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Pensacola 2011

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NAS Pensacola Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show
Date: 11-12 November 2011
Static Display:
60-0041/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC  
84-0192 KC-10A 305th AMW  
78-0810 C-130H 758th AS AFRC  
94-0115/AP T-1A 451st FTS  
08-3944/AP T-6A 455th FTS  
161197/G-327 TC-12B VT-35 #
163918 E-6B VQ-4  
163733/25 F/A-18C VFA-122 #
165677/NJ-100 F/A-18F VFA-122 #
157721/YP-10 CH-46E HMM-163  
164764 MH-53E no mks  
162064/E-100 TH-57C TW-5 #
166334/02 MH-60S NSWC PCD  
166352/HU-733 MH-60S HSC-2  
161413/413 P-3C VX-20  
165966/F-100 T-6A TW-6 #
165990/F-990 T-6A TW-6  
166064/E-064 T-6B TW-5 #
161841/4-TW-10 T-34C TW-4 #
164169/E T-34C TW-5 #
164172/5-TW-15 T-34C TW-5 #
160053/F-18 T-39G VT-86  
165523/6-TW-100 T-39N TW-6 #
160984/G-4 T-44A TW-4 #
167099/B-321 T-45C TW-2 #
167100/B-322 T-45C TW-2 #
164140 AV-8B+ no mks  
165001/08 AV-8B+ VMA-542  
167918/YM-12 MV-22B VMM-365  
43+23 Tornado IDS GAFFTC  
N61821/44-29035 B-25J pres as ‘35087’  
136754/754 C-1A pres  
131230/O-401 F9F-8 VF-81 mks pres
161955/1 F/A-18A Blue Angels mks pres
157058/A-967 T-2C VT-9 mks pres
158094/A-700 TA-4J VT-7 mks pres
7236 HU-16E pres  
N91EC OH-58A Sheriff ex 70-15615
N135CJ EC135T2 Private  
NL26BP/41-39359 A-26B Private  
N39DE/3243 L 29 Private  
NL74190/4474452 P-51D Private  
163468/7 F/A-18D Blue Angels  
160055/F-24 T-39G VT-86  
165511/F-03 T-39N VT-86  
165518/F-10 T-39N VT-86  
165075/F-600 T-45C VT-86  
165079/F-605 T-45C VT-86  
T-6A of TAW -6:
165959/F-959, 165979/F-979, 165985/F-985, 165986/F-986
Flightlines/Flying Display:
80-0194/FT, 81-0967/FT A-10C 23rd WG 23 WG
92-0334/AP T-1A 451st FTS 479 FTG
95-3009/AP T-6A 455th FTS  
164763 C-130T Blue Angels  
165803/AD-215 F/A-18F VFA106  
165894/AD-246 F/A-18F VFA106  
165991/F-991 T-6A TW-6  
166000/F-100 T-6A TW-6  
158844/F-19, 159365/F-20 T-39G VT-86  
165519/F-11 T-39N VT-86  
165070/F-602 T-45A VT-86  
163654/F-607 T-45A VT-86  
6535 HH-65C USCG Mobile  
N92879/83589/32 SB2C-5 Private  
NL82GA/42-54532/5 SBD-5 Private  
N778SR/136778 C-1A Private  
N11FE/86680/5 FM-2 Private  
N179PT/122179/WR-5 F4U-5 Private  
N68RW/121776/1 F8F-2 Private as ‘94996’
N226CG/7226 HU-16E Private  
N22NA/49-3222/TA T-6G Private  
NL351DT /44-74502 P-51D Private as ’413806’
N49739/42-16299/739 PT-17 Private  
N59901/29948/469 PT-17 Private  
N95DA/41-8011/470 PT-17 Private  
N187GH/138187/AF-606 T-28C Private  
N540SS Pitts S-2 Private  
N133EH Bo105CBS Red Bull  
N65370/1, N60734/2 SNJ-2 Geico  
N52900/3, N58224/5 SNJ-2 Geico  
N7648E/4 SNJ-3 Geico  
N62382/6 SNJ-2 Geico  
N7062C/27675/B11-310 SNJ-4 Private  
N777AP/43923/IJ-42 SNJ-5 Private  
N991VR/90991 SNJ-5 Private  
N7757 Harvard Mk4 Private Japan mks
N52FC EA 300 Private  
F/A-18C of the Blue Angels:
163451/1, 163768/2, 163435/3, 163498/3
163093/4, 163442/5, 163765/6
Plus another 4 and 5 marked aircraft.
165509/F-01 T-39N VT-86  
157984/AJ-201 F-14A pres  
150985/F-00 T-39D pres  
T-1A of the 451st FTS, coded AP:
90-0404, 90-0405, 91-0085, 91-0101, 92-0335, 92-0348, 92-0353
93-0631, 94-0120, 94-0121, 94-0129
The 91-0085 was marked “451 FTS”
T-6A of the 455th FTS, coded AP:
99-3549, 99-3551, 99-3559, 03-6202, 03-6204, 05-3779, 06-3830
07-3905, 08-3937, 08-3938, 08-3939, 08-3942, 08-3943
T-6A of TW-6:
165960/F-960, 165961/F-961, 165962/F-962, 165963/F-963
165967/F-967, 165973/F-973, 165976/F-976, 165981/F-981
165982/F-982, 165988/F-988, 165992/F-992, 165999/F-999
Hangars elsewhere:
91-0087/AP, 94-0131/AP T-1A 451stFTS/479thFTG  
99-3550/AP, 03-6201/AP T-6A 455stFTS/479thFTG  
03-6203/AP, 04-3734/AP T-6A 455stFTS/479thFTG  
04-3740/AP, 08-3940/AP T-6A 455stFTS/479thFTG  
08-3941/AP T-6A 455stFTS/479thFTG  
# CoNA markings


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