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Point Mugu 2000

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Date: 7-9 April 2000

Made by:

Updated: 14 December 2001

85-0006			C-5B		60th AMW                      
80-23374	        RC-12D	        B/304th MIB                   
61-2359		        C-130E	        115th AS CA ANG               
62-1862		        C-130E	        115th AS CA ANG               
98-1355		        C-130J	        135th AS MD ANG               
55-3145		        KC-135E	        940th ARW AFRC                
83-1158/LF	        F-16C	        62nd FS                       
84-1296/LF	        F-16C	        62nd FS "62 FS"               
82-0805/HO	        F-117A	        9th FS                        
85-24453	        UH-60A	        247th MedDet                  
88-26119	        HH-60G	        129th RQS CA ANG              
67-14763/XL	        T-37B	        47th FTW yl "Panthers"
64-13297/BB	        T-38A	        9th RW                        
68-8186/HO	        T-38A	        9th FS                        
80-1066/BB	        U-2S	        9th RW                        
163406/XE-633	        EA-6B	        VX-9                          
162150/RW-31	        C-2A	        VRC-30                        
161197/RW	        UC-12B	        VRC-30                        
570497		        DC-130A	        NWTS                          
165379/RU	        C-130T	        VR-55                         
164487/NK-600	        E-2C	        VAW-113                       
153856/109	        QF-4S	        NWTS                          
160378/220	        NF-14A	        NWTS "NAWC WD" mks    
165280/VT-33	        AH-1W	        HMLA-367                      
150957/VR-63	        CH-46D	        HC-11 det.2                   
153326/SA-11	        CH-46D	        HC-3                          
155307/YP-07	        CH-46E	        HMM-163                       
156459/YP-13	        CH-46E	        HMM-163                       
161391/YJ-57	        CH-53E	        HMH-465                       
163072/YJ-60	        CH-53E	        HMH-465                       
163788/NW-303	        HH-60H	        HCS-5 c/n 70.1626             
163800/NW-306	        HH-60H	        HCS-5                         
150522/340	        NP-3D	        NWTS                          
161765/PG-765		P-3C		VP-65                                         
....../PG-004		P-3C		VP-65
....../006		P-3C		(VP-65) nmk
161332/PG-332		P-3C		VP-65
165510/F-02		T-39N		VT-86
6518			HH-65A		USCG Los Angeles
N850NA/(161703)		F-18A		NASA Dryden            
N39DF		        L-39                           
N77YC	                Nanchang CJ-6A                 
N114FE	                B727-24C	Federal Express
N118ME	                Ce206H		Cessna                 
N143SG	                Galeb G-2	'JRV23143'     
N189JA	                Ce182M                         
N242J	                T-28D		'138242/242'           
N344PM	                T-34B		PointMugu Navy FC      
N420FM	                CM170                          
NX526D	                T-28C		'140526/526'           
N713FX	                Ce208B		Federal Express        
N739AT	                Ce172N                         
N875RS	                TA-3D		Raytheon "144865"      
N890JR	                Enstrom F28F	Pasadena Police
N2384L	                Ce172R                         
N4013N	                Ce120                          
N4103Y	                Hunter F58A	"J-4103"       
N4430K	                Navion                         
N5029B	                Beech F35                      
N5775Q	                M20E                           
N41125	                MiG-25UTI	"01 red"       
NL53503	                TBM-3E		'309'                  
N53594	                C-46D		"44-78663"             
N64606	                HUP-3		"54-4001"              
N73544	                C-121                          
NC77698			Fairchild 24W-46
N97869			L-29		"7847"

Flightline 1/flying:
79-0050/EG		F-15C		58th FS         
81-0021/EG	        F-15C	        58th FS         
84-1391		        F-16C	        194th FS CA ANG 
151473		        YF-4J	        std             
153030/145	        QF-4N	        std             
161866/AD-153	        F-14A	        VF-101          
163429/108	        F/A-18C	        NWTS CL         
163483/110	        F/A-18C	        NWTS CL         
164907/-	        F/A-18C	        (NWTS) nmk      
165404/NJ-301	        F/A-18C	        VFA-125         
163798/NW-305	        HH-60H	        HCS-5           
164840/NW-307	        HH-60H	        HCS-5           
....../PG-291	        P-3C	        VP-65           
1715		        HC-130H	        USCG Sacramento 
N57BC		        Sky Int'l S-2C          
N151DM		        P-51D		'44-472308/A-WD'
N151SE			P-51		'44-73129/FF-129'
N175SW		        SA227AC		NAWC            
N202LD			Harvard Mk4
N260X		        Sea Fury FB11	'WH587' 
N529SB		        Yak-3M		Soviet AF c/s   
N541TW		        Edge 540                
N548NA		        T-28		US Navy c/s     
N782C			SA227AC		NAWC              
N784C	                SA227AC	        NAWC              
N817NP	                AT-6	        US Navy c/s 'NP-2'
N1038A	                SNJ-5	        '90917/WD-17'     
NX1078Z	                F6F-5	        '74'              
NR2101	                Gee Bee         R-2               
NX7699	                G.164A                            
N7825C	                F8F-2	        '122674/S-201'    
N26560	                Ce421C                            
N55720	                T-6G	        US Navy c/s       
NX75947	                T-28C	        '140645/2S-651'   
N89014	                SNJ-5	        US Navy c/s       
N802RB	                Boeing 75	Red Barons
N803RB	                Boeing 75	Red Barons
N805RB	                Boeing 75	Red Barons
N806RB	                Boeing 75	Red Barons
N76PK                   EA-300                    
N51Z			P-51
N7300C			T-6

Flightline 2/flying:
164108/-		E-2C		nmk            
164352/NH-600	        E-2C	        VAW-117        
153887/105	        QF-4S	        NWTS           
......		        QF-4	        NWTS           
161609/211	        NF-14A	        NWTSPM         
163223/210	        NF-14B	        NWTSPM         
165207/111	        F/A-18C	        NWTS CL        
150521/341	        NP-3D	        NWTS           
Far side:                                       
61-2367		        C-130E	        115th AS CA ANG
61-2372		        C-130E	        115th AS CA ANG
62-1811		        C-130E	        115th AS CA ANG
62-1833		        C-130E	        115th AS CA ANG
62-1851		        C-130E	        115th AS CA ANG
165161/RU	        C-130T	        VR-55          
150499/337	        NP-3D	        NWTSPM         
150524/335	        NP-3D	        NWTSPM         

Hangar 34:
570461			DC-130A		NWTS
151482/148	        QF-4N	        NWTS
153011/144	        QF-4N	        NWTS
155521/...	        QF-4S	        NWTS
155864/02	        QF-4S	        NWTS
157261/102	        QF-4S	        NWTS
158359/04	        QF-4S	        NWTS

Hangar 362:
....../AD-102		F-14.		VF-101
....../AG-.14		F-14B		VF-11
+ 2

Hangar HCS-5:
163787/302		HH-60H		HCS-5

Hangar VP-65:
161333/PG-333		P-3C		VP-65

157259			F-4S
158623			F-14A
N86EB			F-86		91046? outside CA ANG facility

Operating from Channel Islands ANGB:
62-1793/4		C-130E		115th AS CA ANG MAFFS
..-.831			C-130E		115th AS CA ANG

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