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Point Mugu 1989

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Date: 28 October 1989

Made by: Hazel Tyrell, Joe Hawkins, Pieter Bes

Updated: 3 June 2004

157259/XF-01           F-4S            (Gate) 
49-1046/-              F-86A           (115 TAS Area) 
144833/BH-73           NRA-3B          (Wfu VAQ-34 Area) 

144846/GD-210          ERA-3B          VAQ-34 
138944/GD-220          KA-3B           VAQ-34 
142667/BH-71           NRA-3B          PMTC 
156894/C-401           TA-4J           TW-3/VT-24 
155596/57              A-6E            PMTC 
154464/81              TA-7C           PMTC 
161202/7L              UC-12C          BASE FLT 
152310/41              QF-4N           PMTC 
154786/XF-3            F-4S            VX-4 
160795/NJ-721          F-5E            VFA-127 
159621/222             F-14A           PMTC 
163277/NJ-603          F-16N           VF-126 
161722/ND-500	       F/A-18A	       VFA-305
163706/XF-64           F/A-18C         VX-4 
56-3868/39?            QF-86F          PMTC (Survived 4 Missile Attack`s) Serial belongs to F-100!
153404/17              UH-46D          PMTC 
162484/UT-25           CH-53E          HMT-302 
163785/NW-300          HH-60H          HCS-5 
154603/                P-3B            VP-65 (Low Viz) 
160586/NE-700          S-3A            VS-38 (USS CONSTELLATION) 
2115                   HU-25A          CGAS SAN DIEGO 
82-0663/EL r\w         A-10A           23 TFW/76 TFS 
60-0014                B-52H           7 BW/20 BS 
87-0040                C-5B            60 MAW/22 MAS 
84-0117                C-21A           375 MAW/1402 MAS 
62-1793                C-130E          146 TAW/115 TAS 
65-0277                C-141B          63 MAW/52 MAS 
87-0184/LA y           F-15E           405 TTW/461 TFTS 
60-0193                T-37B           323 FTW/454 FTS 
70-1580/F b\w          T-38A           82 FTW/54 FTS 
67-0124/WA bk\y        F-111E          57 FWW/431 TES 
69-6638                UH-1N           41 ARRW/37 ARRS DET-8 

142668/GD-211          ERA-3B          VAQ-34 
159572/NE-510          A-6E            VA-145 (USS CONSTELLATION) 
158360/1	       F-4S	       VX-4
159631/NJ-427	       F-14A	       VF-124
161287/XF-46           F-14A           VX-4 
162589/NJ-451          F-14A           VF-124 
163741/NJ-572          F-18C           VFA-125 
151939/14              HH-46D          PMTC 
150525/36              RP-3A           PMTC 
82-0665/EL	       A-10A	       74 TFS
67-0022                C-141B          63 MAW/52 MAS 

Ramps & Hangars: 
144825/74	       NRA-3B	       PMTC
144834/GD-240          EA-3B           VAQ-34 
144867/77	       TA-3B	       PMTC
156800/06	       TA-7C	       PMTC
163847                 RC-12M          BASE FLT 
148321/XD-03/JD-321    LC-130F         VXE-6 (Protective Rap) 
151416		       QF-4N	       PMTC
155565/XF-2	       F-4S	       VX-4
159614/XF-34           F-14A           VX-4 
161857/XF-35           F-14A           VX-4 
162834/XF-21           F/A-18A         VX-4 
163699/XF-10           F/A-18C         VX-4 
163717/XF-11           F/A-18C         VX-4 
156419/ML-429	       CH-46F	       HMM-764
156444/ML-424          CH-46F          HMM-764
152501/16              HH-46A          PMTC 
150512/34              EP-3A           PMTC 
150524/35              P-3A            PMTC 
150499/37              EP-3A           PMTC 
150520/39              RP-3A           PMTC 
150522/40              EP-3A           PMTC 
152730 	               P-3B            VP-65 
153449		       P-3B	       VP-65
153455		       P-3B	       VP-65
153457		       P-3B	       VP-65
153458		       P-3B	       VP-65
61-2370                C-130E          146 TAW/115 TAS 
62-1799                C-130E          146 TAW/115 TAS 
62-1842                C-130E          146 TAW/115 TAS 

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