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Pensacola 2009

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Date: 14 November 2009

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43+32 		Tornado IDS 	JBG31
79-0091/KC 	A-10A 		303rd FS AFRC
60-0005/MT 	B-52H 		23rd BS "5 BW"
79-1949 	KC-10A 		305th AMW
97-5305 	WC-130J 	403rd W
62-4129/OF 	TC-135W 	55th Wg
88-1669/SJ      F-15E 		4th FW   
92-0334/AP      T-1A 		"479 FTG" 
68-8167/CB      T-38C 		14th FTW 
73-1153/RA      T-43A 		"562 FTS"
166860/NJ-140 	F/A-18E 	VFA-122
162675/E-113 	TH-57C 		TAW-5
162137/HR-500 	SH-60B 		HSL-48
165996/F-996 	T-6A 		TAW-6
161799/E-799 	T-34C 		TAW-5
159365/F-20 	T-39G 		TAW-6
165079/F-605 	T-45C 		TAW-6

88-0533/HL 	F-16C 		388th FW
88-0457/HL 	F-16C 		388th FW
90-0230/SJ +1 	F-15E 		4th FW
92-0350/RA +1 	T-1A 		12th FTW
159364/F-25 	T-39G 		TAW-6
165070/F-602 	T-45C 		TAW-6
165077/F-608 	T-45C 		TAW-6
165977/F-977 	T-6A 		TAW-6
166000/F-000 	T-6A 		TAW-6
166456/AD-231 	F/A-18F 	VFA-106
166804/NK-111 	F/A-18F 	VFA-22
166887/AD-255 	F/A-18F 	VFA-106
Also the Blue angels with six unidentifi ed F/A-18s.

Ground school:
158029 		EA-6B 		i/a                 
163694          E-2C 		i/a                  
161729          F/A-18A 	i/a               
162906          F/A-18A 	i/a               
161952          F/A-18A 	i/a ex Blue Angels
161969          F/A-18A 	i/a ex Blue Angels
165166          F/A-18F 	i/a               
158766          HH-1N 		i/a                 
Plus 2 AV-8s (one minus tail fin) and one Sea Cobra). For some
reason the airshow at NAS Pensacola is always on a Friday
and Saturday and since flight training has to continue no matter
what, a drive to Pensacola Regional airport is worth the while to
catch some operational activities. The usual flight line car park
was closed this year as they had begun to build sun shelters.
This meant the parking was chaos! The sun shelters were not
the usual steel ones and one can only hope they were temporary!
The visiting aircraft also seems down and it looked like the
museum dragged out a few extra aircraft!

Although not really part of the show, the list below gives a good
idea what could have been seen.

Pensacola Regional Airport, FL (USA) - 13 November 2009:
92-0333/AP 	T-1A 		"479 FTG"
03-0726 	UC-35B 		nn
161505/G-312 	UC-12B 		TAW-4
162043/E-79 	TH-57C 		TAW-5
162684/E-122 	TH-57C 		TAW-5

T-1As of the 12th FTW:
91-0083/RA, 91-0085/RA 92-0339/RA, 92-0353/RA

T-34C of TAW-5:
160495/E-495, 160938/E-938, 161050/E-050
162292/E-292, 162625/E-625, 164166/E-166

T-6A of TAW-6:
165968/F-968, 165974/F-974, 165975/F-975, 165979/F-979
165982/F-982, 165983/F-983, 165984/F-984, 165986/F-986
165987/F-987, 165991/F-991, 165994/F-994, 165999/F-999

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