N160WC	        BAe125-800SP	Aviation Partners		258069     
N175SR	        Ce650		Rivermill			650-0175*                  
N194CX	        Ce750		Cessna Aircraft			750-0194                   
N199SA	        Falcon 10	Sky Air Aviation		78         
N200GA	        IAI1126		Gulfstream Aerospace		054                
N205FH	        Ce525		Bell Aviation			525-0355                   
N208AR	        Ce208B		Greenway Air			208B-0942*                 
N214TS	        G.1159C		Aero Toy Store			1121                       
N236LB	        Ce560XL		Casey				560-5023*                          
N251TS	        Lj25		Aero Toy Store			25-201                     
N254RK	        Beech 400A	MMD Partnership			RK-254*            
N260UJ	        Lj60		Universal Jet Aviation		60-008*            
N270J	        Ce525		Comerica Leasing		525-0301           
N283FJ	        Falcon 50EX	Dassault Falcon Jet		283        
N298DC	        CL-604		Bombardier Aerospace		5503*              
N317MJ	        G.1159C		MBNA				1122                               
N318NW	        Lj35A		Northw Aircraft Capital		35A-318            
N325JG	        Beech 400A	Virginia Aviation		RK-190     
N350BK	        Beech 350	Raytheon Aircraft		FL-350*    
N401PD	        PC-12/45	Pilatus Business Aircraft	401
N425AD	        Ce425		Avgroup Financial		425-0220           
N440BC	        BAe125-400A	BPS Aviation			25218              
N455LJ	        Lj45		Learjet				45-005*                            
N460AS	        Raytheon 390	Raytheon Aircraft		RB-8*      
N476CJ		Ce525		Cessna Aircraft			525-0476                    
N500AX	        Adam A500	Adam Aircraft Industries	0001
N500JW	        G.1159TT	Jet-a-Way Charters		234         
N502BG	        Falcon 20F-5	Cobalt Resources		388         
N525JW	        Ce525		Bell Aviation			525-0162                    
N545S	        BAe125-400A	Northw Aircraft Capital		25188       
N550TC	        Lj55		Conrad Aviation			55-034                      
N567CA	        Ce550		Bell Aviation			550-0092                    
N581US	        Beech 58	Raytheon Aircraft		TH-2024*    
N601BE	        CL-601-3A	BE Aerospace			5103                
N604VM	        CL-604		GE Capital	                5304        
N606CE	        Ce560 Encore	Cessna Aircraft	                560-0606
N606TS	        Lj60		Aero Toy Store	                60-006*     
N633WW	        Falcon 10	Jetcraft	                59      
N654EL	        Ce560XL		Cessna Aircraft	                560-5024    
N660AA	        Ce650		Aircraft Network		650-0059            
N681CS	        Ce680		Cessna Aircraft			680-0001                    
N690HM	        RC690A		Eagle Creek Avn Serv		11159*              
N690RC	        RC690A		Byerly Aviation			11310*                      
N697MC	        Ce650		RTW Aviation			650-0097*                   
N700PV	        TBM-700		Delta Lima Leasing		215                 
N701WH	        Global Express	Bombardier Aerospace		9010        
N708VP	        Ce750		Cessna Aircraft			750-0008*                   
N712HL	        CL-600S		Challenger 1056			1056                        
N712MQ	        G.1159		Quiet Techn Aerospace		104                 
N716CC	        Ce441		Airexcellence			441-0213                    
N717CB	        Ce550 Bravo	Cessna Aircraft	                550-1007  
N722ER	        PA-42-1000	Cutter Aviation	                42-5527023
N750H	        Falcon 50-40	Honeywell	                171       
N770MC	        Falcon 20F					330                         
N773AA	        Bae125-400A	Zebra Investments		25175       
N800CA	        Beech 1900D	Ruand				UE-383*                     
N825JG	        Beech 300	Beach Aviation			FA-196              
N844X	        Falcon 50	Shamrock Aviation		93          
N880CH	        IAI1125		Cloud Nine Aviation		045                 
N900DH	        G.1159		Business Jet			111                         
N900EX	        Falcon 900EX	Dassault Falcon Jet		103*        
N930ER		PA-44-180	New Piper Aircraft		4496154 
N975GR	        MU-300-1A	BC Air				A077SA                  
N991RF	        Falcon 900	DB Aviation			3               
N1910J	        BAe125-800A	Casner Wittmann			258023          
N2000A	        Falcon 2000	Dassault Falcon Jet		182*    
N4340P	        Saab 340A	Piedmont Hawthorne Avn		072     
N4471M	        Beech C90B	Raytheon Aircraft		LJ-1671*
N5099H	        Beech B200	Raytheon Aircraft		BB-1799*
N5347D	        PA-34-220T	Flightline Group		3449252 
N5347V	        PA-46-500TP	Signature Combs			4697126         
N6026K	        Beech C90XP	Matthew D. Shieman		LJ-826  
N6144S	        Beech 400A	Raytheon Aircraft		RK-344* 
N6380L	        L-39		Czech 6				33-2502                         
N7020L	        Waco YMF-F5C	Skydance Aviation		F5C085  
N50182	        BAe125-800XP	Raytheon Aircraft		258582* 
PT-SAB	        ERJ135BJ	Embraer				145412                  
XA-VTR	        Lj31A		Jet Mach			31A-231*                
YV-2505P	RC690C						11726*

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