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Quonset 1999

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Date: 13 June 1999

Made by: Nick Birrell


63-7992           KC135R         OH ANG/121ARW 
95-0057/CB        T1A            Marked as 140G 
85-1481/DC        F16C           121FS 
86-0209/DC        F16C           121FS 
70-1952/CB        T38A           50FTS 
82-23783          C12D 
73-21692          UH1H           RI ARNG 
69-16227          OH6A           RI ARNG (Recruiting aid) 
67-15617          AH1F           RI ARNG 
94-0308           C23B           RI ARNG 
163496/NJ354      F/A18C         VFA-125 
64-3193/CB        T38A 
63-7824/RI        C130E          RI ANG/143AW 
62-5955/CB        T37B 
63-7868/RI        C130E          RI ANG/143AW 
65-10367/CB       T38B 
78-0649/MA        A10A           MA ANG 
69-0017           C5A            AFRES 439AW 
114141            CT114          15WG 

83-0017/FF(y)     F15C 
83-0019/FF(r)     F15C 
161162/AD250      F14A           VF-101 
161164/AD251      F14A           VF-101 
165004/CG06       AV8B           VMA-231 
165390/CG11       AV8B+          VMA-231 
63-7889/RI        C130E          RI ANG/143AW 
63-7811/RI        C130E          RI ANG/143AW 
63-7782/RI        C130E          RI ANG/143AW 
93-1319           C23B           RI ARNG 
78-0644/MA        A10A           MA ANG 
114171            CT114 
114114            CT114 
114089            CT114 
N58224            AT6 
N52900            AT6 
N62382            AT6 
N60734            AT6 
N52033            AT6 
N65370            AT6 
??????            MH60 

149738            SH3 
01215             XF15C-1 
155629/AG501      A6E 
325               MiG15          Ex Polish AF 
66-15317          AH1S 
75-0408/AZ        A7D 
?????             TBM3 

N33VW             DC3            East end of static 
N82674            L29            Museum storage area 
131403            P2E            Fuselage only - on its side 

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