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Patuxent River 2001

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Date: 27 May 2001

Made by: Scr


ZJ128/M			Merlin HC3	28sq
78-0682/MD, 79-0175/MD	A-10A		104th FS MD ANG   
86-0023			C-5B	        436th AW          
84-0811/HO		F-117A	        49th FW           
93-0631/RA	        T-1A	        12th FTW          
68-8139/HO	        T-38A	        7th CTS           
69-7076/CB	        T-38A	        14th FTW          
158805/SD-535	        EA-6B	        NAWC-AD           
161190/7A	        UC-12B	        Pax River Base Flt
164762		        C-130T	        NAWC-AD           
165737/BH-737	        KC-130J	        VMGR-252          
163537		        E-2C	        NAWC-AD           
160658/SD-207	        NF-14A	        NAWC-AD           
161356/00	        F/A-18B	        USNTPS            
162445/SD-301	        NF/A-18A	NAWC-AD       
164043/AD-433	        F/A-18D		VFA-106               
164198/AD-432	        F/A-18D	        VFA-106               
165166/F1	        F/A-18F	        Boeing-McDD           
165359		        AH-1W	        NAWC-RWATD            
152119		        UH-3H	        Pax River SAR         
652967/44	        TH-6B	        USNTPS                
162013/-	        TH-57C	        USNTPS                
696189/56	        OH-58C	        USNTPS                
165743		        MH-60S	        NAWC-RWATD, c/n 702551
156514/PR-33	        EP-3E	        VQ-1                  
(161129)/129	        P-3C	        ex VP-66              
160607		        S-3B	        NAWC-AD               
158328/23	        T-2C	        USNTPS                
160266		        NT-34C	        NAWC-AD               
158201/13	        T-38A	        USNTPS                
163605/B-205	        T-45A	        TW-2                  
163635/B-235	        T-45C	        NAWC-AD "Cockpit 21"  
165077/B-277	        T-45A	        TW-2                  
165481/A-138	        T-45C	        TW-1                  
164525/35	        U-6A	        USNTPS                
"300"		        X-35C	        Lockheed-Martin       
N30N		        C-60A	        ex 42-55884           
N665WB		        Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WB665  
N842JM		        P3-05		ex SwissAF A-842	
N87964		        T-34B		'140916' Fly Navy     

Airfield flightline:
151891			TC-130G		Blue Angels
Plus the Hornets of the Blue Angels, among which were 
codes 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

USNTPS flightline:
78-0650/DM, 82-0662/DM	A-10A		355th Wing        
161501/7A		UC-12B	        Pax River Base Flt
(76)22563/37	        C-12C	        USNTPS            
(76)23132/38	        C-12C	        USNTPS            
161291/AD-140	        F-14A	        VF-101            
161619/AD-150	        F-14A	        VF-101            
....../7	        F/A-18B	        Blue Angels       
151550, 151551	        UH-3H	        Pax River SAR Flt 

USNTPS hangar:
63-8135/ED		T-38A		412th TW        
(7)60172/36		C-12C	        USNTPS          
687333/42, 696041/41	TH-6B	        USNTPS          
20376/57, 686958/54	OH-58C	        USNTPS          
162974/63		NSH-60B	        USNTPS          
164069/64		SH-60F	        USNTPS          
(77-)22725/62		UH-60A	        USNTPS          
(87-)24(6)32/-		UH-60A	        USNTPS          
157032/20, 158330/24	T-2C	        USNTPS          
158200/12, 610825/09	T-38A	        USNTPS          
N101VS			Lj24D	        Adv Techn Center

USNTPS hangar:
161707/03		F/A-18B		USNTPS         
591604/15	        T-38A	        USNTPS, outside
144670/30	        NU-1B	        USNTPS         
159260/32, 760086/33	X-26A	        USNTPS         

RWTS hangar:
158768			UH-1N		NAWC-RWATD
160836	                HH-1N	        NAWC-RWATD
163937	                AH-1W	        NAWC-RWATD
150614	                NVH-3A	        NAWC-RWATD
156506/HU-30		UH-3A	        NAWC-RWATD
....../14 +1		CH-53E	        NAWC-RWATD
162016			TH-57C	        NAWC-RWATD
162337			NSH-60B	        NAWC-RWATD
162976, 164176		SH-60B	        NAWC-RWATD
163283			YSH-60F	        NAWC-RWATD
165742, 165744		MH-60S	        NAWC-RWATD

USNTPS hangar next to RWTS:
(161357)/01		F/A-18B		USNTPS 
161360/04, 162885/02	F/A-18B	        USNTPS 
157057			T-2C	        NAWC-AD
158326/21, 158578/25	T-2C	        USNTPS 
158579/26, 158605/27	T-2C	        USNTPS 
674943/14, 701575/16	T-38A	        USNTPS 
701579/17		T-38A	        USNTPS 

158106/08		TA-4J		preserved
67-15645/55	        AH-1S		preserved

VX-1/Force Ramps:
149806			KC-130F		NAWC-AD         
150689/QB	        KC-130F	        VMGR-352 (loan?)
148883		        NP-3D	        NAWC-AD, wfu    
149674		        P-3D	        NRL             
154587, 154589	        NP-3D	        NRL             
160290, 162774	        P-3C	        NAWC-AD         
160291/JA-05	        P-3C	        VX-1            

153442, 158227		NP-3D		NRL
......./JA-07		P-3C		VX-1

163282/JA-43		SH-60F		VX-1
164070/JA-44	        SH-60F	        VX-1
164443/JA-46	        SH-60F	        VX-1
164462/JA-39	        SH-60B	        VX-1
165746/JA-60	        MH-60S	        VX-1
165747/JA-61	        CH-60S	        VX-1
165752/JA-62	        CH-60S	        VX-1
(159889)/JA-04	        P-3C	        VX-1
......./JA-02	        P-3C	        VX-1
160149/JA-715	        S-3B	        VX-1
160153/....	        S-3B	        VX-1

Two hangars near static:
164940, 164942		V-22A		nn

84-24027, 87-24670	EH-60A		nn        
870157			NC-130H	        NAWC-AD   
162549			AH-1Z	        NAWC-RWATD
(696160)/55		OH-58C	        USNTPS    
696040/40, 696044/43	TH-6B	        USNTPS    
696061/45		TH-6B	        USNTPS    
150191/34		U-6A	        USNTPS    

Strike area:
146697			RA-5C		preserved
164763		        C-130T	        NAWC-AD  
159455/SD-201	        F-14A	        preserved
164040/SD-123	        F/A-18D	        NAWC-AD  
150495		        UP-3A	        nn       

161723/SD-324		F/A-18B		NAWC-AD   
161938/SD-322	        F/A-18B	        NAWC-AD   
162408/SD-325	        F/A-18B	        NAWC-AD   
162437/SD-107	        F/A-18A	        NAWC-AD   
163151/AF-103	        F/A-18A	        ex VFA-203
163706/SD-302	        F/A-18C	        NAWC-AD   
....../SD-321	        F/A-18B	        NAWC-AD   
....../SD-327	        F/A-18B	        NAWC-AD   

156481/SD-534		EA-6B		NAWC-AD        
163412/SD-230	        NF-14D		NAWC-AD        
163417/SD-231	        NF-14D		NAWC-AD        
163476/SD-101	        NF/A-18C	NAWC-AD
163093/SD-105	        F/A-18A		NAWC-AD        
163148/SD-110	        F/A-18A		NAWC-AD        
163434/SD-120	        NF/A-18D	NAWC-AD
165537/400, 165533/402	F/A-18E		NAWC-AD, NWTS mks
....../SD-104		F/A-18A		NAWC-AD, NWTS mks

162595/SD-221		F-14A		preserved
153443/-		NP-3D		USNTPS

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