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Pease 1985

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Date: 31 August 1985

Made by:


156937/C	TA-4J		VT-25			NAS Chase Field
75-0398*	A-7D		192TFG/149TFS VA ANG
78-0618/MA*	A-10A		104TFG/131FTS MA ANG
78-0646/CT	A-10A		103TFG/113TFS CT ANG
79-0189/EL	A-10A		23TFW			England AFB
79-0211/EL	A-10A		23TFW			England AFB
60-0009		B-52H		5BW/23BS		Minot AFB
69-0009		C-5A		60MAW			Travis AFB
62-1816		C-130E		439TAW/337TAS		Westover AFB
159497/AF-010	E-2C		VAW-78			NAS Norfolk
63-7596/FW	F-4C		122TFW/163TFS IN ANG
65-0667/NJ	F-4D		108TFW/141TFS NJ ANG
65-0970/VT	F-4D		158TFG/134TFS VT ANG
66-0226/VT	F-4D		158TFG/134TFS VT ANG
68-0383/MY	F-4E		347TFW			Moody AFB
57-2504/16	F-106A		102TFW/101TFS MA ANG
59-0049*	F-106A		177FIG/119FIS NJ ANG
68-0258		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB
68-0265		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB
69-6509		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB
61-0278		EC-135A	  	28BW/4ACCS		Ellsworth AFB
62-3568		KC-135A		509BW			Pease AFB
59-1448		KC-135E		157ARG/133ARS NH ANG
59-1505		KC-135E		157ARG/133ARS NH ANG
59-1494*	KC-135E		157ARG/133ARS NH ANG
152741/LY-10	P-3B		VP-92			NAS So Weymouth 
161014/LB-02	P-3C		VP-MAU			NAS Brunswick
160607/AR-12	S-3A		VS-SU			NAS Jacksonville
157058/A	T-2C		VT-19			NAS Meridian
160278/E-278	T-34C		TAW-5			NAS Whiting Field
59-0360/OK	T-37B		71FTW			Vance AFB
70-1950/OK	T-38A		71FTW			Vance AFB
72-21518	UH-1H					Ft Devens

KC-135E  NH ANG:  56-3650 59-1509

Flight Line:
FB-111A  509BW:   67-7194 68-0273
T-37B    71 FTW:  59-0292 60-0190
KC-135E  NH ANG:  59-1494 59-1450
KC-135E  509BW:   62-3532 62-3538 62-3505 60-0349 62-3531 62-3530 63-8880

* = also flying

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