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Quonset 1993

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Date: 29 May 1993

Made by:


158478/B-149    TA-4J		TW-2 VT-21		NAS Kingsville
154211/20	A-4F		VF-43			NAS Oceania
162211/AD-510	A-6E		VA-42			NAS Oceania
78-0608/MA	A-10A		104FW 131FS  MA ANG
78-0600/FT	A-10A		23WG 75FS		Pope AFB
82-0660/FT	A-10A		23WG 75FS		Pope AFB
68-0211		C-5A		439AW 337AS		Westover AFB
86-60085	C-12F		STARC  NY NG
63-7788		C-130E		143AG 143AS  RI ANG
56-0469		AC-130A		919SOW 71SOS		Duke Field
64-0649		C-141B		437AW			Charleston AFB
66-0192		C-141B		62AW			McChord AFB
90-7011		C-23B		AVCRAD	CT NG
64-1031/BH	RF-4C		117RW 106RS  AL ANG
65-0923/BH	RF-4C		117RW 106RS  AL ANG
65-0917		RF-4C		155RG 173RS  NB ANG
76-0034		F-15A		102FW 101FS  MA ANG
80-0016/TY	F-15C		325TTW			Tyndall AFB
81-0027/TY	F-15C		325TTW			Tyndall AFB
162868/AD-327	F/A-18A		VFA-106			NAS Cecil Field
188921		CF-188B		433SQ			CFB Bagotville
86-0823/HO	F-117A		49FW			Holloman AFB
86-0028/SJ	KC-10A		4WG			S. Johnson AFB
67-18126	RU-21D		STARC  RI NG
68-8006/XL	T-37B		47FTW 85FTS		Laughlin AFB
60-0075		T-37B		"MAC" insig
67-14923/OF	T-38A		55RW ACE		Offutt AFB
68-8101		T-38A		64FTW 54FTS		Reese AFB
72-0288		CT-43A		172AG 202AS  CO ANG
114036/2	CT-114	 	2FTS			CFB Moose Jaw
71-21022	AH-1S		1BN 126AV  RI NG
71-20295	UH-1H		1BN 126AV  RI NG
67-16072	OH-6A		1BN 126AV  RI NG
91-10262	CH-47D		CO D 169 AV  CT NG
161989/DH-437	CH-53E		HM-12			NAS Norfolk
162015/E-051	TH-57C		TAW-5 HT-8		NAS Whiting Field
162020/E-56	TH-57C		TAW-5 HT-8		NAS Whiting Field
91-10557	OH-58D		417th			Ft Bragg
91-10556	OH-58D		417th			Ft Bragg
88-26112	MH-60G		106ARRG	102ARRS	 NY ANG

63-7889		C-130E		RI ANG
63-7872		C-130E		RI ANG
63-7840		C-130E		RI ANG
63-7824		C-130E		RI ANG

N6216C/2619	AN-2  
325		MIG-15
297400		B-17

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