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Date: 20-22 October 2009

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As more or less expected the worldwide economic crisis had its
effect on the 62nd NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention, held
on 20, 21 and 22 October in Orlando (FL). The total attendance
as of late on the closing day was about 22,500, nearly a quarter
less than the 30,811 for NBAA 2008. The number of 1,075
exhibitors at this year’s convention is down 9 percent from last
year, and only a hundred aircraft were on static display. This
was clearly visible in the convention halls of the Orange County
Convention Center (OCCC). Far less space was required than
previous conventions here. This was partly due to fewer attending
exhibitors in total, but also because some large companies
were not present at all. Among them were Bell Helicopter Textron,
Agusta Westland and Emivest, the manufacturer of the
SJ30 light jet. Others chose to concentrate on the static display,
like Cessna Aircraft.
Unfortunately, the smaller amount of aircraft on display in front
of the Showalter FBO at Orlando Executive Airport did not result
in better photo opportunities. The aircraft were still parked
close together, so taking photos remained difficult sometimes.
Only less space was required compared to other years. Real
highlights were absent, as there were no new aircraft on the
show, maybe except the rejuvenated MS760 Paris jet. Gulfstream
showing off their all new flagship G650, rolled out late
September, would have been a true star of the show, but it was
still awaiting its first flight late October (and even now as we
write this article).
But it was not all complaining, as the NBAA convention - even
somewhat reduced in size - remains one of the premier venues
to see many bizjets and bizprops in a short period of time.
The number of visiting aircraft appeared to be down as well,
but still hundreds could be seen at Orlando-Executive, Orlando-
International and Kissimmee. So it was well worth a visit.
Let us hope the end of the economic downturn is in sight and
next year’s convention in Atlanta will see the good times come
Below is the report of the first day of the convention. As usual
construction numbers with a * have been physically checked
at the aircraft.

Static Orange County Convention Center:
N73DB  		EMB500 		Jetpool 		50000020*     
N103PB          PC-12/47E 	Pilatus 		1103*      
N106HY          Aviat A-1C-180 	EAA 			3062      
N282CJ          SJ50 		Cirrus 			mock-up?         
N420HA          HA-420 		Honda Aircraft 		P-001  
N510AL          EC120B 		Wells Fargo Bank 	1251*

Static Orlando-Executive:
- 		D-Jet 		Diamond Aircraft 	mock-up
C-FBOC 		Global Express 	Execaire 		9151*
D-ISEA 		CD202 		Dornier Seawings 	1002
N1RL 		CRJ701ER 	Indycar Aviation 	10004
N1SA            Global Express 	Canal Air 		9100  
N20H            G-IISP 		Hubbard Broadcasting 	51 
N30LF 		Falcon 2000DX 	Nada Airline 		602*           
N45LJ           Lj45XR 		Learjet 		45-392                     
N51FE           Falcon 50 	Vicis Capital 		121               
N54RD           CA-12 		Comp Air 		701A4412                   
N55CJ           Ce525 		Big Blue Enterprises 	525-0298       
N60LJ           Lj60XR 		Learjet 		60-374                     
N60XR           Lj60XR 		Jet Advantage 		60-358               
N77BT           G-III 		World Harvest Church 	429            
N82EU           Beech B200GT 	Hawker Beechcraft 	BY-82      
N85EE           Ce208 (floats) 	Cleveland Browns 	208-00391
N106KC 		Beech 400A 	Cambata Aviation 	RK-132*     
N117LM          Do328-310 	Livemercial 		3167              
N149KA          Beech 350 	G & A Aircraft 		FL-149         
N150GV          G150 		Gulfstream Aerospace 	260*          
N150RT          G150 		Gulfstream Aerospace 	201*          
N152VP          Ce550 Bravo 	Cessna Aircraft 	550-1052    
N160BL          Lj60 		Stevens Aviation 	60-104            
N191TD          Lj45 		Richards Aviation 	45-298           
N200GA          G200 		Gulfstream Aerospace 	173*          
N208EP          Ce208B 		Cessna Aircraft 	208B-2112*       
N215BL          CL-300 		Bombardier 		20215                 
N234GX          Global XRS 	Bombardier 		9234              
N272JC          G200 		JLT Aircraft Holding 	054           
N278SV          Ce680 		Cessna Aircraft 	680-0278*         
N299CS          Ce525B 		Cessna Aircraft 	525B-0299        
N308RM          Beech C90 	Smyrna Air Center 	LJ-628      
N333WC          Beech 300 	Sierra Nevada 		FA-55           
N352F           Farnborough F1 	Farnborough Aircraft 	0001
N360PJ          PA-47-2400J 	Piper Aircraft 		4798E001     
N388GS          Falcon 900EX 	Citiflight 		55             
N405KT          P180 					1190*                              
N423HB          Raytheon 4000 	Hawker Beechcraft 	RC-23   
N446CJ          Ce525A 		Cessna Aircraft 	525A-0446        
N450GD          G450 		Gulfstream Aerospace 	4163*         
N452AS          Raytheon 390 	Hawker Beechcraft 	RB-252   
N500VP          B737-2H4 	IDM Corp. Avn Serv. 	22062      
N510KZ          Ce510 		Cessna Aircraft 	510-0251          
N529PP          B737-7HJ 	Boeing 			36756                   
N550DL          Ce550 		Clifford Developm 	S550-0155       
N550GA          G550 		Gulfstream Aerospace 	5211*         
N570VP          Ce560 		Cessna Aircraft 	560-0070          
N629AS          EMB500 		Executive AirShare 	50000067      
N675BP          Lj60 		Petersen Air 		60-321                
N680AS          BAe4101 	ADI Charter Service 	41030*      
N680KH          Ce525 		Cessna Aircraft 	525-0680          
N707HD          BAe125-1000A 	Gray & Co. 		259016          
N719MS          Ce208 (floats) 	MAS Ventures 		208-00402  
N727HD          EA-500 		Gray & Co. 		000115                
N731DD          Falcon 50 	Dunkin Brands 		64              
N731TH          BAe125-750 	Hawker Beechcraft 	B-31      
N760JS          MS760 		Your Aircraft Source 	88*          
N763FJ          Falcon 7X 	Dassault Falcon Jet 	63        
N769CC          CL-605 		Bombardier Aerospace 	5769        
N775M 		Ce650 		Marshall & Ilsley 	650-7017*
N797CX 		Ce750 		Cessna Aircraft 	750-0297         
N804CV          Ce560 Encore+ 	Cessna Aircraft 	560-0804*
N820TM          G300 		Toyota Motor Sales 	1508           
N822RS/200 	Tucano T1 	RS Warbirds 		T25*
N835RP 		ERJ135LR 				145702*
N843G 		Beech 200 	American Aviation 	BB-843
N850TV 		TBM-850 	Transatlantic Deliveries 513    
N888GY          CRJ200ER 	Wumac 			7471                     
N888PS          Ce525B 		Cessna Aircraft 	525B-0263*       
N888TX          Ce650 		A & C Bus. Serv. 	650-7003         
N900EX          Falcon 900EX 	Dassault Falcon Jet 	201    
N928NG          PC-12/47E 	TJ Leasing 		1028               
N932XL          Ce560XLS 	FB Aviation 		560-6032           
N934ST          Falcon 2000EX 	Altria Client Services 	68*
N940RD          CA-9 		Comp Air 		0805901                   
N1900R          Beech 1900D 	Hawker Beechcraft 	UE-64*    
N2000A          Falcon 2000LX 	Dassault Falcon Jet 	170   
N5115  		G350 		General Motors 		4019          
N6101G          PA-46-500TP 	Piper Aircraft 		4697340
OE-FSP          DA42NG 		Diamond Aircraft 	42N003*   
OE-ILI          CL-850 		VistaJet 		8048              
PP-XVM          EMB505 		Embraer 		50500004           
PT-TKD          ERJ135BJ 	Embraer 		1451105          
VP-BSN          G-V 		Shell Aircraft 		648            
XA-MAM          Falcon 200 				506                    
9H-AFL          A318-112 	Comlux Aviation 	3363     

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