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Pease 1981

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Date: 12 July 1981

Made by:


142662/AA-636	KA-3B		VAK-308			
70-0960/SC	A-7D		169TFG/157TFS SC ANG   	McEntire        
60-0009		B-52H		410BW/644BS		K I Sawyer AFB
68-0215		C-5A		436MAW			Dover AFB
56-0530		C-130A		133TAW/109TAS MN ANG  	Minn-StPaul
68-10939	C-130E		317TAW			Pope AFB
64-0615		C-141B		437MAW			Charleston AFB
52-1506		EB-57B		158DSEG/134DSES	VT ANG  Burlington
53-3813		EB-57C		158DSEG/134DSES	VT ANG  Burlington
68-0575/JO	RF-4C		363TRW			Shaw AFB
64-0952/11	F-4D		119FIG/178FIS ND ANG  
161139/AD-105	F-14A		VF-101			NAS Oceania
74-0096/FF	F-15A		1TFW/71TFS		Langley AFB
61-0170		F-105D		113TFW/121TFS VA ANG  	Byrd Field
57-2466		F-106A		102FIW/101FIS MA ANG  	Otis ANGB
67-7194		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB
68-0252		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB	in hangar
57-2608		KC-135A		157ARG/133ARS NH ANG  	Pease AFB
58-0068		KC-135A		157ARG/133ARS NH ANG  	Pease AFB
159708/F-317	T-2C		VT-4 (USS Lex)		NAS Pensacola
161052/E-052	T-34C		TAW 5			NAS Whiting Field
69-7076		T-38A		14FTW			Columbus AFB
70-1589		T-38A		71FTW			Vance AFB
60-3481		CT-39							on flight line								
72-0285		T-43A		323FTW			Mather AFB
67-17292	UH-1H		397TH NH NG
149705/AR-441	SH-3(H)	AR	HS-1			NAS Jacksonville
68-18467	CH54B		208 Trans Co CT NG  	Bradley
73-21873	OH-58A		NH NG
12433		CH-124							
XL391		Vulcan		101 SQ			RAF Waddington
10736		CP-107								
140105		CP-140								

Alert Area: 
563612    	KC-135		NH ANG
62-3537		KC-135		509BW
62-3530		KC-135		509BW
62-3532		KC-135		509BW
63-7995		KC-135		509BW
62-3531		KC-135		509BW

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