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Pease 1982

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Date: 25 July 1982

Made by:


72-0240    	A-7D*		192TFG/149TFS VA ANG  	Byrd Field
70-0966/SC    	A-7D		169TFG/157TFS SC ANG   	McEntire ANGB
78-0689/NY   	A-10A*		174TFW/138TFS NY ANG  	Syracuse
78-0690/NY   	A-10A*	        174TFW/138TFS NY ANG  	Syracuse
68-7972/IL     	A-37B	        182TASG/169TASS IL ANG  Peoria
60-0016  	B-52H           410BW/644BS         	K I Sawyer AFB
70-0457		C-5A            436MAW                  Dover AFB
..-....   	C-123K       	439TAW/731TAS      	Westover AFB
57-0514		C-130A          143TAG/143TAS RI ANG  
61-0948   	C-130B	        439TAW/337TAS      	Westover AFB
63-7773/PA   	EC-130E         193TEWG/193TEWS PA ANG  Harrisburg
64-0615   	C-141B          437MAW                  Charleston AFB
64-0032	   	RF-4C	        148TRG/179TRS MN ANG  	Duluth
64-0963/15   	F-4D	     	119FIG/178FIS ND ANG  	Fargo
71-0290   	F-15B		McD. Douglas
59-0034/06   	F-106A*         177FIG/119FIS NJ ANG  	Atlantic City
57-2473/06   	F-106A          102FIW/101FIS MA ANG  	Otis ANGB
67-7192   	FB-111A         509BW                   Pease AFB
67-7195   	FB-111A*        509BW                   Pease AFB
79-0434   	KC-10A          2BW                     Barksdale AFB
56-3626   	KC-135A*        157ARG/133ARS NH ANG  	Pease AFB
57-2608	   	KC-135A*        157ARG/133ARS NH ANG  	Pease AFB
58-0043   	KC-135A         157ARG/133ARS NH ANG  	Pease AFB
58-0068   	KC-135A         157ARG/133ARS NH ANG  	Pease AFB 
69-7632   	O-2A            105TACW/137TASS NY ANG  White Plains
12195   	CP-121          VU-33? Canada
158466/A-707    TA-4J           VT-7       		NAS Meridian 
160959/E     	T-34C           TAW-5                   NAS Whiting Field
68-18467  	CH-54B          208 Trans Co CT NG  	Bradley Field

* = Also flying

Also Flying:
133266		CT-133  	"Tracer Reds"
133352		CT-133  	"Tracer Reds"
133389		CT-133  	"Tracer Reds"
133593		CT-133  	"Tracer Reds"

Flight Line:
68-0256		FB-111A		509BW
68-0273		FB-111A		509BW
68-0275		FB-111A		509BW
72-2381		F-111F		48TFW
58-0053		KC-135A		940ARG
58-0064		KC-135A		940ARG
58-0090		KC-135A		940ARG
58-0108		KC-135A		940ARG
56-3638		KC-135A		161ARG
57-2608		KC-135A		509BW
63-7995		KC-135A		509BW
62-3568		KC-135A		509BW
62-3505		KC-135A		509BW
57-1440/Q	KC-135A		509BW

Alert area:
62-3523		KC-135A		509BW
62-3530		KC-135A		509BW
62-3531		KC-135A		509BW
62-3532		KC-135A		509BW
62-3560		KC-135A		509BW
57-2607		KC-135A		NH ANG

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