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Pittsburgh 2001

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Date: 7 July 2001

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56-8995/XL	T-37B		84FTS/47FTW??
57-1447		KC-135E		171ARW PA ANG
66-0196		C-141B		305/514AMW
68-0225		C-5A		337AS/439AW
69-15427	UH-1H		2-104th AVN WV ARNG
69-16115	OH-58C		2-104th AVN WV ARNG
69-7076/CB	T-38A		50FTW/14FTW
72-1261/HO	F-4F		20FS/49FW
73-1156/RA	T-43A		562FTS/12FTW
79-0219/PA	O/A-10A		103FS/111FW PA ANG
80-0035/FF	F-15C-28	27FS/1FW
80-0196/PA	O/A-10A		103FS/111FW PA ANG
81-10797/HO	F-117A		9FS/49FW
82-0659/PA	O/A-10A		103FS/111FW PA ANG
83-0039/FF	F-15C-36	27FS/1FW
86-0028		KC-10A		305/514AMW
86-0225/VA	F-16C-30	149FS/192FW
86-0412		C-130H		758AS/911AW
92-0358/XL	T-1A		86FTS/47FTW
92-3293		C-17A		58AS/97AMW
96-8154		C-130J		815AS/403W
160046		C-9B		VMR-1
161348/RM-03	EA-6B		VMAQ-4
162276/F-78	T-34C		VT-4/TAW-6
163161/DC-07	F/A-18A		VMFA-122/MAG-31
165780/XE-500	F/A-18E		VX-9
N10365		L-21B		Air Heritage
N153ME		Eurocopter 175	Stat Medevac
N176P		Bell 206B	PA State Police
N17825		Beech F33A	
N22968		C-123K		Air Heritage
N24554		SNJ-4		Mid-Atlantic Air Museum
N2581B		L-5G		CAF Keystone Wing
N26M		VN2S-1	
N3193G		B-17G		Yankee Air Force
N44718		VN3N-3		Mid-Atlantic Air Museum
N500EJ		C-54E-DC/R5D	Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation
N57684		CJ6A		Air Heritage
N58467		Cessna 182P	
N60277		SNV-1		Mid-Atlantic Air Museum
N71LP		Cessna Citation I	
N764LF		Sikorsky S-76A	Lifeflight
N795JP		American Champion 8KCAB	
N8704		C-47D		Yankee Air Force
N893CT		Katana DA20-C1	
N947AH		OV-1D		Air Heritage
NC47024		Beech C-17-B	
NX223E		T-28B	
72-1131/HO	F-4F		20FS/49FW
74-1680		C-130H		317AG
74-1687		C-130H		317AG
74-2130		C-130H		317AG
86-0410		C-130H		758AS/911AW
86-0411		C-130H		758AS/911AW
86-0413		C-130H		758AS/911AW
86-0414		C-130H		758AS/911AW
86-0821/HO	F-117A		9FS/49FW
89-9103		C-130H		757AS/910AW
89-9104		C-130H		757AS/910AW
91-0389/SW	F-16C-50	78FS/20FW
92-3023		C-130H		773AS/910AW
93-0552/SW	F-16C-50	78FS/20FW
N260CK		Pitts S-2B	Stars & Stripes Display Team
N260EP		Pitts S-2B	Stars & Stripes Display Team
N260SL		Pitts S-2B	Stars & Stripes Display Team

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