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Plattsburgh 1981

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Date: 11 July 1981

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

158479/A-700	TA-4J		VT-7			NAS Meridian
154148/EA-356	A-6E		VMA AW-332		MCAS Cherry Point
71-0369		A-7D		121TFW/166TFS OH ANG   	Rickenbkr.
70-1025/MI	A-7D		127TFW/107TFS MI ANG  	Selfridge 
70-1035/MI	A-7D		127TFW/107TFS MI ANG  	Selfridge
78-0685/NY	A-10A		174TFW/138TFS NY ANG   	Syracuse
55-0105		B-52D		96BW			Dyess AFB
67-0173		C-5A		436MAW			Dover AFB
59-5960		C-140A		1866FCS			Scott AFB
64-0615		C-141B		437MAW			Charleston AFB
52-1551		EB-57B		158DSEG/134DSES	VT ANG 	Burlington
65-0859		RF-4C		155TRG/173TRS NB ANG   	Lincoln
64-0051		RF-4C		117TRW/106TRS AL ANG   	Birmingham
63-7474/FW	F-4C		122TFW/163TFS IN ANG   	Fort Wayne
74-0096/FF	F-15A		1TFW/71TFS		Langley AFB
79-0432/MC	F-16B		56TTW			Mac Dill AFB
101038		CF-101B		425SQ			CFB Bagotville
61-0170		F-105D		113TFW/121TFS VA ANG  	Byrd Field
68-0244		FB-111A		380BW			Plattsburg AFB
68-0248		FB-111A		380BW			Plattsburg AFB
68-0282		FB-111A		380BW			Plattsburg AFB
59-1467		KC-135Q		380BW			Plattsburg AFB
61-2676		OV-1C		Army NG
155440/ER	OV-10A		VMO-1			MCAS New River
155492/ER-15	OV-10D		VMO-1			MCAS New River
68-8002		T-37B	  	71FTW			Vance AFB
62-3750		T-38A		71FTW			Vance AFB
-		T-43A		323FTW			Mather AFB
		UH-1		Army NG
68-10772	UH-1N		DET 18/37ARRS		Plattsburg AFB
65-12783	HH-3E		106 ARRG/102ARRS NY ANG Suffolk Cnty
12190		CP-121		Canada
---		CP-107		VP-415			Sommerside

68-10775	UH-1N    

Flight Lines:
62-3545		KC-135A
63-7998		KC-135A
62-3524		KC-135A
56-3592		KC-135A
59-1459		KC-135A
59-1510		KC-135Q
58-0049		KC-135Q
60-0344		KC-135Q
59-1471		KC-135Q
60-0343		KC-135Q
60-0336		KC-135Q
58-0072		KC-135Q
68-0256		FB-111A
68-0289		FB-111A

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