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Patuxent River 2005

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Date: 4 September 2005

Made by:


90-00463		AH-64A		1-130th AVN NC NG   
67-14943/14	        T-38C	        USNTPS              
161501/7A	        UC-12B	        Pax River Baseflight
166473/WB-473	        KC-130J	        VX-20               
163849/849	        E-2C+	        VX-20               
161357/01	        F/A-18B	        USNTPS              
163986/SD-422	        NF/A-18D	VX-23       
166643/SD-103	        F/A-18E		VX-23               
158766/BL	        UH-1N	        nn            		also logged as 158768!
162542/TV-28	        AH-1W	        HMLA-167      
152119		        UH-3H	        Patuxent River
696044/43	        TH-6B	        USNTPS        
162013		        TH-57C	        HX-21         
686958/54	        OH-58C	        USNTPS        
166406/JA-51	        MH-60R	        VX-1          
158204/204	        NP-3C	        VX-20         
158330/24	        T-2C	        USNTPS        
165958/958	        T-6A	        VX-20         
160939/939	        T-34C	        VX-20         
163635/SD-205	        T-45C	        VX-23         
164525/35	        U-6A	        USNTPS        
165443/5443	        MV-22	        NRWATS        
165837/5837	        MV-22B	        NRWATS        

161307/7A		UC-12B		Pax River Baseflight
165294/294	        E-2C-II		VX-20               
N58743		        Beech D45	nn          

80-0194/FT		OA-10A		74th FS "23FG"  
80-0208/FT	        OA-10A	        75th FS "23FG"  
85-01608	        C-31A	        Golden Knights  
164763		        C-130T	        Blue Angels     
163900/AD-155	        F-14D	        VF-101          
N39WF		        L-39C	        ex SovietAF '91'
N186FS "1461/FU-461"	CL-13B Mk6	ex Canada 23671
N9079Z			TB-25N		ex 44-30734
N52033/6	        SNJ-2	        ex Bu2040  
N52900/3	        SNJ-2	        ex Bu2010  
N58224/5	        SNJ-2	        ex Bu2553  
N60734/2	        SNJ-2	        ex Bu2032  
N62382/4	        SNJ-2	        ex Bu2039  
N65370/1	        SNJ-2	        ex Bu2562  

And the Blue Angels with the following F/A-18A Hornets:
161967/1	161975/2	161948/3
161963/4	161959/5	162897/6

161367/SD-101		NF/A-18A	pres gate
165779/SD-101		F/A-18E		VX-23
148883/883		NP-3D		pres gate

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