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Pensacola 2006

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Date: 11 November 2006

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46+00 			Tornado IDS 	GAFFTC
79-0144/BD 		A-10A 		47th FS AFRC
86-0119/DY 		B-1B 		28th BS
70-0463 		C-5A 		97th AMW
86-0027 		KC-10A 		305th AMW
65-0963 		C-130H 		403rd AW AFRC
59-1515 		KC-135R 	911th ARS
78-0485/MA, 78-0508/MA 	F-15C 		101st FS MA ANG
87-0174/SJ 		F-15E 		333rd FS "4 OG"
92-3903, 92-3914 	F-16CJ 		157th FS SC ANG
92-00298 		CH-47D 		G/185th AVN MS AR
97-00127/27A 		OH-58D(R) 	C/1-14th AVN
83-23887 		UH-60A 		A/1-185th AVN
03-05406/06A 		AH-64D 		A/1-14th AVN MS AR
92-0341/RA 		T-1A 		12th FTW
68-8009/CB 		T-37B 		14th FTW
64-13271/BB 		T-38A 		1st RS
65-10342/BB 		T-38A 		1st RS
73-1151/RA 		CT-43A 		12th FTW
161350/AA-500 		EA-6B 		VAQ-132
165299/640 		E-2C 		VAW-120
161975 			F/A-18A 	Blue Angels
164226/AD-306 	        F/A-18C 	VFA-106    
166460/NH-105 	        F/A-18F 	VFA-41     
166465/NH-111 	        F/A-18F 	VFA-41     
165097/MM-16 	        AH-1W 		HMLA-773     
165328/MM-19 	        AH-1W 		HMLA-773     
163290/LL-290 	        P-3C 		VP-30         
158585/F-806 	        T-2C 		TW-6          
165980/F-980 	        T-6A 		TW-6          
159364/F-25 	        CT-39G 		TW-6        
166480/MV-23 	        MV-22B 		VMX-22      

148977/F-401 		UH-3H 		Pensacola Base Flt
154122/F-400 		UH-3H 		Pensacola Base Flt
78-0673/DM, 80-0168/DM 	A-10A 		355th Wg
89-0475/SJ 		F-15E 		334th FS
90-0400/RA, 91-0102/RA 	T-1A 		12th FTW
761557/AF-45 		F-5N 		VFC-13
840456/AF-30 		F-5F 		VFC-13
163106/6 		F/A-18A 	Blue Angels
166467/AD-206 		F/A-18F 	VFA-106
166659/AD-217 		F/A-18F 	VFA-106
152121/F-403 		UH-3H 		Pensacola Base Flt
158601/F-800 		T-2C 		TW-6
159722/F-804 		T-2C 		TW-6
165970/F-970 		T-6A 		TW-6
165998/F-998 		T-6A 		TW-6
159365/F-20 		T-39G 		TW-6
160054/F-22 		T-39G 		TW-6
Missing in the above list of the active military participants of
this airshow is a QF-4E that took part in the Heritage Flight
together with an A-10, F-15 and F-86. The Blue Angels were
also present with five more Hornets (coded 1-5) and Fat Albert.
None of these were identified though.

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