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Pensacola 1998

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Date: 7/8 November 1998

Made by: Mark Almond, Lindsay Peacock, Alan Macey, David Rickwood, Paul Geary


National Museum of Aviation aircraft on static display: 
AJ-2           130418/NH          USN 
S-2E           151647/AW-334      VS-73 
A-4A           137813/AJ-301      VA-83 
RA-5C          156624/AJ-601      RVAH-6 
EA-1F          132532/AE-810      VAW-33 
JD-1 (A-26C)   77141              VU-5                    (44-39215) 
PBJ-1D         35087/MB-22        USN 
RC-45J         09771/4P           NATTU PENSACOLA 
UH-34D         150227/YL-42       USMC 
PBY-5A         46602/45P3         USN 
SNJ-5C         51849/BA-132       USN 
T-34B          144040/SH-00       USN 

Active aircraft on static display: 
TA-4J          154338/A-770       VT-7 
TA-4J          158136/A-701       VT-7 
EA-6B          161774/NJ-560      VAQ-129 
B-1B           85-0070            184 BW ANG-KS 
KC-130T        162310/QH-310      VMGR-234 USMCR 
KC-135E        55-3145            940 ARW AFRC 
C-2A           162177/55          VRC-40 
KC-10A         79-1712            305 ARW 
UC-12B         161497/7K          NAS Memphis, Base Flight 
UC-12M         163836/7C          NAS Norfolk, Base Flight 
C-21A          84-0076            457 AS 
F-4F           72-1129/HO         20 FS,LUFTWAFFE 
F-5E           74-1568/AF-15      VRC-13 USNR 
F-5E           74-1564/AF-14      VFC-13 USNR 
F-14A          161624/NG-111      VF-211 
F-15A          75-0025/03         125 FW  ANG-FL 
F-15A          75-0066/11         125 FW  ANG-FL 
F-15E          87-0195/SJ         4 FW 
F-15E          88-1690/SJ         4 FW 
F-16C          86-0313/CC         27 FW 
F-16C          87-0227/CC         27 FW 
F/A-18A        161948/-           BLUE ANGELS 
TORNADO        44+20  (4120)      Holloman AFB, LUFTWAFFE 
MH-53E         164768/TB-04       HM-15 
OH-58A         70-15615 (N91HP)   Florida Highway Patrol 
E-2C           161783/AF-00       VAW-77 USNR 
T-34C          162287/F-89        TAW-6 
T-37B          60-0071/VN         71 FTW  AETC 
T-38A          64-13270/BB        9 RW 
T-39N          165509/F-01        VT-86                            (N301NT) 
T-1A           95-0047/XL         47 FTW  AETC 
T-2C           158899/F-809       VT-10 

Flying displays: 
TA-4J          154293/A-758       VT-7 
TA-4J          154634/A-769       VT-7 
TA-4J          158094/A-700       VT-7 
TA-4J          158118/A-718       VT-7 
OA-10A         79-0191/MY bl      '347 WG'                  also noted as 80-0191/MY!!! 
B-2A           90-0041/WM         509 BW                    Flying only 
TC-130G        151891             BLUE ANGELS 
FM-2           86777 (N5HP)       USN 
F-14A          162589/AD-161      VF-101 
F-14A          ....../AD-136      VF-101 
F-16C          88-0422/HL m       388 FW 
F/A-18A        161955/1           BLUE ANGELS 
F/A-18A        161963/2           BLUE ANGELS 
F/A-18A        161983/3           BLUE ANGELS 
F/A-18A        161975/4           BLUE ANGELS 
F/A-18A        161984/5           BLUE ANGELS 
F/A-18A        161962/6           BLUE ANGELS 
UH-3H          148977/F-401       NAS Pensacola 
N2S-3          4252/339           USN                     (N4252) 
VN2S-3         7628/401           USN                     (N117RV) 
SNJ-5          43779/CA-52        USN                     (N36445F) 
T-28B          138119/D-745       USN                     (NX119RT) 
T-28B          138291/574         USMC                    (N8574) 
T-34B          144104/JR-34       VMA-121                 (N234MC) 
T-34C          162272/F-74        TAW-6 
T-34C          162274/F-76        TAW-6 
T-34C          162275/F-77        TAW-6 
T-34C          162276/F-78        TAW-6 
T-39N          165516/F-08        VT-86                   (N308NT) 
T-45A          165069/B-200       VT-21 
T-1A           93-0635/XL bk      47 FTW  AETC 
T-2C           156726/A-976       VT-19 
T-6A           N8284M             BEECHCRAFT              DEMONSTRATOR 

Aircraft parked away from show area: 
TA-4J          159795/A-743       VT-7 
OA-10A         80-0189/MY bl      '347 WG' 
F-16C          88-0501/HL bk      388 FW 
T-1A           93-0636/XL bk      47 FTW  AETC 
T-34C          161801/F-55        TAW-6 
T-38A          65-10449/XL        47 FTW  AETC 
T-39N          165521/F-13        VT-86                   (N313NT) 
T-2C           159159/A-979       VT-19 

VT-86 Hangar: 
T-2C           158325/F-804,159165/F-820,158312/F-822,157050/F-823 

VT-4/10 Hangar: 
T-1A           93-0637/XL bk      47 FTW 
T-34C          160933/F-51,160488/F-54,162628/F-65,162270/F-72, 
T-39N          165519/F-11(N311NT),165520/F-12(N312NT),165522/F-14,165525/F-17 

Hangar near Car Park: 
UH-3H          149718/F-400,148986/F-402     NAS Pensacola 

Transient aircraft taking-off: 
F/A-18B        162850/NJ-325      VFA-125 

T-34B          144013                               Fuselage in compound nr tower 

T-2C           158583/F-829                         Up Pole nr Airfield 
TA-4J          158490/F-200                         Outside CNATRA HQ/ 
AV-8A          "159710" n/mks                       Between Bks close to NATTC 
F-4B           149457/NL-113      VF-51             In Housing Area 
F11F                              Blue Angels 

Ramp Behind Museum: 
PB2Y-5R        7099 
LC-47H         ....../XD          (12418) 
PBY-4A         46304 
PB4Y-2         ....../V514        (66304) 
F3D-2          124598/WF 
C-118B         ....../424         (128424) 
A3D-1          135418/TB 
EC-121K        143221/MH3 
SP-2H          141234/PG 
C-131F         141015 
SH-2F          152201/HT042 
CH-53D         153715 
F-16N          ......             (163572) 
F-14A          ....../AD266       (162710) 
A-7B           154431 
TC-4C          155722 
NP-3A          N428NA 
F/A-18A        161959/-           Blue Angels 
F/A-18A        161969/-           Blue Angels 
F/A-18B        ....../7           Blue Angels 
T-1A           ....67/XL bk       47 FTW 
A-7            156804/027 
A-7            154431 
A-7            154474 
A-6            ......             (151826?) 
E-1B           ......             (148146?) 
C-1A           ......             (136754?) 
T-39N          165512             TW-6/F04  N304NT 
T-39N          165513 

T-34Cs of TW-6: 
and the F-74, F-76, F-77 and F-78 were parked here after flying 
Serials which are underlined were read off in May 1998. 

NATTC Compound: 
F-14A         160397/AD-123       VF-101 
F-14A         160693/AD-135       VF-101 
F-14A         161611/NG-125       VF-211 
E-2B          150540/013          VAW-88 
E-2B          151713 
A-7B          154527/ND 
AV-8C         159254 
F/A-18A       161952/-            Blue Angels 
YF-18A        160776 

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