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Point Mugu 2005

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Date: 22/23 October 2005

Made by: Scramble, Dann


84-0122			C-21A		311st AS               
62-1862/4	        C-130E	        115th AS CA ANG 
90-0405/RA	        T-1A	        99th FTS        
68-8124/RA	        T-38C	        560th FTS       
73-1156/RA	        CT-43A	        562nd FTS       
162168/RW-36	        C-2A	        VRC-30          
570497/497	        DC-130A	        VX-30           
165379/RU-379	        C-130T	        VR-55           
165817/NE-600	        E-2C	        VAW-116         
163115/BH-200	        F/A-18B	        VX-30           
165896/121	        F/A-18E	        VX-9            
163938/QT-441	        AH-1W	        HMT-303         
165049/QT-454	        AH-1W	        HMT-303         
150522/340	        NP-3D	        VX-30           
165996/F-996	        T-6A	        TW-6            
165585/XE-751	        AV-8B	        VX-9            
6576		        HH-65B	        CGAS Los Angeles
N4XW		        J Provost T5A	ex RAF XW435   
N50DG		        L-29R		ex Czech 2817          
N260X		        Sea Fury FB11	ex RAF WH587   
N313YK		        CJ-6A		nn                     
N321AX/06	        Hunter Mk58	ex Swiss J-4076
N324AX/Q	        Hunter Mk58	ex Swiss J-4023
N341MR		        T-34B		ex Bu140731            
N406AX		        Kfir C2	        ex Israel 825  
N928KF		        Kfir C2	        ex Israel 928  
N1702B		        PT-13D	        nn		75-5903
NX5015L		        T-28A	        ex 41-3626     
NC16585		        L-21B	        nn             
N64606		        CH-21B	        ex 54-4001     

Flightlines (static area):
90-0806/SW,91-0357/SW	F-16CJ		20th FW          
161967/1, 161975/2	F/A-18A	        Blue Angels      
161948/3, 161963/4	F/A-18A	        Blue Angels      
161959/5, 161960/6	F/A-18A	        Blue Angels      
166464/NJ-146		F/A-18F	        VFA-122          
166466/NJ-147		F/A-18F	        VFA-122          
1703			HC-130H	        CGAS Sacramento  
N139LW			L-39	        nn               
N164PA, N195PA		G-I	        Phoenix Air Group
N344PM			T-34B	        ex Bu140911      
N1038A			SNJ-5	        ex Bu90917       
N31810			T-34B	        ex Bu144074      

Hangar 362:
160992			E-2C		i/a (tail from 15950.)

165650/NE-603		E-2C		VAW-116
165819/NE-601		E-2C		VAW-116

2x			AH-1		nn

165351/RU		C-130T		VR-55      
164763			C-130T	        Blue Angels
164352/NG-602		E-2C+	        VAW-112    
164355/NG-603		E-2C+	        VAW-112    
165820/NE-602		E-2C	        VAW-116    
161942			F/A-18A	        Blue Angels
(161746)/7		F/A-18B	        Blue Angels

161097/600		E-2C		pres, on base      
(164354)/600		E-2C	        dumped, along fence
157259/29		QF-4S	        pres, Missile Park 
158623			F-14A	        pres, Missile Park 
The dumped Hawkeye was only visible from Highway 1.

ANG area:
62-1793			C-130E		115th AS CA ANG
94-8152, 02-1464	C-130J	        115th AS CA ANG
148893/401, 148897/400	KC-130F	        VX-30          
165378/RU		C-130T	        VR-55          
150499/337		NP-3D	        VX-30          
158568/357		P-3C	        VX-30          
(23238) as "91046"	Sabre 5	        RCAF, pres gate

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